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Luke watched as two men pushed a slab of carbonite. Frozen in the carbonite was a adolescent togruta female.

According to the records on Kamino she had been delivered there with orders to repair the damage to her body without making her a cyborg.

It had taken the Kaminoan scientists years to repair the damage but they did repair everything.

There was no record of her name or how she came to be injured except that she had been grievously injured.

However they had gone though a crate with her things and discovered something: two lightsabers.

There's so much that she can tell us! Luke thought.

"When do you want her unfrozen?" Cilghal asked.

"As soon as possible." Luke replied.


Luke was stood in front of the togruta's room, debating whether or not he should enter.

A frightened cry prompted him to enter the room.

The togruta was sitting up on the medical bed, her sightless eyes wide with confusion.

"Master?" she asked, obviously frightened and confused.

"Can you tell me your name?" he asked her.

The togruta frowned.

"Ahsoka Tano." She answered.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Luke asked her.

"I was caught in an explosion. They told me that they were going to freeze me in carbonite until they could heal my injuries." Ahsoka explained. "My Master said that he'd be here when I woke up."

Luke nodded.

Her injuries were consistent with an explosion.

"Do you have any idea how you ended up on Kamino?" he asked her.

Ahsoka frowned.

"Where's my Master?" She asked. "He's the one to ask, he would know. Or Master Yoda. I should have been in the Jedi Temple" She continued.

"Ahsoka, what year was it when you were frozen?" Luke asked.

"We were in the third year of the Clone Wars." She replied.

Luke bit his lip.

"Ahsoka, the Clone Wars ended just before I was born and that was nearly fifty-nine years ago." He said.

Ahsoka stared at him.

"Then my Master would be in his eighty-three or so, unless he got himself killed." She responded.

Luke sighed and weighted his options.

"Ahsoka, the Sith," Luke paused. "The Sith had the Jedi Order nearly completely destroyed. The only survivors were those that ran and hid and even some of them didn't make it." Luke explained softly.

"Anakin Skywalker would have never allowed the Sith to get that far and Palpatine would never have stood for the destruction of the Jedi Order. There would have been a war.!" Ahsoka screamed.

Luke stepped back.

"Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Sith eventually at the cost of his own life twenty-three after the end of the Clone Wars."

Ahsoka gasped and started to cry.

"I want my Master back." She whispered.


"She's taking then most people. But I am worried about her." Luke told the Council.

"Perhaps she would respond well to someone around her own age." Cilghal suggested.

Kyp shook his head.

"They might be tempted to tell things she's not ready to hear." He told the council.

Mara nodded.

"She would feel betrayed by not only Palpatine but by Anakin Skywalker as well." She said.

Luke nodded.

"Once her eyesight has returned I suggest that we evaluate her and see where she is in her training." Luke said.

Everyone nodded.

"It might help the healing process." Cilghal said.

"What I would like to know is how she ended up on Kamino." Kam said.

Everyone was silenty.

Tionne spoke up. "I have searched the Temple and Order Sixty-Six records and there was a Ahsoka Tano and she was frozen in carbonite but her Master's name isn't on file. In the records for Order Sixty-Six it states that she was and the other Jedi that were frozen in carbonite were unfrozen and shot to death."

Everyone shifted in their seats.

"Someone sparred her." Mara stated."Someone hid her slab and said that they unfroze her and killed her than spirited her to Kamino."

"Who? The Emperor's Shock Troopers or the 501st Legion?" Kyp asked.

Mara looked thoughtful.

"The only reason that the Emperor's Shock Troopers would have spared her is if Palpatine ordered them to spare her. And odds are that the 501st wouldn't have spared her unless her Master was their old commander and they still felt some loyalty towards her. But they would have had to get past Vader and he would have sensed a lie if they told him that she was dead." Mara said.


Ahsoka sat in her room drawing.

She had already drawn dozens of pictures of her friends, Master Yoda, Master Obi-Wan and Anakin. She missed them all.


Luke pawed through the pictures trying to see if anything caught his eye. There were several clones and several Jedi. Short sentences were above or below the person.

"'Experience outweighs everything.' Past sins cast long shadows' 'I can't believe they let you teach'" Luke recited.

"The first one sounds like it was someone in the military." Mara said.

Luke nodded. "A clone."

"She was definitely affiliated with the 501st but I can't fid anything to say who her Master was." Luke commented.

"Too bad so much was lost." Mara commented.

Luke nodded.

Sighing he set the drawings on the table.

"Who said that they couldn't believe that they let someone teach?" Mara asked.

Luke shrugged. "A senator by the looks of her."

The door opened and Ben came in.

"Master Durron paired me with the new girl, Ahsoka and she beat me." He said as he tried to set his bag on the drawings, only for them to slide off of the table onto the floor.

"Well she has been training with both the Force and the lightsaber since she was three and she is two years older than you." Mara said.

Luke bent down and collected the drawings when one caught his eye.

It was a drawing of a man wearing dark Jedi robes. The caption read: 'What did you just call me? Don't get snippy little one. You know I don't know if you are old enough to be a padawan.' Underneath was 'Maybe I'm not. But Master Yoda thinks I am.' 'Well you are not with Master Yoda now. So if you are read you better start proving it. Captain Rex will show you how a little respect can go a long way.'

Luke smiled.

I found her Master and he looks familiar.

"Mara, who does this look like?" He asked his wife.

Mara took the drawing.

"It looks a little like you but not quite."

Luke looked at the drawing again and felt as if he had been hit with Force Lighting.

"I know who her Master was and I think I know who arranged for her escape and treatment."