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Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie are all in high school and guess who else is in high school with them? Damon Salvatore! He's a little younger in this story but still a badass bad boy vampire who has girls throwing themselves at his feet. He is the infamous school player while Elena is the virgin good girl who happens to love partying. Also, Elena lives with Jeremy and Jenna...in this version her parents died when Jeremy was born. Hope you like it!

Rated M for language and strong sexual content (Oh yeah Damon fucks a lot in this story but will he be able to do his favorite girl Elena?)

Chapter 1

Feeling the stress, intoxicating atmosphere, and back to school shocks were all a little too much for Elena Gilbert. Summer was over and now it was time for her to return to social hell. She was returning back to her best friends, Caroline and Bonnie, and back to puppy eyes Matt. She didn't know how to be any clearer to him that she didn't want to be together but he was insistent. Truth was when Elena was with Matt she couldn't bring herself to feeling anything for him, much less sexual feelings. She didn't want Matt to be her first or her second or her last. She cared for him as much as she cared about a pet gerbil and that made her feel horrible. If you found your gerbil far more interesting than your boyfriend than that was clearly not a good sign. Elena could see Caroline jogging towards her with her arms piled with books.

"Hi Elena," Caroline breathed and peered at her over her pile of books.

"Auditioning for Belle in Beauty and the beast?" Elena offered.

"Ha, very funny and thanks." She shoved a couple of books into her hands, and let out a sigh of relief. After her breathing returned to normal she peered at Elena inquisitively.


She gave her a one armed hug suddenly. "We haven't seen you all of summer break."

"Oh, well I went on vacation with Jenna and Jeremy to New York…sorry."

"Does everyone over there wear Yankees hats? That's what my mom told me."


"Why didn't you tell us? You didn't call, email, Facebook, or tweet us at all! Bonnie and I were worried. I was kind of expecting you to look like a completely different person. I'm glad you are still a brunette."

"Sorry, it was a last minute sort of thing. Jenna thought it would be best to turn off all electronic devices so no computer and no phone. She said something about technology being the devil's weapon."

"Jenna still scared you're going to be sending topless photos to Matt?" Caroline joked.

"That's not even funny," Elena said, crossly. "I would never do that. Eww…Matt is just…I love him and all but definitely not like a boyfriend or anything like that."

"Poor guy…he thinks he has a shot at getting you back. You need to let him down."

"I don't want to talk about Matt right now. How's Bonnie?"

"The teen prodigy was on her best behavior this summer. She should be here any minute. She's supposed to meet me at my locker." She motioned Elena to follow her. As soon as she sprang open the locker door she stuffed her books in and let out a sigh of relief.

She turned to look at Elena again and whisked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. "Have you seen—"

"No." Elena cut her off. "—And I hope I don't."

"Okey dokey." She nodded and searched the area for Bonnie. As if on cue Bonnie approached them with a warm smile and hugged them both.

"Hey stranger," Bonnie greeted Elena. "How was your summer?"

"Big buildings, a lot of diary entries, and no internet," she replied. "It was such a drag."

"No internet how come? And what about your phone?"

"I was at my grandma's and she's not really fond of the internet. Plus, Jenna insisted we use no electronic devices, but anyways how was your summer?"

"Caroline and I volunteered at this kid's camp all summer…and we met some really cute guys—volunteers—not kids—we are not pedophiles. So one of them was hardcore crushing on Caroline," Bonnie giggled.

"He was a loser. I wasn't interested."

"How come?" Elena asked Caroline.

"He just isn't what I'm looking for. I want a guy that can be mature and spontaneous. Josh was just a silly boy with a crush. Plus, I heard he has a small penis and that's a big no-no."

"Picky," Bonnie muttered, under her breath.

"Oh, I'm picky? What about all those guys you reject? That's like an apple calling blood too red. You don't want anyone but Stefan."

"Oh Bonnie, you still haven't told him?" Elena's eyes widened. Stefan was Bonnie's guy best friend and he also happened to be secretly in love with Bonnie. Caroline and Elena didn't understand how they both couldn't tell how into each other they were. Every time Elena tried to tell that to Bonnie she thought she was just trying to make her feel better.

"No and I won't tell him," she snapped. "I don't want to make a fool out of myself. He doesn't see me that way."

"And Ricky Martin isn't gay. Whatever you say." Caroline rolled her eyes. "But I heard he has a big dick."

"Okay…" Bonnie glared at Caroline briefly. "We should get to class."

"I have English right now with Mr. Murphy," Elena told them. "Kill me."

"So do I," replied Bonnie, inspecting her schedule for the third time.

"Aww, no fair I have class with Mrs. Helga aka Miss I don't believe in razors. FML. See you guys later."

