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It was five o'clock in the morning, there was nobody on the streets except two figures.

'Seph, remember, you are suppose to say that you wanted to go for a walk and you invited me along. We just went for a walk, that's all, got it, Seph? Seph? Seph?' Zack yelled out in the middle of the street on their way back home.

Angeal, Sephiroth, Zack and Genesis shared a house together. The four of them were magical creatures, although Angeal was sort of the head of the house.

Sephiroth whose mind was still lingering on Cloud didn't hear what Zack was saying. Sephiroth gave a contented sigh as he thought of Cloud.

Sephiroth had never felt so full and satisfied in his life, and that was something considering that he was about 1000 years old. Sephiroth had eaten thousands of humans, but this was the first time he found someone like Cloud.

Sephiroth felt his loin stirring as he thought of how tasty Cloud was. Suddenly, Sephiroth felt a whack on his shoulder.

Sephiroth snapped out from his daydream and glared at Zack who was also glaring at him.

'Were you listening just now, Seph?' Zack asked.

Sephiroth ignored Zack and continued his way, leaving Zack behind in the dust.

'Seph!' Zack whined. 'Come on, listen to me. Hey, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have met Spiky. So, listen to me.'

Zack rushed after Sephiroth and grabbed his arm looking pleadingly at Sephiroth. After one look at Zack, Sephiroth gave in and said grudgingly, 'What? What is it?'

'If Angeal asks, you must say that we only went for a walk, nothing more. Got it?' Zack said brightly.

Sephiroth shrugged his shoulders and said irritably, 'Whatever.'

Zack continued to remind Sephiroth the whole way on their journey back home. Sephiroth resisted the urge to throttle Zack right on the spot for being an annoying brat.

'Let's tip toe inside the house, so Angeal wouldn't wake up,' Zack whispered to Sephiroth, as Zack opened the door.

'Now, not a word, and remember, if Angeal asks us, you are going to say we went for a walk,' Zack said for the hundredth time.

Sephiroth gave a low growl, if it wasn't because of Zack that he had met Cloud, Sephiroth wouldn't have bothered about Zack right now.

Both of them walked quietly across the hallway, just when they were reaching the stairs, the door to their right flew open.

'Welcome back Sephiroth,' a low silky voice spoke up. Angeal was standing on the doorway, his arms crossed in front of his chest. 'Hello, Zack,' Angeal continued in a menacing tone.

Sephiroth gave a small chuckle and said, 'Morning, Angeal.'

Sephiroth walked up the staircase smirking, he knew what was going to happen to Zack soon. And Sephiroth didn't care.

Zack was looking at Sephiroth beseechingly hoping that Sephiroth would help him out from this tight spot.

But when Zack saw Sephiroth walking away, his hopes died. Zack cursed Sephiroth silently for abandoning him.

Zack turned around with a small weak smile and faced Angeal who was boring holes into his skull.

'An-An-Angeal,' Zack stammered, looking petrified.

'Where have my puppy been?' Angeal asked in a deadly whisper.

Angeal pushed himself away from the door and walked up towards Zack who was trembling. Angeal roughly pushed Zack against the wall and pinned him there.

Zack's cerulean eyes were filled with fear, Zack knew how scary Angeal could be when he was mad.

'I-I-I… Erm…' Zack was struggling with words, all the plans earlier were completely gone from his head.

'I smell a very sweet and unfamiliar scent on you, you have been cheating on me, haven't you?' Angeal whispered into Zack's ears.

Zack was stunned, how did Angeal found out about this?

'How dare you let another man touch you here,' Angeal groped at Zack's crotch making Zack gasped. 'And here,' Angeal continued and squeezed Zack's butt tightly.

Zack gave a small terrified squeak, his heart beating quickly, Zack was getting scared of Angeal.

Zack took a look at Angeal whose expression was unfathomable. But on a closer look, Zack thought that he could detect a small hint of sadness in Angeal's eyes.

'This calls for a punishment,' Angeal said in a murderous tone.

Zack's eyes widened with shock, he knew how sadistic Angeal could be. Goodness knows what Angeal would do to him.

'N-no, pl-please, please, Angeal!' Zack begged.

