Ignored, Keeperoliver Chapter 6

Harry had been back to school for a month now, and Ginny seemed to be drawing farther and farther away from everyone. She would eat her meals in seclusion at the end of the table. She would separate herself from her classmates by sitting in a corner. She would hide herself after classes, where no one could find her.

Harry kept hearing voices in his head, that seemed to be coming from the walls. It kept saying, SEEK! KILL! DESTROY! Twice he heard this, but, he hadn't told anyone about it. He was already shunned by most every one, he didn't need to give those that did talk to him a reason to leave him.

Then in October, near Halloween, it started. Mr. Filch's cat was petrified, Roosters were being slaughtered in Hagrid's chicken coop. And a message was written on te wall out side of a girl's lav. 'ENEMY OF THE HEIR BEWARE! THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED!'

The student body, except for the Slytherins was in a panic. It took Professor Dumbledore to get them calmed. Mr. Filch was in an uproar, wanting someone's head for what he or she had done to his cat. He threw most of his feelings toward Harry, since he was the one that found his cat, Mrs. Norris in this condition.

Then Colin Creevy was found Petrified. This was followed by the incident n the dueling Club, where Harry had to stop a snake from striking Justin Finch Fletchly, a student from Ravenclaw.

He stopped the snake by speaking to it, which led all to believe he was the heir. Only people with the ability to speak Parsletongue could be the heir. Harry was the only one known with this ability.

The few who believed Harry were Hermione, Fred, George, Neville and Luna. Every one else shied away from him. This didn't bother him though, as he was used to it. He didn't like the words being used to describe him, especially from Ron. Being called heir to Slytherin, or a follower of the dark arts. To keep his friends out of harms way, he became like Ginny, and secluded himself from the others. He even tried sitting with Ginny, but as soon as he did, she got up and left. It was because of this that the rest didn't notice the change in Ginny, as she was doing the same as the other students. They knew she was fighting the feeling Harry cast on people, and with this new development, it just made it harder.

Luna was the one to finally get through to Harry. She pulled him into an unused classroom one afternoon after classes were over for the day. She sat him down and started. "Harry Potter, you must know that your friends believe you when you say that you are not the heir, don't you? Don't you see, you can't be the heir, as you are a half blood. Only a pure blood would be considered the heir. The thing is though, I don't think it is a Slytherin that is doing it either. I have been hearing them talk and they keep pointing their finger at you. Malfoy keeps telling them that you are too weak to be the heir, and the fact that you are not a pureblood. He thinks it is one of the Ravenclaws. Harry, with Ginny acting the way she is, we don't need you going sparse on us also. Please talk to Hermione and the twins. We really do care about you. I care about you. It is because of you that the rest have accepted me. I have feelings about you that I can't begin to fathom. You have to know that I don't know if it is a strong friendship, or maybe even love. What ever it is, when you are not around, I miss you. Please don't let what the rest of the school is saying about you ruin what we have. Not just me,but all of your friends. Neville has grown stronger and more confident because of you. Hermione has more friends than she ever had, because of you. George has the girl of his dreams because of you. Fred is teasing George to no end because of you." Luna snickered.

This caused Harry to laugh, which was something he hadn't done yet this school year. Then he was shocked, when Luna pulled him into a hug, and kissed him on the cheek. Luna was finding it easier to be around Harry, and wasn't ready to lose that.


Ginny was lost. She knew she was the one who killed the roosters, because of the blood and feathers she was covered with. She didn't remember doing it, but, she knew it was she the one responsible for Mrs. Norris and Colin? Tom was becoming more demanding of her time. Finally she had enough, she had to try and get rid of the diary. She tried throwing it into the fireplace, but, it wouldn't burn. She tried blasting it, and nothing happened.

Finally she tried flushing it down the toilet. This worked, and she left the lav. If she had stayed, she would have seen an irate Moaning Myrtle toss the diary back into the Lav. It just so happened that Harry was looking for clues as to who the Heir was, and figured the best place to start was where the message was written. He entered the lav, since it was flooded once again, looking to see what caused it, and found the diary laying on the floor. He picked it up, and the moment he did, he felt a connection with it. A strong connection, that made him pale. It weakened him, and he didn't know why.

He did the only thing he knew he needed to do. He took the diary to Professor Dumbledore. The thing was he didn't know the pass word to get in. He stood and stared at the gargoyle, and it stared back. This went on for five minutes, until the gargoyle gave in, and allowed him to pass.

Harry let the stairs carry him to the top, where he knocked on the door. Albus called out for him to enter, and Harry did. Albus had him sit, and when he did, he heard a song, and looked up. There was a beautiful red bird sitting on a perch looking down on him. This was the source of the song, and it gave Harry a calm feeling. With out a thought, Harry stood up and went tom the bird, and began to stroke his head. To his astonishment, the bird set fire to his self, and soon a pile of ash was sitting in the bottom of the perch. Harry looked to Albus, who just smiled. "I's about time he did that. He has begun to look a little under the weather lately. Not to worry Harry. Fawkes is a Phoenix, and he was due a burning day. This is when he is reborn."

