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Luke huddled under his blanket. The wind eerily cooed through the condensation ridden, thin glass windows. He usually slept in his tree house. It was good for giving him a bit more warmth. The apartment was a filthy, 1 bedroom, with a tiny toilet. His mum didn't work, therefore the heating didn't. He wasn't sure where she got the money to party from, as she was unemployed. He didn't like to ask.

He awoke early in the morning – 9am. A knock on the door shivered through his spine. He jumped up and sighed. Another lonely day. A knock on the door shivered through his spine. He jumped on the creaky stool to release the latch. The door pinged open to reveal a debonair gentleman, tall in stature, wearing a somewhat intimidating, yet empowering and intimidating top hat... And a matching tweed coat.

Luke stared at this marvelous figure in wonderment.

"Good day, young sir." The man spoke in a posh and soothing tone. "What's the row, mister?" Luke replied in a hoarse, cockney accent.

Luke wasn't fluent in advanced English – in fact, he wasn't even fluent in Basic English. The only tutoring he had ever received was from a girl, a month his junior, named Flora. She was the girl that lived upstate in a sophisticated mansion – Reinhold Manor. No one is really sure how the daughter of Baron Augustus Reinhold came to meet a 'pauper'. The princess/pauper pairing was slightly ironic.

Flora would come over to Luke's grotty apartment, a dumpster in comparison to her luxury 8 bedroom, 7 bath mansion. But Flora was not a snob – undecidedly not a snob.

She would walk to Luke's well-presented wearing a light peach, lace trim dress which was tied with a neat ribbon (just like the matching neat ribbon in her tidily groomed hair). Lady Dahlia – her stepmother and carer – didn't mind her visiting friends. But if Luke's mum caught him with a friend round... well, he would get an awful beating.