To my readers:

Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten any of you and I most certainly have not forgot this story either! I know its been a whole year since my last update (whoa! O_O) and there's been no word from me until now and no new chapter added yet but that's why I'm posting this A/N now! I've been having a really busy year even though I'm not studying at the moment but am preparing for my TOEFL due to be given next month... and I have had a horrible writer's block since last summer which meant that my novels were all put to an indefinite halt... and even though I'm still writing, its been mostly on my blog or other fanfics which are mostly one-shots! I know there's no need for excuses or explanations for my delay with this story but i'm just having a bit of a hard time working on this Sophia/Balthazar confrontation scene since a while now; every time I try to write it the way its pictured in my mind, something always just never feels quite right! BUT! I do have some good news and some bad news so here goes -

Good News: As soon as my TOEFL ends next month I'll be devoting my writing time more towards this fanfic and hopefully pause the others cause I also have a TVD fic to get back to. So while i'm not guaranteeing a chapter as early as 15th April, I will do my best to get it uploaded sometime after the 12th!

Bad News: I've decided to wrap up the story with only a handful of chapters to close everything after the main Aurora vs. Lucifer Apocalypse chapters finish. So technically its not like that's happening in the next half a dozen chapters and it'll probably take my at least once a month to upload each chapter which means its still going to be prolonged for the rest of 2014... but yeah... i've got an end of sorts in mind, however... if it does end up getting dragged on for another 2 dozen chapters I hope to see everyone stick around until the end!

I've missed you all and I do feel quite horrible over seemingly neglecting to at least mention something until now but I'm going to do my best to finish this story soon! So... I'll see everyone next month! ^_^