Harry looked at the pile of ash, and saw a head appear in the middle of it. The tiny bird sat in the ash gaining strength. Harry sat back down.

"To what do I owe this pleasure Harry?"

"Professor, I found this book in the girls lav, where the message first appeared. I was looking for clues as to who the heir might be. When I picked it up, I felt a connection that weakened me considerably. I think it has something to do with my affliction."

Albus took the diary from Harry, and knew right away that Harry was correct. He opened the diary, and saw nothing but blank pages. Harry watched as the Professor took a quill and wrote hello in the book The ink disappeared and then began to write. 'Hello Ginny, good to have you back.' then the ink disappeared once again.

Albus closed the book and looked to Harry. "It seems you are correct Harry. This is definitely connected to your affliction. Like you, this is also a Horcrux. It would seem that Tom has made more than one. Do you know how Miss Weasley got a hold of this?"

"I'm not for sure, but I think it was Mr. Malfoy that did it, when we were in the book shop. You remember when he and Mr. Weasley had their little disagreement, and he stuck Ginny's books back in her cauldron."

"Of course! Smart thinking my lad. I think I should hold onto this to keep anyone else from getting their hands on it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Harry. It is very important that no one else get's their hands on it. It may try and hurt them."

Harry shook Albus' hand and left the room. Albus stuck the diary in his top drawer, and went to bed. It would be days before he went to look for it, and find it missing. As soon as the book answered the calling, it knew it was not Ginny. Once it was out of sight, it disappeared, and made it's way back to Ginny's book bag.

He was once again in control of the young girl. Ginny was not strong enough to fight off is control a second time.

Harry thought that Ginny would come back to them, once he delivered the diary to Professor Dumbledore, but, this was not to be. In fact she seemed even more lost.

Then there were more students becoming petrified. Fletchly was one, then much to Harry's and George's horror, Penelope Clearwater, and Hermione became petrified. It seemed they were just leaving the library, when this happened.

Albus began searching for the diary when he found it missing. He had this gut feeling , and followed Ginny around without being noticed. She definitely was in possession of the diary again, but he didn't know how she got it. He followed her to the girls lav once again, and heard something that sounded like a snake in there. He opened the door,and through a bathroom mirror, he saw what was causing the problems. Unfortunately it was also the cause of his problem, as he became petrified as well. Upon seeing the Headmaster, Ginny sent the Basilisk back down to the chamber, and fled back to her dorm. Albus was found by Professor Snape, and brought up to the Hospital wing, where he was placed in a bed next to Miss Granger.

The next morning, Harry and George were up and visiting the wing to see Hermione, and Harry almost passed out, when he saw the Headmaster laying in the bed next to Hermione's. He felt that all hope was now lost of ever finding out where the Chamber was, and who was now in control of it. He was not positive, but, he felt Ginny was still under the Possession of Riddle.

George was sitting on Hermione's right side, and Harry was sitting on her left. They both reached out to hold her hands as if comforting her, where in fact it was to comfort them selves. This was when Harry found a scrap of parchment in Hermione's hand. I was a piece of a page from a book.

Hermione had found the answer to the question of what was doing these terrible acts. A Basilisk. She had even figured out how it was getting around. The tunnels holding the piping for the Castle.

Harry found out through Madam Pomfrey that Albus was found outside the Girls lav. Harry knew that this was the answer to where the entry to the chamber was.

He and George were sitting there going over there actions, when Professor McGonagall's voice came through the castle telling all the students to return to their dorms immediately. Harry and George were sent out, but instead of going back to the dorm, they went to the lav under Harry's invisibility Cloak. When they got to the Lav, there were a number of Professor's talking, ad they listened in. It seems that one of the students had been taken into the chamber, and was feared dead. They learned that Ginevra Weasley was the student that was unaccounted for, and feared taken to the chamber. Harry heard a sniffle come from George and knew he was crying.

Harry looked at George and said, "We need to get down t the chamber somehow, and get Ginny out. I think we may need Fred to help us." George nodded his head, and then ran back to the dorm to get Fred.

Fred joined George in the shedding of tears when they told him what they heard, and agreed to join them in their rescue attempt.

They all got under the cloak, and headed down to the lav where Harry felt was the answer to the mysterious entry to the chamber.

When they got there, the area around the lav was deserted, and they entered to find a distraught Moaning Myrtle. Harry approached her, "Myrtle, do you now what is going on here? Do you know who the Heir is, and how he or she is getting in and out of the chamber?"


"Can you tell us?"

