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When the redhead sleepily stumbled into her arms, Robin wasn't quite sure what was wrong. She was fairly certain it had nothing to do with the weather, which was calm and quiet for the night and nothing to do with logic and reasoning.

This second conclusion was drawn when the younger girl threw her arms around her in a tight, deliberate squeeze.

"Navigator-san?" Robin whispered, tilting her head to get a better view of the girl's face. Nami was sound asleep.

Robin blinked. This was certainly new to her. She hadn't thought that her younger companion would actually sleepwalk, much less sleepwalk at the exact same time that Robin had gotten up for one of her nightly trips to the bathroom.

There was no reply from the sleeping girl and when Robin tried to pull away, the arms around her tightened considerably as Nami burrowed closer. If there were anyone else in the room but them, Robin figured there would've been a rather awkward silence in the air.

As it was just the two of them, she stood there and waited. She didn't really need another bathroom trip, it was just one of many ways to calm the agitation she couldn't quite shake off. Of course, there were other ways to relieve the tension and frustration, but some times it was simply too much of a headache.

Robin was mentally adding this to her list of stressors.

Not that she particularly minded being hugged, much less by one of her new nakama if it helped them in some way, but Nami's hug was bordering on the lines of discomfort. Her arms actually circled all the way around and in the silk pajamas, her fingers squeezed a side of softness at her chest, while the other hand dipped towards the silken waistband.

Robin took a careful breath and tried to pull away again. "Navigator-san?" She whispered, a little louder, giving a little shake.

There was no answer.

For a moment of thoughtful silence, the brunette actually thought seriously about her armful. Then a small smile stole onto her face as she leaned down and whispered in Nami's ear. "Navigator-san, you left some beri on the nightstand."

The arms dropped at once.

Robin retreated to her bed and slipped silently beneath the covers. She didn't care to have the redhead's famous temper directed toward her for some trivial matter. It would be best that she simply tried to go back to sleep right now.

It would be best for both of them.

But within seconds, Nami was awake, wiping the sleep from her eyes with the back of one hand. She yawned, blinking in the shadowy interior of their room. "Robin?" Her voice was sleepily confused as her mind tried to catch up to where the rest of her was.

"Yes, Navigator-san?" Robin kept her voice light and even.

Nami looked around her for a moment and then down at herself. She mumbled a few things. Then turned and shuffled back to her bed. "Never mind. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Robin shifted to face the wall. She mentally counted off the numbers in her head. Tonight would mark the eight occurrence of this strangeness. She worried, briefly, of the navigator's health, then dismissed it on the grounds that their adorable, attentive little doctor would not have let it slip past him.

With her thoughts swirling in an attempt to puzzle it all together, Robin pulled her pillow over her head and forced herself to sleep. She'd need the rest just in case there was any excitement tomorrow.

She hoped there wasn't.

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