In the end note I meant to say that my Dad's ex mother-in-law is a witch. And she is. Any woman that tells lies about anyone and encourages it in others is a witch and a half.


Six years later . . .

If there was one thing that Ben hated it was never having peace and quiet while on a date with Ahsoka. Reporters followed them everywhere and camera droids sometimes floated right into their faces.

Ben sighed as they exited the restaurant and headed back for their speeder.

"Anything for a story." Ahsoka said as she took the passenger seat of the speeder. "I know." Ben said as he got into the driver's seat.

They drove in silence for several minutes.

"Is there something that you want to do after we return to the Temple?" Ahsoka asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

"I would like to take a walk in the 'Forest' Room when we return." Ben said, using the Force to make sure that he still had something.

Ben had decided shortly after she had beaten him in that lightsaber duel long ago that he liked her and wanted to know her better.

So he had gotten her to tell him about the Jedi of the Old Order and learned how to dance from her, much to his parents' delight, and then how to apply his new found skill in a lightsaber duel.

When he became of age he asked her out; to his delight she accepted. That began a long courtship.

It also was the beginning of being chased by reporters for those sleazy holorags. They wanted to know who Ben Skywalker would marry and the fact that he was more or less dating a togruta female on a regular basis had them wanting to know more about her.

But now Ben was sure that she was the one for him.


Ahsoka knew that Ben was going to pop the question. She was nervous and relieved at the same time.

Ben was the best person that she had dated in her life. There had been Lux who had really liked but he had died shortly before her accident.

She walked with Ben through the mostly deserted paths of the Nature Room. Ben liked to call it a forest and Ahsoka thought that it fit better than Nature Room.

Finally they reached a secluded part of the room.

"Ahsoka, you mean the galaxy to me." Ben said. "I want to spent the rest of my life with you."

Ahsoka watched as Ben knelt on one knee and retrieved a ring from his utility belt. "Will you due me the honor of becoming Master Ahsoka Tano Skywalker?" He asked.

Ahsoka felt a smile come to her face.

"I would love to become Master Ahsoka Tano Skywalker, your wife." she whispered.


Two years later . . .

Luke Skywalker could tell that his wife was nervous even without their bond. Heck, he was nervous too. Who wouldn't be nervous with their first grandchild on the way?

Ben had commed them to let them know that Ahsoka was in labor for real this time.

So now they were in the waiting area of the Birthing Area of the Jedi Temple waiting for the child to arrive.

Finally Luke felt a new presence in the Force. It was bright, a bit confused but over all it was hungry and tired.

Everyone in the waiting room stood as Cilghal came out of the Ahsoka's birthing room. "He's here," she announced. "He favors his mother's species, but that was expected. He has Ben facial structure and eyes. There will be a debate over whether he gets his blue eyes from his father or mother." She continued.

A few minutes later Ben emerged from the room with a carefully wrapped bundle.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet Anakin Obi-Wan Skywalker." He said proudly.

Emmahline was the first from her chair to look at the newest member of the Skywalker/Solo/Fel clan. "He looks funny." she declared. Everyone laughed as Jaina walked over for a look at the baby. "He's cute Ben." She said. "He'll break hearts that's for sure."

Finally Luke and Mara made their way over to Ben and their grandson. Luke smiled at the sight of the infant. His skin was a gentle red or orange color, thin lekku dangled on his head, they would probably thicken with age and probably grow longer.

"Welcome to our galaxy little Anakin." Luke told the sleeping newborn. 'May you be as great as your namesakes."


Ben reentered Ahsoka room with Tenel Ka in tow.

Ahsoka smiled as Ben handed her little Anakin.

Tenel Ka sat by the bed holding a stuffed animal of some type. It had floppy ears and big hind paws.

"I realized that I never thanked you for exposing Allana to Leia. I never realized until later what a toll it was taking on me and that Allana is better off with her father and other grandparents in her life." Tenel Ka said.

"I knew that you were happier without having to live with the lies and being back among the Jedi has done wonders for you." Ahsoka said.

Tenel Ka sat the stuffed animal down on the bed.

"Jacen and I bought this for the baby. I don't know what type of animal it is but it's cute and I am sure that he'll enjoy playing with it when he is older." Tenel Ka explained.

Ahsoka picked it up and smiled. "I am sure that he will love it." She told Tenel KA.


Later that night Ben wrapped his arm around Ahsoka.

"No more quiet nights for a long time." He said. "No more dates without being worried about little Anakin." She said.

They sat in silence for awhile.

"I love you." Ahsoka told Ben. "I love you more." he said back to her.

Ahsoka laughed.

"I don't know what I would do without you Ahsoka. You have helped me become a better person and I am a better Jedi for it. You are truly a gift from the past." Ben whispered to her.



Most likely this is the end. I might do a few one shots like Ben and Ahsoka's first date and their wedding.

The stuffed animal that Tenel Ka gave Ahsoka is suppose to be a rabbit.

The scene in the waiting room and the scene with Tenel Ka and Ahsoka was loosely based on scenes taken from the Bones episode "The Change in the Game".