"Alright. We'll see you later." They said bye to Caroline and headed to their first class of torture. Elena was glad she was getting back into the rhythm of things; she wanted to get into partying and having fun time with her girls.

"Hey Bonnie." Stefan patted her shoulder lightly. He nodded at Elena in acknowledgment but he was mostly interested in Bonnie's attention.

"Stefan! Hi!" Bonnie tried swallowing her overwhelming enthusiasm before she embarrassed herself any further. "We have this class together?"

"Yup." He grinned. "I specifically asked to have this class with you otherwise I would refuse to show up. I don't think the counselor was very happy." He took his seat in front of Elena. Elena was glad that Bonnie had someone as nice as Stefan in her life. At least one of us is doing it right Elena thought. But attached to Stefan's name was someone who wasn't as nice. Elena looked around and felt an almost overwhelming feeling of liberation at the realization that he wasn't in her class. She had spoken to soon because at that moment the devil himself had walked into the classroom: Damon Salvatore. She gritted her teeth as he flashed a kilowatt smile at her. Damon was the perfect guy in every school girl's opinion. He had the bluest eyes in Mystic Falls, was insanely gorgeous, smart, sexy, funny, and alluring. Everyone except Elena seemed to ignore his vast amount of flaws. He was a heartbreaker, a player, evil, shallow, and a vampire. He had screwed not only the girls at school but the school staff as well.

"We have Mr. Murphy?" Damon groaned when he realized who the teacher was. "If I fall asleep please don't wake me up."

"I'll try not to." Bonnie laughed, staring up at him with amused eyes.

"Prepare yourself for the Chronicles of Boredom," Damon chuckled.

"Quiet!" Mr. Murphy croaked at them. "Oh God no. Not you again. Is this going to be another episode of Sesame Street from Hell this year?"

"You know I've been worrying a lot lately because I haven't been getting much shut eye but you should be glad that I'll be able to catch up on my sleep because of your class."

"Not funny Mr. Salvatore. I'm not going to be as nice this year."

"Excuse me? You are either incredibly delirious or extremely funny. When were you ever nice?"

"Just because I hate little arrogant vampires doesn't mean I'm not nice."

"Perhaps you were nice…in your previous life as a cockroach."

"One more little outburst Mr. Salvatore and I'm sending you to the Principal's office." Mr. Murphy retrieved the textbook off of his desk and flipped through the pages leisurely.

"Go ahead. I've been screwing her too," Damon muttered.

Mr. Homes paused from looking at the textbook to glower at him fiercely. "Anything you'd like to share?"

"If I have to tell you something…I'll let you know, don't worry."

Mr. Homes remained silent. He huffed and continued scanning the text he was preparing to read to the class.

"You are so intimidating," Sarah Bradman whispered to him. "And cocky."

"If you want I'll show you how cocky I am after class." Damon smirked. Elena rolled her eyes. Damon was always making innuendos about his penis. He had the reputation of having the biggest one in school, but Elena severely doubted that.

Elena wanted to turn on her heel when she saw that Matt was sitting at their lunch table with Caroline and Bonnie. Oh Great Elena thought. How many times am I going to have to die in my mind? She hesitantly moved to the table to join them.

"Elena hey!" Matt greeted her with sincere happiness. Elena felt like gagging.

"Hey Matt, "Elena replied. "How was your summer?"

"It was kind of boring, to be honest. I was just working at the Grill nonstop. I heard you went to New York."


"Did you meet someone there?" Matt swallowed awkwardly.

"As a matter of fact—" Elena started to say when she saw Damon walking toward their table. Crap! He moved effortlessly with his leather jacket slung over his shoulder. He winked at a couple of girls before arriving at their table and circling around so he could stand behind her.

"Well hello there," Damon addressed them all. Elena could feel his body directly behind her seat. He smelled of delicious rain forest and leather. She pushed herself half of an inch to inhale more of his intoxicating presence but she refused to look up at him in fear of him turning it into something else.

"Hi Damon." Caroline giggled. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously and straightened up her posture. "What brings you here?"

"Hello beautiful. I just wanted to tell you to come see me later…when you're alone."

"Will do." Caroline stared up at him as if he was a God and she had the privilege of having him in her scenery.

"Bonnie you are looking rather beautiful today. My brother can't stop gushing about you but that's Stefan for you…always gushing. Just last night he was going on and on about the new How I met Your Mother episode."

Bonnie blushed severely and continued eating her sandwich in silence.

"Mutt right?" Damon raised a brow at Matt.

"It's Matt," he said, clenching his jaw.

"Close enough," Damon responded. "Have fun in your sausage-fest practice." Damon chuckled one last time and made his way away from the table.

"It's football practice." Matt shook his head in disbelief. "That guy is such a dick."

"You barely realized that?" Elena asked sarcastically. "He's in love with himself."

