Ignored Keeperoliver Chapter 1

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He sat in his room, like he does every day. Alone. No one to talk to. Never anyone to talk to. Even the giant Hagrid didn't want anything to do with him. His owl Hedwig always slept with her back to him. His Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin never talked to him. His uncle even goes as far as to ask why is he still here. He thought I already left for that school he was to attend.

His family was never mean to him. They didn't say anything when he joined them for supper, except for his uncle's random remarks.

He remembered his trip to Diagon Alley. The way Madam Malkin rushed to get him fitted, and the Blond haired boy starting to say something, then just dropping it. Why? Harry didn't consider himself bad, or mean. Do people see something he is missing?

The Goblins at the bank were the same. In his entire life, Harry has never had a conversation that lasted over four words. It was a wonder he knew how to talk. At school, the teachers ignored his raised hands. He knew the answers they asked, but refused to acknowledge him. His tests all came back with 100% written on them. His report cards always filled with top marks. However when his teachers were asked about this student Harry Potter by the superintendent of schools, they swore they didn't know who he was. When the Super faced the class and asked for Harry Potter to stand, it was as if he were invisible. Once again he was ignored.

Now he was facing going to a new school, with new students and teachers. He was hoping beyond hope he would be recognized. Tomorrow would tell, as that was when he would start his journey to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express.


Harry had to leave early, as his only way to get to King's Cross Station was by Public Transportation. It took two hours. Then when he got there he had no idea how to get to Platform 9 and 3/4. He was ignored when he asked different people.

Finally he heard a family of red haired people talking about the muggles not needing to hear or see what they were doing, and the motherly figure asking if everyone knew how to get to the platform. Harry tried to get her attention, but she was too intent on getting her youngest son to listen to her. Her young daughter saw him, but, didn't look like she really saw him. Just maybe some one passing, that was of no interest.

Harry just stood back, and watched the family pass through a wall between Platform 9 & 10. When they all passed through he took a breath and followed them. He was surprised as he felt like he was walking through a dream, and found himself on the stated platform, and the bright red engine with the Hogwarts Logo on the front of it. He watched as the students hauled their bags up the steps into the cars. Harry walked all the way to the rear of the train, where he saw little traffic, and fought his bags up the steps, and into an empty compartment. Catching his breath, he then made an attempt to get his trunk to the top rack, but, it was too much for him, so he left it on the floor.

Soon the train was traveling down the track leaving the station behind. Once again he was alone. He perked up when the young red haired boy opened the door to peek inside, but, closed the door with out saying anything and left to find another compartment.

It happened four more times with The same blond he saw in Madam Malkins. A scared looking boy looking for his toad, the Cart Lady selling her treats. Luckily Harry was able to purchase a couple of items before she took off again. He had to throw the money on the cart to pay for it. The final person was a bushy haired girl with buck teeth, however Harry thought she was the prettiest girl he ever saw. She actually managed to say something to him, but Harry could see she was fighting something. She then gave it up, and had to leave. Harry watched as she stood by the door, shaking her head.

Hermione was perplexed. She was never rude to anyone in her life. She didn't get along with a lot of people, but it was not through her decision. However, the minute she walked through that door, she felt something telling her to ignore this person. She asked herself why but couldn't come up with an answer. She had asked the boy if he had seen Neville's toad, and he had sorry, but no. It was more than she could take, and had to leave. She looked back in the cabin and saw the boy lower his head. She felt sorry for him, and went to go back in the cabin, when she had that feeling again, to ignore him. She did, and went in search of Neville once again. Still wondering why she had those feelings about that lonely boy, she opened the door to Neville's cabin and entered. Neville was sitting there with a worried look on his face. "Don't worry Neville, we'll find him."

She still thought about that black haired boy. She wanted to cry for him. He looked so lost and alone. She also thought he was cute. She never thought of her self ever having a boyfriend, but she would like to get to know this boy when they get sorted. Hopefully he will be in the same house as her.

Harry kept thinking back to the bushy haired girl. She was the closest he has seen to anyone wanting to talk to him. It looked liked she was battling herself to stay or leave. She lost the battle, and left. She was the best chance Harry had ever had to talk to someone.

Harry had read all his books for the upcoming year, twice. He was looking forward to these classes just to get his mind off this sense of loneliness.

