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Warning: This story deals with sensitive issues such as rape.

Chapter 1

Lucius Malfoy sat against the cold stone wall in a darkened corner, inside his prison cell. He was unrecognizable with his current clothing, which was far from what he wore before. His clothes like any other prisoner where grayish in color, thin, all tattered and torn. No longer was it white because of it being so dirty.

Five years ago, he had been sentenced to Azkaban because of him being a follower of Voldemort, who had died at the hand of Harry Potter. Amongst all the death eaters, he was the only one left standing alive in the battlefield when it all ended. Merlin only knew why, but if he could have had it his way, he wanted to be dead.

For years, his wife had badgered him on about being all wrong about Voldemort. Even his son never approved of it either. In the end, during the final battle, they were all fighting on different sides. The Dark Lord obviously felt betrayed, and ordered him to kill his own family.

No. Lucius refused to do it. He would never kill his own family. To his surprise, the Dark Lord killed Narcissa right in front of him. The bastard had the indecency to even laugh after, like it was some sort of entertainment for him. Draco would have come next, if he didn't tackle the Dark Lord to the ground. Lucius only realized his mistakes right then and there. It cost the death of his wife. He was torn up inside, feeling more than guilty.

His son was angry at him, and vowed that he would never speak to him. During his sentencing, Draco didn't even come. And his five years in Azkaban, Lucius never had gotten a visit from him, not even a single letter. His punishment was at least fifty years in prison, and he was sure that he would never receive a letter from his son. Draco would never forgive him, that he knew, but it was also that he would never forgive himself.

"No! Leave me alone!" a woman's voice screamed, echoing off the walls. "Nooo!"

Lucius leapt on to his feet, running towards the bars. He knew that voice all too well, fearing what was to happen next. His knuckles turned white around the bars as he tried to push and shake the door off. "Don't, please don't hurt her!" he shouted. "Don't touch her!" But it was no use.

The woman's cries continued until it silenced. The only sounds that could be heard were the maniac laughs of the warden and his guards, along with the painful sounds of a whip hitting something.

"Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" a group of male voices said together.

Lucius extended his arm between the gaps of two bars, reaching towards the sound. His fingers stretched out as far as they could, but he was too far to even help her. Wandless magic was a capability he couldn't perform since magical powers were stripped from prisoners. "Hermione!" he shouted.

In her own prison cell, Hermione Granger found herself magically bound, her hands being held up by chains coming from the ceiling. She hissed and sobbed out in pain as her back was whipped again and again. This was the third time this week they had come to her cell. She was on the verge of blacking out, feeling herself collapse onto the floor.

The pain was unbearable when she was pushed onto her back. But it was the last thing on her mind. She knew what was going to happen next, and wished that she did pass out from the pain earlier before it happened. Hermione shut her eyes tight, feeling her knickers being stripped away roughly.

A strangled cry had escaped her lips when she felt one of the four men thrust into her. She was never prepared for it, and it hurt as he thrust into her dry flesh over and over. Pushing the man away wasn't an option as she felt strong hands hold her arms down by another.

"Look at me you bitch!" the guard demanded enjoying the warm flesh around his cock.

Hermione only whimpered as she kept her eyes closed. She tried to think of a place, and bring herself there mentally. She didn't want to look at him, she couldn't. A living nightmare that she had to relive again and again is what it was. To her dismay, she felt a hand go around her neck, squeezing it tight, choking her. Instantly, her eyes opened as she tried to breathe.

"I said look at me!" the guard said again. He raised his hand and punched Hermione in the face. "Bitches who don't listen get punished." Again he hit her, but with a very strong backhand.

Hermione tried to breathe, but continued on getting choked as she received a hard blow across her face. The maddening and brutal cycle was beginning, as it did almost every night. She was getting raped and hit by one guard, and soon, it would be another. She could only hope that all four of them wouldn't go at her tonight. Mostly two of them would have a go at her. Sometimes, she would only be raped once when the warden wanted her to himself.

Finally, the gangbang rape stopped. Hermione was left on the floor, shaking as she tried to curl into a ball. It hurt to move. Her cheeks swollen, along with one eye. Her back stung painfully when the cold air hit it. She still had difficulty breathing because before it all ended, she was kicked painfully in the ribs a few times. For years, the guards and warden kept on treating her that way—raping and beating the shit out of her. But she never got used to it. How could anyone?

Hermione heard her name being called from afar. "Lucius…" she whispered softly before everything went dark.

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