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Chapter 3: Rude Awakening

"Vegeta, why does that look like it's going to scar?"

Because it was going to. It was the way this type of thing worked and there wasn't any traveling backward from being marked in such a fashion. He wasn't going to tell her that. He did avoid her curious touch, stepping backwards and away and ultimately walking from her questioning face turning into noticeable concern. The last thing he needed right now was her pity or her inevitable way of getting into things that were none of her concern. Absently rubbing the offending mark, he walked off to find somewhere quiet to collect himself and fuel that fire sitting low in his stomach at the thought of…him.

Of all the stupid rotten fucked up luck, Kakorrot had to be an ALPHA male. How could he have not seen it?! Because that bastard didn't want him to see it, or was highly unaware of himself until recently. Who knew? Who was to tell?! The bastard certainly made it like he'd known from the start and had everyone under his thumb. That couldn't have been. That female he called his wife, Chi-chi…she'd bore him two sons worth being proud of considering their humanity. Surely that was his breeding mare…his mate. She had status in the house, say so in all his doings, and barely let him out of her sight when he was with her. Even her children, grown as they may be, still bent to her rule…which didn't make him feel any better about Kakorrot's sudden change in demeanor or why he was coming after him NOW.

He shifted, changing his stance to keep from noticing why he tended to keep to himself at times. It was getting more uncomfortable by the moment. Rather than dawdle, he headed out into the main room to find the quickest route to his private chambers, where no one would bother him for days on end. Maybe by then…

"Whoa…that is not a mosquito bite," someone mused. "That is someone gnawing on your shoulder…"

Vegeta clamped his hand over the healing wound on his neck, spinning around to quickly tell off whoever opened their mouths. How could anyone else have known that? It was more like a bruise…and he hadn't seen teeth marks at all! No sooner had he opened his mouth, he shut it in favor of staring stupidly at the two people he did not expect to still be here. Yamcha opened one eye from where he lay on the couch, hardly interested in the comment made by the person lying against him. Gohan, still halfway into his book, looked up again and met Vegeta's startled eyes.

They were the picture of unsolicited comfort; Yamcha sprawled out on the couch as if he owned the place and not willing to move for anything less than food or the drink sitting by him on the end table. Even that seemed too much of a burden; his hand halfway lifted only to drop back down and land atop Gohan's head. The light caress was not missed, nor was the soft sutble purr given to him by the younger half saiyan who dropped his book completely on Yamcha's stomach and nipped at the fingers dancing at his nose. It was a picture out of Vegeta's wildest nightmares, one he expected to wake from screaming at any moment now.

He didn't wake up. He was wide awake feeling the blood rush to his face and his confusion rise when Yamcha reached for something and threw it at him. Vegeta caught it by instinct, almost too stunned to look at what it was when Yamcha laid back down and waved him off.

"It's from my father," Gohan explained. "He said to give it to you before you holed yourself up."

That fucking— "What?! I—"

"Yeah, yeah…we know…so spare us the tirade," Yamcha sighed. "Just take it…and for your sake, please don't throw it away. You'll only piss him off."

What in the hell? Piss him off? Who? Surely they weren't talking about that oaf sitting somewhere in the winds gloating about this shit to himself. He looked down and nearly crushed the container in his hands. It was an ointment…a fast healing ointment used for bruises, cuts, and abrasions…one guaranteed to heal whatever was ailing one's self within a couple of days. He knew the brand. He'd used it more than often when he got into those little spats with Goku when they were still unknowing of one another and Vegeta thought Goku would always be none the wiser. That still confused him, but this irritation that bubbled up in his chest was new…and unwelcome.

Rather than heeding the warning given to him, Vegeta tossed that jar of ointment somewhere behind him and stomped off to find solitude.

Yamcha rolled his eyes and shoved Gohan's laughing head a bit. "I knew I shouldn't have bet you money."

Gohan snickered a little more. "Whatever. How long do you think it'll take him to ask the obvious?"

"About as long as it takes for the inevitable to happen. And no, I'm not putting money on it."


The door didn't slam behind him like he wanted it to. He'd let go the moment he laid eyes on the room he'd called his own from the moment he claimed it. The door was one of the few remaining regular doors of the house, on hinges, swinging, and in need of some 1040w to stop the slight creaking when it moved back and forth. It was a forgotten place, one that hadn't been touched by the many upgrades of the house; one that he'd run to when things were getting difficult and he didn't feel like dealing with anyone, which was more often than not these days. He knew the reasons why, but he continued to let them believe what they wanted and that was fine with him. As long as there was this room…this undisturbed space…he was fine…

At least, that's what he thought.