Angeal grinned down evilly at him, 'Now, you should think about the consequences first before doing that. This is only fair if I punish you.'

Ignoring Zack's protest, Angeal hauled Zack over his shoulders and carried him up the stairs into their room.

Angeal threw Zack down on the bed, and grinned at him. 'Now, this is where the fun begins.'

Angeal stripped Zack and chained him up by the wrists and the knees as Zack begged for forgiveness.

Angeal felt a pang in his heart when he heard Zack's pleading voice, but that feeling disappeared when he smelt the scent of another guy.

The scent drove Angeal crazy, it pissed Angeal to no end that someone else besides him touched Zack.

Angeal took a vibrator in his hands and sat down beside Zack.

'Tell me, who's the guy who had sex with you? I will rip him from limb to limb,' Angeal said, his eyes glinting murderously.

'No! No! Don't kill Cloud! Cloud is Sephiroth's favorite food, if you kill Cloud, then Sephiroth will die from starvation. Besides Cloud is a very innocent boy, I forced myself on him,' Zack said, pleadingly.

'So, does that mean I should punish Sephiroth instead? I asked Sephiroth to watch over you, and yet he let you had sex with this Cloud,' Angeal said the name with disgust as if it was the most poisonous thing on Gaia.

'No, please, don't punish Seph. I forced him to let me do as I please. Please, don't punish Seph! Seph did try to stop me,' Zack begged, showing his puppy dog eyes.

'Fine, if you put it that way, guess I will just have to punish you,' Angeal said loftily.

'I will sanitize you all over the places he touched you,' Angeal said before leaning in and kissed Zack roughly on the lips.

Angeal kissed Zack brutally and hungrily, their teeth gnashing against each other. Angeal slid his tongue inside Zack and wandered every inch of Zack's mouth. Zack moaned between the kisses.

Angeal pulled away, Zack's lips were puffy and they were bleeding from the rough kiss just now.

Normally Angeal treated Zack gently during sex, but now, Angeal didn't care if he hurt Zack.

'Now, where did Cloud touch you?' Angeal asked, his lips moving down to Zack's neck. Angeal bit down hard on Zack's neck making Zack gasped.

'N-no, Cloud di-din't,' Zack moaned as he felt Angeal kissing him all over.

'What about here?' Angeal asked, nipping down hard on Zack's nipple.

'No,' Zack gasped.

Angeal moved his lips down to Zack's cock, and began sucking it. 'Here?' Angeal asked.

Zack moaned in pleasure as he felt Angeal's tongue licking away the pre-come on the hilt. Zack shook his head frantically and mumbled, 'N-no.'

Angeal continued to suck at Zack's cock, taking the whole of it into his mouth. Zack struggled against the chains, moaning all the while.

'An-Angeal, I-I am about… Urgh… to come,' Zack panted, his vision hazy.

Angeal smirked, and then he took out a ribbon from his pocket and tied Zack's cock up, preventing him from coming.

'Don't tell me you think that I am going to give you pleasure. This is punishment, you know,' Angeal said, his grin widening at the sight of Zack's petrified face.

'An-Angeal?' Zack asked uncertainly. Zack trembled slightly when he saw how aggressive and rough Angeal was.

'Please, Angeal, it's so uncomfortable, please let me come,' Zack begged.

'No, it serves you right for cheating on me,' Angeal said, a sadistic smile on his face.

'Tell me, where else did Cloud touch you?' Angeal murmured into Zack's ears, biting on the lobe hard. 'If you leave out a single place, I will punish you even more.'

'Cloud only kissed me, and… and penetrated me down there,' Zack gulped.

Anger and jealousy flashed in Angeal's eyes when he heard that. 'Oh yeah?' Angeal said, 'then I guess I will have to clean you thoroughly down there.'

'Since you are so eager for someone to enter you, I will satisfy your wish,' Angeal said. Angeal pushed the vibrator into Zack's butt.

Zack's eyes widened with shock when he felt the vibrator entered. 'N-no, no, Angeal!' Zack cried out, as Zack squirmed on the bed.