"Can you blame him?" Caroline glanced at each of them. "He has those gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair…and oh my God did you hear about the size of his—"

"That's enough Caroline," Elena told her, feeling like she was about to throw up in her mouth. Sex talk always made her uncomfortable.

"All I'm saying is—"Caroline leaned in so only we could hear. "—horse size."

"I'd like to keep my lunch in my stomach thank you very much," Elena retorted.

"Oh he likes it in the mouth too," Caroline tittered. "I wish I could give him a try."

"Yeah, that's my cue to leave. See you later." Elena scooped up her stuff with a single motion and made her way out of the cafeteria into the school hall. To her dismay there was Damon leaning casually besides her locker door, glaring at her with baby blue eyes. Elena couldn't help but feel a little woozy. His black apparel and jet black hair made his eyes shine like piercing ice. She was starting to understand a little why girls found it so hard in resisting him.

"I knew you'd be coming," Damon said knowingly.

"Can I help you?" Elena gestured reproachfully at him, anger shooting up to her head now.

"Now now no need to be snarky. I'm not causing you any harm."

"What do you want?" Elena spun the lock trying to open it quickly but for some reason Damon made her nervous.

"I just wanted to ask you why you hate me so much? You're the only girl in the entire school that gives me the cold shoulder. I think I'm very charming. Don't you?"

"No, I think you're a jerk who treats girls like they are nothing."

"I don't treat girls like they are nothing. I treat them like precious garages that must be filled…And well with the best car in town…" He flashed his signature bad boy grin and she cursed herself for fluttering vaguely.

"You're sick. You see, there you go acting like they are there just for your sexual amusement," Elena spat. "Honestly, I hope someone gives you a taste of your own medicine someday."

"But girls are here for my sexual amusement. They are here for whatever I want or whenever I need them. That's just how it goes, darling. I'm sorry not all of us spend our time looking for Clues with Blue or helping that terribly color blind girl Dora find something that is in front of her face."

"Why color blind?" Elena asked as if it mattered.

"Have you seen what that poor creature is wearing? She must be color blind if she is honestly going outdoors in that clothing."

"Whatever." Elena shook her head trying to get back to the topic. "The point is that…you are an ass."

"Why do you like hurting my feelings?" Damon asked with faux sadness, clenching at his chest. "Listen; if you are so bitter with your life…I'll give you a good screw. You know what they say…Once you go Damon you come running back."

"I'll give you a screw." Elena nodded. "Screw you."

"Jenna? Jeremy?" Elena closed the door behind her. She had just come home from shopping at the mall and was kind of hoping they would have showed up. Nothing but silence filled the air. Typical. No one was ever home. They had probably started doing their routine day to day plans. She threw her bag on the coffee table and went to the kitchen to prepare herself a meal. Sure enough there was a note on the table from Jenna.

Hey hon.

Spending time with Tom

Eat some cereal or something



Elena tossed the note in the garbage and continued on her merry way to make a fabulous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This wasn't a strange feeling for her because no one was ever really home. After swabbing the bread with peanut butter and jelly she sat down and instantly regretted it when the doorbell rang. When she swung the door open she was confronted by an almost disturbing cheerful Bonnie and Caroline

"Hey…Bonnie...Caroline..." Elena gazed at them questionably.

"Hi Elena! We would have text you but since we were driving like a couple of blocks away we thought it was better if we came to talk to you in person."

"Okay, sure. Come in." She gestured for them to sit on the sofa. "What's going on?"

"Well Damon invited us to a party tonight," Bonnie began with a breath full of air. "…at the Salvatore house…you know that huge boarding house everyone is in love with. I know you hate him and all but we really want you to come with us…we don't want to go without you. Please? I really want to see Stefan."

"Oh…well I—"

"Unless you want to stay and watch Handy Manny….cause everyone is going to be there. There are no other parties tonight."

"Please Elena?" Caroline joined.

"I think they should change the phrase to peer pressure killed the cat."

"Come on Elena." Bonnie threw her arms up in the air. "I don't feel like spending our time watching reruns of Sabrina the Teenage witch. You want to be robots or something? Just operate when operated?"

"No, Bonnie it's not like that…You more than anyone know how much I love parties…I'm just worried we'll get into something stupid at that party. You know how Damon's parties are infamous…"

"Don't worry Elena! No one will be sticking their dick in your ass," Caroline rejoined. "Mine on the other hand…"

"Shut up," she breathed. "Alright we'll go but don't get mad at me if you end up doing something stupid."

"Of course not Elena!" Bonnie hugged her tightly. "You are the bestest best friend!"

"Are you sure Stefan is going to be there?"

"Why wouldn't he be at his own house?" She beamed like a love bug. "I can't wait to see him. He's so dreamy."

