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Stevie Rae's POV

After Z was done with her whole speech about the House of Night and regular vampyres and fledglings, I walked up enthusiastically to the podium to explain to all of these confused kids what the Bubba red vampyres were.

As I stood up in front of the podium, I quickly locked eyes with that traitor Neferet and we narrowed eyes at each other for an instant. Then I remembered I was standing in front of a billion people and started speaking into the microphone.

"Hey y'all, I'm Stevie Rae! I guess before you start bombardin' me with all of your crazy questions, let me just tell y'all I'm the High Priestess of us red vampyres and fledglings, pretty much because I'm the only changed female red vampyre. Actually, I'm one out of the only two red vampyres in existence. Hey Stark, give a quick wave to everyone in the room!" I said, and Stark stood up from his seat and waved to everyone. Zoey and Aphrodite laughed at his discomfort, and Stark quickly sat down. I chuckled then continued.

"As Zoey said I would, I guess I'll explain some of this crazy mumbo jumbo about us red vampyres and fledglings. To start off, we're not like those other vampyres Zoey was talkin' bout. Actually we were at first, but then bad things happened and I will not bore you with those details." I explained brightly with a smile then chuckled. I saw Zoey, the Twins, Jack, Damien, and even Aphrodite smiling at me as I chatted along about something they found very disturbing. I looked over the audience and saw I had their complete attention, and that girl Hermione looked really interested in this stuff. Good for her that she was actually learning some important stuff.

"I don't want to disturb you guys or anythin' so let me make this clear; I'm just a seventeen year old girl who won't go anywhere without my roper jeans or cowgirl boots, has a thing for Kenny Chesney (the cutest guy and best singer in this whole dang world), and will do anything for a lifetime supply of Lucky Charms. If you get uncomfortable with the story, just cover your ears and I won't be offended or anythin'." I pointed out, and the crowd laughed at my statement. I grinned hugely, liking the direction we were going with the positive attitude.

"Well, on we go with this here dramatic and hugely disturbing story. So, you know what Zoey said about fledglings rejecting the Change?" A couple of the people in the audience nodded and I continued.

"Well, when they die they remain dead for a couple days or so, but eventually they wake up from the dead as red fledglings." Several people in audience gasped and covered their ears, obviously using the idea I mentioned earlier, and many more shifted uncomfortably in their seat.

I chuckled and said, "Don't worry, we don't bite. Well, not any of the red fledglings here anyway. When we wake up, we are pretty much drained of our humanity and such. You could pretty much call it going all psycho and that sorts," I said trying to joke around with this whole thing, but no one laughed. Sigh, so much for making this as entertaining as possible.

"Well, eventually the red fledglings have to make the choice whether they embrace whatever humanity they have left or go bad and basically live up to the vampyre stereotype. It ain't pretty, that's for sure." I said, and I saw Zoey nod in agreement. I smiled and continued.

"Well, guess what? You guys have nothin' to worry 'bout. All the red fledglings and vampyres here are as good and sweet as my mama's apple pie so don't stress 'bout anythin'! Well, everyone but Stark. Stark will hunt you down to the end of the planet if you mess with his Zoey," I joked cheerfully and the audience laughed. I saw Stark and Zoey blush, and I continued explaining.

"There are more differences between us and those vampyres over there. They can go out the sunlight and everythin', but we can't. If we do, we'll burn to a crisp like a homemade toaster strudel put into the toaster for too long. Another thing is that us red vampyres and fledglings are stronger and faster and have stronger senses than Zoey and everyone else in the House of Night. And for some odd reason the red fledglings can't enter someone's home unless they were invited inside by the owner. In this case, they were only able to come in 'cause Professor Dumbledore was kind enough to invite us in and let us stay here with y'all!" I said, giving a nice big smile to Professor Dumbledore, and almost everyone applauded. Well, almost everyone was good enough for me.

"Now, I have to think if I covered everything. Let me use my psychic powers to see if I covered everythin' 'bout this here topic." I joked, and put my hands in a meditating gesture, and the crowd roared with laughter. I smiled. I was happy I lightened the mood. I didn't want everyone freaking out over the red fledglings.

"Ah, now I remember. Red fledglings cannot reject the Change, because they already did who knows when. Can die if you're already dead, can ya?" I said and winked, and there were a couple of chuckles from the crowd. I then realized I was done, so I guess now it's time for questions.

"Okay, question time! Anyone have a question for lil' ol' me to answer?" I asked innocently, and several hands shot up. I saw that the girl named Hermione had her hand up, and eager to learn expression on her face.

"You all the way over there, Hermione! I got your name right I hope," I said, and Hermione chuckled and nodded.

"Yes you did. Can red vampyres possess affinities like other vampyres?" she asked me with a curious expression, and I smiled. Ha, an actual genuine question. Not some not so bright kid asking me a pre-school question.

"Well, can y'all smell this?" I asked them, and I whispered for earth to come fill the room with its sweet aroma. Everyone gasped in wonder, and everyone seemed to take in the sweet scent of a meadow. Hermione looked back at me.

"You have an affinity for earth?" she asked me, clearly enjoying the scent of the meadow. I laughed joyfully.

"Yep I do, and I think it's the best element to be able to live alongside with. And I'm not the only one with a great affinity. My amazin' friend Kramisha over there has a very cool affinity for poetry. Oh, and let's not forget poor Stark over there and his great affinity for archery. If ya'll need archery lessons, Stark is your mentor!" I said cheerfully, and everyone laughed. Several more hands went up.

I saw a guy with glasses and a cool lightning shaped scar and I pointed at him and asked, "You all the way over there! What is your question?"

He stood up and asked, "How come you and Neferet are High Priestesses, and not just only one of you." I felt a pang of annoyance go through me when he said Neferet. That evil witch ain't taking control of my buddies! And I'm sure not ready to lead around all of the professors at the House of Night. That would be Zoey's job in the future, not mine.

"Good question. Well, why isn't the president of the United States in charge of England?" I countered his question, and he looked at me dumbfounded. I kept up my smile the whole time.

"England and America are completely different countries," he said in his British accent, and I smiled bigger and pointed at him.

"Exactly. It wouldn't make sense for a regular vampyre to be in charge of red vampyres just as it wouldn't make sense for America's president to be in charge of England. And since I was the first red vampyre and the only female red vampyre, I'm the High Priestess of red vampyres. Neferet is High Priestess of the regular vampyres at the House of Night. Golly, that would be a pain in the bootie to lead around both red and normal vampyres!" I explained, and smiled smugly at Neferet's slipping smile. Ha Neferet, you just got owned Stevie Rae style!

"Any more questions from the audience?" I asked, and no hands shot up. I smiled and said, "I'll take that as a no. I'll be seeing y'all around school!" I said, and everyone cheered as I took my seat next to Zoey. We both looked up at Neferet, who was glaring at the two of us ever so slightly. Zoey turned to me and hugged me.

"That was great Stevie Rae! You're a great High Priestess." Z said, and we continued hugging. As soon as we pulled away, I grinned at her.

"Do you think I royally ticked of Neferet?" I asked her with a grin, and she grinned back.

"I think you deserve a lifetime supply of Lucky Charms for pushing her buttons." Z said, and we both laughed. I think that we're going to have a blast here at Hogwarts.