The bed was nothing special. It was a full sized bed with some sheets he'd purchased not too long ago and scented up within hours of buying them. The room itself wasn't that big and only filled with things he liked and necessary things, like weights and a couple of books and even a small television set. It really wasn't anything special if someone else were to come and look at it; four walls and some objects…but it was his.


The bed now had the occupied weight of the alpha male he'd wanted to avoid for a couple of days yet. Vegeta could smell him throughout the room, mingling with his own scent and making it hard to stay planted in his spot. He couldn't bring himself to leave, but he didn't want to stay anywhere near that bastard lying there as if this weren't anything big. He backed away as slowly as he could, but it wasn't enough. He was more than aware and with a flick of his wrist, the door was shut.

"Where's the ointment?"

Vegeta didn't answer. He couldn't even if he wanted, and even if he did the words bubbling within would only land him in a heap of trouble. Silence was just as bad. The jar was sitting somewhere in the room where Gohan and Yamcha were probably sitting lying against one another, and that only moved to make his head hurt a little worse than the mark on his neck. He gripped that a little harder, backing up again when Goku sat up from where he lie and swung his legs over the edge of the bedding.

"Didn't they give it to you?"

Vegeta had the overwhelming urge to tell him to shove it where the sun doesn't shine—with a lot less pleasant words—but the urge was overwhelmed with that irritation that had bubbled in his chest in the living room. Rather than opening his mouth, he nodded and immediately pressed his back to the door.

Somewhere in some space of time that was not here and now, Goku had gotten up and slammed his fists through the door with his open rage for disobedience. Vegeta braced himself for it, for that thing that should have been done in the first place, and for his life to change without his say so.

Goku didn't move a muscle other than to flick his tail to the side in slight interest. "So…if they gave it to you…where is it? And why hasn't it been used?"

Vegeta didn't realize that his world hadn't been rocked violently until he noticed that he was still pressed against the door. Worse yet, he'd shut his eyes and had to pry one open with his cheeks lighting on fire from the shame of expecting the worst and being completely wrong for the moment. "…Back in the living room." Vegeta believed in moments. Moments came and went but they didn't disappoint. What was a momentary fail now would be a delay in the inevitable and soon enough Goku would…give into his…instincts…whatever those were. Vegeta hadn't actually DEALT with an Alpha male in person before, but he'd heard and seen enough to know that no matter what they said, they would eventually succumb to what they were bred to do.

Goku still didn't move. "I see."

Silence passed between them. Vegeta stayed where he was, hand tightened around the mark that Goku had left upon him and his heart thundering in his chest to irritate him even more than he was before. When he looked up again, Goku was staring out the window as if he weren't there! The oaf wasn't moving. He wasn't even interested in moving! It only served to make Vegeta madder than before, already more than pissed that his space had been invaded!

"So, rather than take the open out I've given you, you've decided to seal your fate?" Goku said this as his tail tapped the bed again, softly, without merit, and highly deceptive to his interest in that moment and what Vegeta would say. If there was one thing that the smaller saiyan had learned without this mess upon his shoulders, he understood that the simple façade was a way of keeping himself unreadable and downright fucking dangerous if given more than the allotted room a simpleton should have. Too many people had fallen at the hands that were resting idly on the bed, not curling up to do anything or moving other than to support the bit of his weight when Goku leaned back in what looked like boredom. "Are you really that stupid?"


"The word fits the named…and either you're completely stupid or you've come to understand that this isn't something done lightly or to be taken lightly."

"I am FAR from STUPID!" Vegeta roared. "The only stupid thing I've done is underestimate you once too often for my liking, and I'm NOT FALLING FOR YOUR TRICKS KAKORROT!"

"And…what tricks would that be?!"

"That damn cream you left with them!" He wanted to scratch his chest. Vegeta didn't think irritability could make one itch so, or hotter under the collar than he'd been in quite some time. "I know what you're implying…and if you think for one fucking second that I'm not going to catch on, you better think again!"

Goku finally, finally, looked his way. Vegeta felt his heart seize up right alongside his body when the red rimmed gold irises of that level four beast flickered without being fully brought to the surface. The impassive face broke out into a feral grin that widened enough to allow a small laugh from that chest, the one that would inhale deeply and sigh as if that was the dumbest thing he'd ever heard in a long time.

Goku stood and walked for the door. Vegeta was still pressed against it, and swallowing nervously as he once again thought the worst. Once again, Goku made him look like a total ass and reached past him to grab the doorknob. "Have it your way."