"I can think of a few…billion reasons starting with his own brother. Anyways, I can't believe you still react the same way every time you see him….since the day you met him."

"He's just so amazing," she sighed. "He's so easy to talk to…I feel like I really know his soul."

"I'm sure he says the same things about you," Elena told her. "You guys just connect so well."

"I wish he saw me the same way but he just doesn't, Elena. He's talked to me about all his girlfriends and not once has he ever tried suggesting he'd go for someone like me."

"Why wouldn't he go for you? You're smart, pretty, and such a loyal friend. The only way he wouldn't is if he is gay."

"He's so not gay! He sees me as a close friend and that's good enough for me."

"Alright, I give up…but one day when he confesses to you his hidden desire don't say we didn't tell you."

"That's never going to happen."

"Yeah, we'll see about that."

Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie had arrived at the Salvatore house and were now entering the Jurassic party. Beer cans were lying around on the floor, on the tables, on the chairs, and on the stairs. Sleazy girls were bumping and grinding against each other and other boys. A Pitbull song was blasting through surround sound speakers. Elena could see Damon in the middle of five girls pouring alcohol down his throat as he spun around shirtless.

"Is there a certain time you want to leave?" Elena raised a brow at them as a football went flying over their heads.

"No…no…whatever time you want," Bonnie replied but Elena could tell that they both wanted to stay a long time. The party had just started, after all.

"Hey kittens!" Ronnie Jerkins slapped their butts. "Back to school parties are just the best aren't they?"

"They sure are, especially when it's at the Salvatore house." Caroline agreed, greeting him with a hug then turning away. Bonnie just remained silent. Bonnie and Ronnie hated each other because Bonnie had rejected Ronnie at a party. That resulted in Ronnie spreading a rumor that she had gone down on him.

"Oh, so you brought your pretty little buddies with you," Ronnie said suggestively. "Are you two going to bump and grind with any of the lucky guys present?"

"You wish sleaze ball," Elena scoffed. "I'm not hooking up with anyone tonight."

"What?" Ronnie scratched the back of his neck, confused.

"Ronnie why don't you like…get lost now?" Bonnie scowled.

"Don't you have a dick to suck?" He pronounced, rolling his eyes, before ambling away.

"Don't listen to that ass."

"I don't," Bonnie said simply. "I'm going to look for Stefan. Be right back."

"I guess it's just you and me Caroline," Elena said, as she watched Bonnie squeeze in between some jocks. "Caroline?" Elena turned her head frantically searching for her but found nothing but an empty void where she had been standing. "Great…Where the hell did she go?"

Elena skimmed the area around her but saw nothing but drunken teenagers dancing and some practically having sex there in the open. She noticed that Damon wasn't dancing anymore so Elena took the opportunity to search for Caroline around the dance floor.

Caroline fumbled to open Damon's zipper as quickly as possible but she was so nervous she was having difficulty. She wanted nothing more than to feel his thick cock entering her tight little hole.

"Damn, you're wet," Damon groaned, as he threw her panties aside. He placed his hand on hers stopping her from pulling down the zipper. "How many guys have you slept with?"

"No more than five." Caroline replied with a swallow. "Why?"

"And how big was the biggest one?"

"Probably about seven inches…"

"Wow," Damon chortled. "Poor you…your about to be split in two."

"Is it really as big as everyone says it is?" Caroline gulped and instantly felt embarrassed.

"How about I show you," Damon answered, with a smirk. He zipped down his zipper and pushed down his pants to reveal his thick member. Caroline gasped at the size. It was at least thirteen inches and really thick and veiny. She had never in her seventeen years of being alive seen something as big and scary.

"That is not going to fit…" Caroline shook her head. "It's way too big."

"Don't worry it'll fit. You're as wet as the amazon river," Damon laughed. "Now come here." He grabbed her suddenly and pushed her up against the wall. He slid his fingers inside her briefly to make sure she was prepared enough and licked her juices off his fingers. "You taste delicious…Now where were we?" He placed one hand on the wall and used the other to place the head of his anaconda at her entrance. He looked in her eyes for a few seconds before finally pushing into her. Caroline gasped at the intrusion then started breathing hard as he filled up her walls. He felt so huge; she was worried that he really would split her. Her body tightened at the sensations he was causing inside of her. She knew that she would never ever have a fill like the one she was getting. The pain was only brief. She shut her eyes as he began to pound into her, sliding all the way out and then back again. With a forceful hand he pushed her blonde locks out of the way and trailed kissed on her neck. He continued pushing in and out of her then buried his fangs into her neck. Caroline yelped as he continued to push deep into her and draw blood out from her smoothly. His rhythm became forceful as he hit the end of her hard and continued stroking inside.

"Oh god Damon," Caroline breathed. "Your dick feels so good."

Damon stopped moving inside her when Elena barged into the room.

"What the…"