Angeal ignored Zack, instead he drove the vibrator deeper into Zack's butt. Zack gasped and cried out for Angeal to stop. 'Angeal! Please! I don't want this!' Zack cried, as tears began to leak out from the blue eyes.

Zack's cock quivered in excitement when the vibrator moved.

'You don't want this? Don't you lie,' Angeal sneered. 'Look, your hole is sucking in the whole thing eagerly, do you want more?'

Angeal shoved the vibrator deeper making Zack moaned even more.

'Angeal, pl-please, I d-don't want th-this!' Zack said.

'Then, why did you cheated on me? I thought you like other people's cock to be shoved up your butt,' Angeal said in a heated tone.

'No. N-no, I only w-want you,' Zack sobbed. 'It's so pa-painful. I-I want to c-come, ple-please. I-I-I am so-sorry I che-cheated on you.'

Angeal softened down a little when he heard Zack's apology and saw the pitiful sight he was in.

'Don't cry, puppy. It hurts me even more than you do when you cry,' Angeal said softly as he licked away the salty tears.

'I wa-want you to en-enter me,' Zack mumbled. 'I don't want th-the vibrator.'

Angeal couldn't resist Zack's tearful face, and so he pulled out the vibrator. Angeal unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Zack moaned in delight when he saw Angeal's cock, he said, 'Faster, Angeal.'

Angeal pushed his cock inside Zack and slowly moved inside him. 'Ha-harder, An-Angeal!' Zack cried, as Zack moved his hips.

Angeal didn't bother to be gentle with Zack then, Angeal rammed his cock hard inside Zack making Zack moaned in pleasure.

'Pl-please un-unlock the chains,' Zack pleaded as Angeal moved vigorously.

Angeal took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the chains, freeing Zack's hands. Zack wrapped his arms around Angeal and cried out in pleasure when Angeal hit his prostate gland.

'M-more… Harder…' Zack moaned. Angeal followed Zack's wishes, and increased his pace. Angeal grunted when he felt Zack's muscles clenching tightly around him, encasing him in warmth.

'Angeal! I want to come… please… together,' Zack said.

Angeal nodded, and untied the ribbon. Both of them cried out in ecstasy as they both came at the same time.

Both of them lay there panting for a while. Then Zack leaned in and kissed Angeal on the lips, 'I am sorry, Angeal. I promise I will never cheat on you again.'

Angeal said nothing, but he kissed Zack back gently this time. Zack smiled between the kisses, he knew that this meant that Angeal had forgiven him.

Angeal thrust himself inside Zack when they were kissing. Zack moaned, Zack knew that Angeal would not be satisfied with just once. But still Zack felt a bit happy that Angeal was not mad at him anymore, or so he thought.

It was already afternoon, and Angeal was still moving vigorously inside Zack, showing no sight of tiredness or exhaustion.

'No more. Angeal, I can't… Nhhh… I can't,' Zack gasped.

Angeal was still ramming hard inside him non-stop. Zack's whole body was becoming limp from the excessive love making, but Angeal didn't stop.

'You thought that I am going to let you go that easily?' Angeal grinned at Zack who was grimacing in pain.

'Angeal! Pl-please!' Zack cried out as he expelled his seed once more. Zack panted, he didn't think he could take this anymore.

Zack's cock was limp, unable to get hard, Zack had already reached climax countless of times. Besides that, Zack's butt felt so sore.

Finally, after one last thrust, Angeal released his seed inside Zack and pulled out his cock.

'I hope that you will think twice if you want to cheat on me again,' Angeal said, grinning evilly at Zack. 'I will let you go for now, but I wouldn't go easy on you next time.'

Zack lay on the bed, panting hard. Zack was so tired that he was unable to move.

'Thank you for the brunch, it was most delicious,' Angeal said while zipping up his pants. 'I am looking forward to tonight's dinner.'

Zack was stunned when he heard Angeal's statement.

'What? You still want to make love tonight?' Zack whined, and then he realized that he was still chained to the bed. 'Hey, you haven't unchained me completely yet.'

Angeal gave a hearty guffaw then he exited the room and closed the door shut with Zack wailing inside, 'Angeal, I am sorry!'

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