He was gently moved from in front of the door and placed aside just enough to allow Goku to slip past him without so much as a look of acknowledgement. Vegeta, relieved for reasons his mind could not fathom, was surprised and horrified to find himself feeling shamed in some manner. There was nothing to be ashamed about! He'd told Goku that he wasn't falling for it and the jerk had left! It was the end goal that mattered, and that idiot was not in his personal space!

Seriously, there was no logical reason to feel like a total unworthy ass, nor a reason for why it was suddenly a need to put his fist through the wall with a shout of total frustration. The wall gave way as he knew it would. The plaster and paint fell inward and coated his hand and the floor, the hole a gaping piece of missing wall staring at him and doing nothing to answer his question or soothe the damning irritability he felt too keenly and wanted no part of.

"Are you really that stupid?"

Stupid? No. Not in the least. That cream back there was an insult…an insult to his pride and his tolerance. The wound on his neck was there for all to see, for all to realize that he wasn't to be touched even if they didn't realize it. It was going to scar and there was nothing short of dying that could remove Vegeta from that status…other than being outright rejected. While the process tended to be wracked with mindless sexual domination and it was usually better to go along than to fight, that mark…this damned mark on his neck was a mark of approval…as if he'd passed some test he wasn't even aware of.

To be given something to remove some of the evidence…to have something placed in his hand and told to apply it to the mark to let it heal faster…

It was like being slapped right after by the one dominating, being laughed at and toyed with as if to label him as nothing more than a worthless whore…not even worthy of being marked.

A cold coiled knot slammed into the depths of his stomach.



"Don't make me a liar…and it wasn't an insult." Goku threw something into the room. In landed with a soft thump on the bed, still closed and still waiting to be used when the smaller saiyan decided to come back to his senses. "But if that's how you feel…then I suppose you should work to make sure that it doesn't turn out to be true. Yeah?"

Vegeta pulled his hand free of the new hole, staring at it rather than wondering about what in the hell just happened and how he'd been completely manipulated once again. Goku was gone and that cream was still there…waiting…

It was about an hour later when he got up and about five minutes more before he broke the window with that container…after he'd applied a good bit of it to the sting that mark left.

Nothing could take the sting from his pride.

"You know it's not going to be that easy."

Goku lifted his head from where it was buried against his pillow and stared at Yamcha standing directly over him. The human was only half dressed and looked like he'd only rolled out of the bed, but his scent told a whole different story which made Goku shiver. He snorted to put it out of his mind, already pressed against the mattress and wishing it were a certain smaller saiyan too thickheaded and prideful for him to properly mate without it being conceived in all the wrong ways. Yamcha didn't tease him much to his relief, nor did he move any closer. He did smile a little in sympathy, patting Goku's shoulder gently as the larger saiyan sighed deeply to himself.

"Tell me why I decided to do this again?" he muttered tiredly. "I was doing FINE all this time…"

"You were not," Yamcha snorted. "You were practically salivating each time."

"I'm still salivating now. Thanks for not being naked."

"Consider it a grievance on my part and a favor on yours." Goku rolled his eyes at one of his oldest friends as he made himself comfortable in a chair close by. Yamcha may have looked the picture of ease and relaxation as he slouched down and tilted his head back, but he wasn't. He wouldn't be until he was sated and for the moment he'd worn his mate out.

"I can't believe you have more staying power…"

"Believe it man…I'm older, wiser, and I know how to wear him down by now."

"…this is a little disturbing."

"You started it…and we're still talking about you and your little issue." Yamcha opened an eye to spy Goku burying his head back into his pillow and resisted laughing at him. "You knew it wasn't going to be easy."

Didn't he know it? He'd told himself that the moment everything had got to hell in a hand basket. All these years of ignoring it, that scent…that sweet salivating scent that made it hard not to move and partake of it and force that little arrogant saiyan to realize the potential of being his one and only mate was maddening and a testament to what patience was. Yet this time….this time the drooling beast within him wasn't willing to sit back and let that smell tote itself around freely and blatantly; as if to say that everyone was stupid for not knowing and would never know. That may had been the case once when Goku was decidedly ignorant about things, like his wife and her controlling nature and the overall collective thought of most he knew believing him to be nothing more than a simple man with simple views. That could have been if they had remembered that he wasn't quite human and would never really be of their simple natures.

Yamcha was perhaps the only one that never really put it past him to do certain things under the radar. He'd been around the world once long before Goku had been dragged into the midst of his current world of fighting, dragon balls, and weird world dominating wannabes that were uglier every time they came. They all got the same welcome; a fist to the face and a sure promise of death. Yamcha was there to see it when it first came about and while the others were surely fooled by the outwardly carefree Goku and his nimbus, Yamcha had a different opinion that would never leave him.

