All the twilight characters belong to the amazing Stephanie Meyer


"Save him!" she whispered, even though the busyness of the hospital rang in his ears he heard her voice as clear as a bell, although week she gripped his marble hand with desperation. The doctor looked down at her; his golden eyes stared sympathetically into the fading green eyes of the dying woman before him. "I'll do everything in my power" he promised her, she shook her head fervently, breathing heavily she replied "you must you must do everything in your power-!" a wheezy cough snatched her voice away but she persisted, "you must do what others cannot do to save my Edward!" as she finished she slumped into the plumped up pillows, auburn tendrils of hair sticking to her sweaty pale face, her request shocked the doctor and sent his thoughts into a frenzy, she knows! How could she possibly know!, He tried to brush that irrational fear as an effect the fever was having on her, he had always been cautious to act normal at all times! But the knowing confidence in her eyes made him doubt himself. Elizabeth's breathing evened out and she loosened the iron grip she had on his hand, its nearly over, the doctor thought genuinely saddened. Looking at her restless face he found it hard to string any rational thoughts together. The beating of her heart stopped, he laid her delicate hand gently onto bed, realigned the sparkling engagement she wore proudly on her finger, he bent down and whispered into her ear "I promise" , somehow a small smile found its way onto Elizabeth masons face as she drifted into the bliss of eternal rest.

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