Finally after five hours, the trip came to an end, and Harry left, after finding out he had to leave his trunk on the train, for someone else to get it. He heard the call for first years, and saw Hagrid. He said "Hi" to him, but didn't get a response. He got into an empty boat, and was soon joined by Hermione, Neville, and the red haired boy. Nothing was said during the boat ride. Nor during their wait outside the door to the hall, or during the sorting. Neville and Hermione were sorted into Gryffindor, The blond, whose name was Malfoy, Slytherin. Then his name was called, and the students looked around for Harry Potter, and when he went to the Hat, he heard comments like who is that, or that can't be the real Harry Potter. He didn't know what they were talking about, so what they said must be true.

Harry took a seat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head. He felt something in his mind, 'Harry Potter, good to have you...WHAT IS THIS? THIS BOY CANNOT BE SORTED. ALBUS, WE NEED TO SPEAK.'

Harry then felt nothing. the hat left his mind. He watched as a grey bearded man made his way towards him, a grim look on his face. He pulled the hat off Harry's head, and put it on his head. It looked to Harry like he was having a mental conversation with the hat. The grim look was replaced with a look of anger. Harry thought it was towards him, and he got off the stool and ran for the door leaving the hall behind. He ran outside the castle into the darkness.

Harry collapsed against the wall of the castle and cried. What had he done to have this anger raised against him. He rocked back and forth not believing he was welcomed here. He was ready to get up and head back to the station and find a way home, where he was just ignored, and not hated. He them felt another presence and looked up into the face of the grey bearded man. "What have I done that you are so angry with me? I was hoping it would be different here. It is, but only worse."

The old man sat beside Harry, with a look of concern on his face. Harry could see he was fighting something, like Hermione. "Harry, the anger was not towards you. It was the situation that you are in. Harry you have Dark Magic that is creating this aura keeping people from becoming close to you. The thing is, there is no way to get rid of it. As long as it is in place, you cannot be sorted as we don't know your traits whether they are Brave, Calculating, Knowledgeable, or trustworthy. Without this knowledge, the hat cannot place you. This does not mean you can't attend Hogwarts, but we are at a loss for what we can do. You have to be placed, but I don't believe any house will accept you willingly, and I can't place you in a house where you stand a chance of being hurt. So now do you see where my anger lies?"

"Yes sir, but if it so bad, how are you able to talk to me. Why haven't you left like everyone else. To let you know, Hermione Granger almost fought off this feeling as well."

Albus raised his eyebrows at this, "Did she really? I must have a talk with Miss Granger then. In the mean time Harry, although not sorted there, you will attend classes with Gryffindor, and sit with Miss Granger. Alright Harry?"

Harry went to reach out and hug the old man, but stopped when he saw the shudder going through him. Harry backed off. He was surprised when he was pulled into a hug anyway. His tears were now flowing freely. This was the first feeling of caring he ever received. Why couldn't it be like this all the time.

Albus fought the feeling of revulsion. He knew it was not Harry's fault. If only there was a way to reverse this with out hurting the boy, but he knew of none. He knew for a fact that Harry Potter was a Horcrux for Tom Riddle, and the only way to destroy the piece of soul, was to destroy the Horcrux. He knew of only two ways to destroy them. Basilisk venom, and Fiend fire. Neither played out too well for young Harry. This was where Albus Dumbledore knew that young Harry had to die. When was the big question. In the mean time Harry needed to eat, and then a place to reside. He called Toby, his personal house elf, and asked him to prepare a place for young Harry to reside. Toby grinned and nodded. Albus didn't particularly like this grin, but knew that Toby would not treat Harry badly. What Albus didn't know was that Harry was going to be treated better than he ever was before. Harry's new residence would be the come 'n' go room.

Harry ate with the Gryffindor's, since he would be attending class with them. Hermione once again tried to talk with him again. She did manage a few words. She was actually crying when another first year told her that the Headmaster wished to see her before she retired for the evening.

Harry left the hall, and was met by Toby and led to his new quarters. Taken to the seventh floor, he was told by the elf to wish for his place to reside, with all the accommodations. Harry was amazed when he entered the room. It was huge, with a sofa sitting in front of a fire place that had a fire heating the room. Harry went to the bed and found it softer than anything he ever felt before. He also found a Lav with a shower/bath combo. His trunk was also brought up to the room for him to have access to it. He looked to Toby and saw him standing there with a grin on his face. Harry went to him, "Thank you sir, but are you sure I deserve this?"