It was the only reason he was sitting here now, so close to the saiyan that could easily kill him if he wanted. To know a beast, one had to respect it, and respect ran deep between the two of them since they were of the same type of beast. While Yamcha was a human without question, the beast within him was much more akin to that of a wild lion looking to sow its seed in someone worthy of him. He'd been with many a partner and had lost the one he thought could be his own to the saiyan prince currently under fire. Bulma was once a source of contention between the two and she readily acknowledged that with some smugness on her part. That only drove him to find someone else, to find his perfect one and only and to snag them by any means possible.

Goku kept a muffled laugh to himself as he thought about the outcome of Yamcha's quest. While the man was not young and had not been in quite some time, one could not properly tell from the look of him. He still looked as if he were in his mid-thirties and certainly had not lost his drive. His quest had taken him from woman to woman to woman until he accidentally landed within his best friend's son's LAP on a drunken night. Goku, well aware of his own hidden beast by then, had seen to look of revelation in Yamcha's eyes when he lifted himself from Gohan's lap. It was as if the light had turned itself on for the first time and the self-beating was rampant as he thought of several different reasons why it was a BAD idea.

Videl was one of those bad reasons. Gohan was married and had a kid for crying out loud. Any morally accepting man would have curbed his temptations and tried to find another outlet for their frustration.

Yamcha wasn't like other men and it didn't help that Gohan had gotten a rude awakening himself when he'd inhaled the other man's scent that night.

"Is she still trying to kill you?" Goku asked.

Yamcha made a little noise that was more directed towards annoyance than anything else. "She's still of the opinion that it's a phase…but she's being supportive in her strange way."

"More flags?"

"Oh my go—what is with the parade of colors?"

"She's human…and she doesn't quite GET it."

"Yeah well…let her stick around long enough. We are talking about Videl right?"

"Pfft, yeah. I think you have another ten minutes."

"Oh? Then let's get to the heart of the matter before I'm preoccupied and you do something stupid."

Ah yes, the ever present problem that was perhaps sulking in his invaded space now. Vegeta. Goku willed himself up for that one, sitting cross legged on his current bed within another section of the house that should have probably fallen by now. Bulma would have tried to tan his hide, but she wouldn't have gotten too far without losing her jaw to shock along the way. As it was, she was still a little slack jawed about all this.

"So…you've made it clear to Bulma—"

"That he's mine? Oh most definitely." That little conversation a couple of weeks prior was more than interesting, especially when she outright told him that he was out of his mind. She eventually came to understand her place though when she was met face to face with the level four saiyan still sitting beneath the exterior of Goku without actually showing up. Her face was priceless. "I don't see what her problem was," he said absently. "They haven't touched one another in quite some time."

"Humans believe that's normal in a marriage."

"….that's just fucking silly."

Yamcha chortled. "Glad to know you and I still speak the same language."

"From one beast to another right?" The fanged smile he got was all the answer he needed. "So…stick to the plan?"


The door opened itself a little more. Yamcha didn't move from where he sat. He didn't have to. Goku was more than a little fascinated to see his own son march past the open barriers of his space to get to Yamcha and plant himself on his waiting lap. It was a pretty bold move, but no less expected than the hand that reached up to yank Gohan's head backward, exposing his neck and fading mark that Yamcha moved to renew.

"I never thought I'd see the day."

Yamcha grinned against Gohan's neck. "Never say never my friend. Sometimes you have to break them a little to get them to understand…" He bit lightly, savoring the unique flavor of Gohan's skin; hands pressed into his shoulders, a soft whine telling him that there was no way Gohan could wait that much longer. Yamcha would have given him want he wanted, but he wasn't one of those people to give the father-in-law a full show. "Can you try not to tease him too much in the morning?"

"Who? Gohan? Pfft, I've seen worse things. He'll snap out of it once it happens."

Yamcha snorted this time, forgoing the customary eye roll and lifting himself and Gohan out of his seat. "Who says it hasn't?" Goku rarely had the opportunity to raise both brows these days at anything. This was one of those rare moments where he didn't quite know what to say. It was all in his face, and Yamcha laughed once more as he moved out of the room to take care of his mate's needs.

Goku laid himself back down on his pillow. Break them a little huh? The haughty little saiyan had been spoilt by many things, and most of it was his own fault. He could put a good bit of it on Bulma as well, but there was no use in walking down that road. He closed his eyes and resolved himself to sleep. Breaking Vegeta wasn't the hard part…it was rebuilding him that would be the true challenge.

"But…it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't challenging at all," he smirked.

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