Aporia, Antinomy, Paradox, I will be there soon… Thought Zone as he closed his eyes and vanished into the light of the Arc Cradle's central gear.

He expected to be dead after that but he felt as if he was still alive. He opened his eyes and found himself in a dark cavern that stretched out for what look like forever. All of a sudden a crowd of human shaped foggy apparitions rose up from the ground and all marched towards him. When they grabbed him images from Zero Reverse flashed before his eyes. He saw Rudger Goodwin press the button, he saw Old Momentum's light envelope the city and split it in two. Worst of all he saw people falling into the cracks between land as well as people burning in Old Momentum's light.

These are the souls of the people who were killed during Zero Reverse! Thought Zone.

The spirits painfully dragged him through the ground into a dark void where he experienced an agony no one could describe. As he was experiencing this agony he heard a voice.

"You're crimes have finally led you to your punishment, Zone" The voice said

"Who's there?" asked Zone

"Your judge, jury and executioner, Zone." The voice answered in a sinister ton, "You are guilty of many crimes including mass murder and your punishment is death by torture and the those torturing you are the souls of your vengeful victims!"

"My life support should have shut off by now!" Zone screamed in pain

"Oh it will but unfortunately for you the Arc Cradle's central gear boosted your life support device's power so it will last a little longer than you predicted. Hopefully it will be long enough for you to experience the full extent of your victims' wrath." Said The Voice with a tone that grew more malicious with each syllable

"I did what I did to change the future." Said Zone in an effort to justify his actions

"The future?" Said the voice, "Do you really think anything you did actually changed the future?"

"How would you know anything about the future?" Zone screamed "Who are you?"

"I am the King of The Underworld." Said the voice, "And you are in my domain." "The King of the Underworld?" Zone asked, "but how?"

"You thought I was destroyed by the Crimson Dragon?" The voice asked, "That was merely a manifestation of me that emerged from Old Momentum. I cannot truly be killed."

"Why are you doing this?" Asked Zone, "My actions set you free!"

"I would have found another way to challenge the Crimson Dragon." The voice said, "I did not need you or did I?"

"What do you mean?" Asked Zone

"How do you know that your actions were altering history and not merely fulfilling it?" asked the voice

"What?" Exclaimed Zone

"The fact is you have no way of knowing for certain." Said The Voice, "and now you will never know."

Zone life support was shutting off he could no longer stretch the limit of his life, not that he wanted to at this point.

"May whatever God there may be have mercy on your soul." Said the voice as Zone close his eyes and died.