Toby's smile dropped from his face. Had he done something wrong? "Please sir, if there is something you don't like, Toby can fix it. Please don't be upset sir."

"Upset? You think I am upset? Sir, never have I been in any such luxury in all my life. I just didn't think I was worthy of such splendor."

Toby drew a sigh of relief, "Oh no sir, you are deserving. Believe when I say you are more deserving than most. Please enjoy your stay. And if you wish anything to eat or drink, there is a cooling cabinet right here for your use."

Thank you sir."

"Sir the name is Toby if you be needing anything, just state my name out loud, and I will be here." And he popped out of the room.

Hermione made her way towards the Professor's table to see Professor Dumbledore worrying, as she did not know what she had done. "AH Miss Granger, how good of you to stop by. To what do I owe this Honor?"

Hermione screwed up her eyes, "Sir, I believe you called for me."

Albus chuckled, "Oh yes, so I did. Would you accompany me to my office please." And they made their way to the Gargoyles guarding the entrance They leaped out of the way to allow him and Hermione to enter the stairs. Albus had her take a seat when they arrived in the office. He asked her if she would like a lemon drop, which she passed on.

Albus started in with, "Miss Granger, please relax. you are in no trouble. In fact you may be of great service to me, and a fellow student."

"How is that sir. I hardly know any other student, unless you mean Neville Longbottom?"

"No Miss Granger it is not Mr. Longbottom. It seems you have made an impression on one Harry Potter. He told me something that surprises me to no end."

"Sir, if this is because of the way I treated Harry, I am sorry. I don't know what came over me. For some reason something kept telling me to ignore him. I tried fighting it, but it was too strong. I had to leave."

"This is what I wish to talk to you about Miss Granger. You see Harry has a very powerful curse on him that tells people to keep away from him and ignore him. He has nothing to do with it. I'm afraid I can't go into detail about it, but you must know that you and I are the only two people to fight this spell. What I need is let me see into your mind to see if I can strengthen your will to win this fight and help our young friend."

"Will this hurt sir. I'm afraid I have a very low thresh hold of pain."

Albus smiled at this, "No Miss Granger it will not hurt at all. I dare say you may not feel anything at all."

"Alright sir. I do not like the way I treated Harry, and wish to help if I can."

"Very good Miss Granger, hopefully this will only take a minute." And Albus sent his probe into Hermione's mind and found her source of resolve. He saw where the spell had made here ignore Harry, and the feeling of fighting it. He used his magic on this source, and built up it's resolve to make friends with Harry. Hermione felt the urge to ignore Harry slip away, and the wish to become his friend grow strong. A smile was now gracing her lips, and Albus knew he was successful. "How do you feel now Miss Granger?"

"Thank you sir, I feel much better. One question though, Why was I the only one able to fight Harry's spell? Surely there are more powerful people that would be able to do this?"

"May I call you Hermione?" She nodded yes, "Excellent. Hermione you had to really want to talk to Harry in order to fight the spell. If you don't know a spell is being used, then there is no fight. You also have to have a strong mind in order to fight it. When in your mind, I noticed you have a very strong mind. Maybe as Strong as mine, and with training, become a very strong Occlumens and Legilimens. These are powers of the mind, Hermione, and if used correctly can do a world of good. They can also be used for some very evil purposes."

"Then perhaps I should pass on learning these abilities. There is no way I wish to be evil. I would like to be able to help, but, not at the expense of hurting others."

"Hermione these powers are not evil, the person controlling them is the reason they are considered good or evil."

"Then perhaps I will learn them if you think I should sir."

"Very good Hermione, perhaps I will teach both you and Harry in this endeavor. Now, I think you should be heading to bed. Oh the third floor is where your dorm is, behind the portrait of the Fat Lady, Just ask the portraits and they will point you in the right direction. The password to get in, is Caput Draconis. Have a good evening Hermione."

"Thank you sir, I'll try."

Hermione made her way back to the Dorm, finding it with little difficulty. She went straight to bed, to plan on how to become friends with Harry Potter.