"The red haired girl is the person who opened the entry right over there. " She said pointing to the sink. Harry walked over to it, and found a faucet that had a snake engraved on it. Using Parsletongue on it, he got it to open leaving a wide tunnel for entry. The three slid down the tunnel,and landed on a pile of tiny bones that crunched when walked on. There were two side tunnels that left the area they were in. One was filled with cobwebs and one was clear. That told them which way the had to go. They followed the path that was clear, and soon came to a giant skin that laid on the ground. It had to be forty feet long. This Basilisk was bigger than they imagined. They continued down the path, until they came to a vault like door that was decorated with snakes. Harry used his Parsle mouth abilities again, and the door opened. They entered the chamber, and looked at a huge bust of Salazar Slytherin. At the bottom of the bust, lay a tiny figure. Ginny.

They all ran forward to get her, and stopped when a young man stepped out to stop them. "She will not awaken. She is possessed."

"How can we reverse this then?" Harry Asked.

"You can't. It is too late to save her. While she grows weaker, I grow stronger. It is only a matter of time before she will be dead, and I will be restored to my former glory."

"So you are Tom Riddle. Why are yo doing all this?" Harry once again asked, while Fred and George tried to revive Ginny.

"It is useless to try and revive her, only I can do that, and I don't want to. She served her purpose, and now I don't need her , the dark haired one, what's you name?"

"Harry, why?"

"Ginny seemed to talk about you a lot. Last name is Potter right?"

"Yes, now please release her so that we can take her back."

"You know, she pleaded too. wanting me to release didn't like what she was doing, and wanted to stop. She was strong in the beginning, but once I got her back, it was useless for her to struggle. It seems that I created something that caused her some pain when she was around you. This was the reason she was so easy to take possession of her the second time. She never got back together with you when she was free of me. Then when Dumbledore was petrified, she lost all hope of ever returning. There was no hope for Dumbledore to defeat the greatest wizard of all time."

Harry became angry at this remark. "Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all time. You were never able to defeat him."

Enough of this time for you to die Potter, and your friends as well. Too bad Ginny won't be able t watch. I Call Upon Salazar Slytherin, The greatest of the Founders, To Send Forth His Greatest Weapon."

The mouth of the Bust began to open, and the three could hear the scraping coming from the tunnel that it created, Harry yelled, "Close your eyes, don't look into the Basilisk's eyes. They will kill you."

Fred and George dropped down and covered their Heads against Ginny's body protecting her as well, or at least in their minds they were protecting her. There was really nothing they could do, if the snake decided to strike.

Harry ran from his friends, t draw the attention of the Basilisk away from them. He crossed the stream of waste, when he felt the snake strike at his retreating body, and missed. Harry was afraid to look back. He might die from the glance. He then heard a loud noise, and the sound of thrashing and a song. Phoenix song. FAWKES!

Harry took a chance to look around, ad saw Fawkes attacking the snakes eyes, tearing them apart. Harry now stood a slim chance of getting away. He ran into a side chamber and heard Tom yell out, "Forget the bird use your sense of smell and find and kill the boy."

The Basilisk did this, using his tongue to find the sent of his prey. Fawkes came to Harry and dropped something at his feet, which Harry picked up, and found the Sorting Hat. Harry gripped the hat and said, "I need something to defeat this snake. How is this hat going to help?" The he felt the hat get heavy, and a sword appeared in his hand. He pulled the sword out and held it in front of him.

The Basilisk followed the trail Harry left, and found his prey. Harry took of running again, and was helped by the close quarters of the tunnel, as the snake couldn't strike the boy. Harry ran across the stream once more, and found an area with an overhang that sheltered him somewhat. The Basilisk struck, but hit the overhang, breaking off one of his Fangs. The fang dropped from his mouth, and scratched Harry's arm. He didn't think anything of it, and continued to battle the snake, until finally he was able to drive the blade of the sword into it's mouth continuing on to it's brain.

The basilisk thrashed about in it's death throes, and caught an unsuspecting Fawkes with a sweep of it's head, causing Fawkes to fall to the ground, and then get covered by the great snake. Because of the Basilisk hide, he cold not flame out from under the body. His great strength was the only way to get out.

In the mean time, Harry became very weak. The venom from the scratch was entering his system, and Harry felt it working. Harry looked t the twins, who at this time were still sitting around Ginny, but had their eyes on him. Harry gave them a weak smile. "Take good care of her guys, she is going to need it in the coming months. Looks like you got your wish Tom. But, let me give you a going away present." Harry grabbed the diary and the fang and stabbed the diary causing the diary to bleed ink, and Tom to scream in pain. Harry stabbed the diary one more time, and Tom, the diary and Harry all died a the same time. Harry collapsed on the ground with pain in his now blank eyes.

In a vault n Gringotts a cup that was sitting on a mantle was destroyed. A tiara that was in another form of Harry's room was destroyed. A ring that was buried in the floor of an old abandoned shack was destroyed. A locket that sat in a cupboard at 12 Grimmauld Place was destroyed An old elf was cleaning as this happened, and dropped to his knees as if in prayer, thanking someone up above. In an old home a another large snake died in agony as his head exploded.

People across the country started to scream and then collapsed dead. All of these had a tattoo on their left arm. The were called the mark, and it marked all of them for death.

Fred and George ran to Harry, ad got there as Fawkes freed himself from under the Basilisk. He was too late, as the twins were crying over the body of their friend. Behind them they heard Ginny start to stir. They watched as she sat up and looked around. Seeing her brothers she cried. "I'm so sorry. It was me doing all those horrible things. I couldn't help myself. Tom Controlled my every move. We have to stop him."

Fred looked to Ginny, "Harry has already stopped him, and the was brilliant Ginny." and then Fred broke down and cried, as did George.

Ginny looked to her brothers and wondered what the problem was. Then she saw the body of someone lying between them. She got up and went to them, and saw the body of Harry Potter being held by George. "NO! God please no. Not Harry George he's not dead, he can't be. Please tell me he's not dead."

"Ginny, he's dead. Basilisk venom from a scratch did it. Even after he was scratched, he fought the snake and beat it. Then he destroyed Tom, by stabbing the diary. Harry, Tom, and the diary all died together. Fred had to catch Ginny as she passed out.

Fawkes sat in the middle of the group, and had them grab his tail feathers. He had them gather the sword, Hat, the diary, and Harry and the fang using Harry's robes to pick it up.

He then flashed them to the Hospital wing, where Madam Pomfrey was administering the last of the potion to revive the petrified people. Hermione was already up as was Albus. When they saw Fawkes appear and the four students, one of them being carried, and the other three crying, Albus and Hermione knew who it was. Hermione jumped out of bed an ran to the four. She looked down to the body of her friend Harry. Hermione couldn't take it. She cried her self into a sobbing fit.

Another student came running into the wing. Luna ran to the group, and almost passed out. "Please no. Not Harry. He can't be dead. He can't. Why? Why Him. What did he do to deserve this? Tell me, what did he do to deserve this? Somebody tell me. DAMN IT WHY?"

Luna collapsed to the floor to be joined by Hermione. They held each other, both crying.

Albus also was shedding tears. Harry had to die. Harry knew this, as did Albus, but why so young.

This was wen Minerva burst into the room followed by Arthur and Molly. Arthur and Molly grabbed their daughter into a hug and held as she cried."Harry died saving Fred, George and I."

Minerva approached Albus. She had tears in her eyes also. "Albus, reports are coming in from all over. Every one who carried the mark has died. Gringotts has reported an explosion in a vault where the found Helga Hufflepuffs Healing Cup destroyed. Two elves came in carrying a locket and a diadem that were destroyed. What does all this mean?"

"It means Minerva that Tom Riddle is finally dead, as is Lord Voldemort. It took this brave young lad to finally beat him, but at the cost of his own life"

The group stood there holding each other in their mourning.


The next morning, as the students gathered for breakfast, Albus stood to get their attention. "I have news to shed with all here in the room. Yesterday there was a battle in the Chamber of Secrets, where Lord Voldermort was finally defeated by a brave young man. Harry Potter defeated Him and his Basilisk, but at the cost of his own life. I wish everyone here to join hands in prayer for our young friend and fellow student, and wish him well in his new journey in joining his parents in the afterlife."

There was a loud sound of laughter coming from both the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables. Fred and George looked to see Draco Malfoy and their own brother Ron laughing. Fred went to Draco, and George went to Ron. Draco was plastered to the wall before he had a chance to defend himself. No other student from his house attempted to help him. It took Severus Snape to calm the flame haired youth from killing Draco.

George meantime was beating Ron to a pulp. Ron had no chance to protect himself, and when his sister walked up to him and kicked him in the ribs, he let out with a curse, "What the Bloody Hell is wrong with you people. Potter wasn't even liked by us. No one is going to miss him. What did he do to deserve your friendship?"

"You Arse Hole. All he did was save Ginny, George and my life. All he did was save everyone else life in this school. All he did was save every single person in the magical and Muggle world from slavery, and death. That's all he did. You should live to be one tenth of the man Harry was. And to think I call you my brother."

Ron became red faced when he heard his brother's tirade. He didn't know of the twins and Ginny being saved. And it didn't register in his mind the extent of what Harry had done. He then was shedding tears. It was like a cloud was lifted from his mind, and he clearly saw what all this meant.

It seemed like a cloud had been lifted from the school, and then there was tears coming from all of the students as they felt they missed something that they never realized they had.

The wizarding world mourned the loss of the boy who saved them all.


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