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Chapter 2

The blonde looked at the mirror in a state of shock. She hadn't really believed that she would get an answer. It all still seemed so surreal to her.

The steam on the mirror vanished as soon as it had come and she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Slowly the girl took some deep breaths and waited for more to happen. But nothing more did happen. Deep silence surrounded her. No wait… that wasn't really true. The surf was heard.

Its constant noise helped Rosette to calm down.

She took one more breath and looked around in the bathroom before she closed her eyes and sighed. Running a hand through her hair, she exited the bathroom.

That couldn't be true… She couldn't believe that she had just communicated with a ghost… Nobody would believe her if she told them…

Of course, she had done that ghost stuff with the salt and such, but she had never really believed that it would work…

Having arrived in the living room, she took a blanket and curled together on the couch and watched the storm outside.

Again it was as if there was another presence. And again she felt like seeing a movement. But still, there was no real person.

"Dad, Joshua~ come home quickly…" She wailed and decided to stay up until they were home.

The next day, when her father was at work, she took the decision to tell Joshua of the happening yesterday evening.

"But I bet you don't think what I'm saying is true, do you?" She asked and sighed. Rosette shifted her sitting pose and pulled her legs under her body. At the moment she was sitting on Joshua's bed and he on his desk chair.

Joshua thought for a while and shook his head. "That's not it. I do believe you… but… don't you think it could be dangerous? I mean… we don't know where or what that creature is… Or if it is good or evil…" He frowned and looked at Rosette.

Rosette thought for a while too and tilted her head. "Anna has suggested that it's the ghost of the Captain who used to live here…"

Joshua's eyes began to shine again. "How about we look for some information about him then? Perhaps there is something in the old library!"

Rosette nodded and got to her feet. "Let's go then."

The library of the town was divided into two parts. One that held records of the last 20 years. The other one contained all older stuff categorized in dates.

Rosette and Joshua knew that the house had been empty for a long time before their parents had moved in. The captain was said to have lived there shortly before the First World War.

So they started to go through old records, like newspapers, from 1900 to 1914.

Two hours later, Rosette found something. It was an old article that told that a suspicious man had moved in the house. It was rumoured that he belonged to a group of pirates and that he never seemed to age. The government wanted his head, though they did not have any evidences against him and so they could not send him to prison. The villagers were asked to report everything suspicious to the local police station.

Then, lots of other articles and newspapers followed. But none of them was important for their topic. There was something about a big bad harvest, a woman was killed by her husband, a girl disappeared and something about important personalities and sports. Then Joshua made a new discovery in another article. That discovery was in a newspaper several months older than the last one.

This article told that the captain had been caught by soldiers during a fight on the sea. He was to be executed and hanged in the middle of the town. The morning after he had been executed, they found the girl who had gone missing before right next to the gallows and his corpse, lamenting her lover's death. She had had to run away from home because he parents would have never allowed their relationship. And very obviously, she was pregnant too. It wasn't known what happened to her and the child afterwards.

Rosette let out a low sigh. "What a sad story…" She said and looked over to Joshua.

Her brother nodded and looked down. "At least we know now who our ghost friend there is and how he died." He told her. "We should find out how we can help him to get his rest."

Rosette agreed and put the newspapers away again. She checked her watch and found out that they had already been in the library for 6 whole hours. Fortunately it was Saturday and they had enough time…

In the evening, Rosette tried to get some contact to the ghost again, but she wasn't successful. She also wasn't during the next time.

Time passed by. A few weeks afterwards, they still hadn't gotten any better results and the happenings kept going on in the house.

The strange thing was that only Rosette, Joshua and Vinsent noticed it…

One weekend, Rosette's friends were there to stay over. Again doors were slammed and water was running, but they didn't seem to hear it.

And when Rosette wanted to clean up some water which came out of the shower, they looked at her like she was mad. "There is no water. Nothing is wet." They told her and shook her heads worriedly. Rosette thought it was a joke at first, but they meant it serious.

"But…" The blonde looked down at the wet towel in her hands… how could that be? It was so real… Or was she just dreaming this? But she had made sure often enough that she wasn't sleeping.

Two weekends later, a fairground came to the town. Rosette decided to take a walk over it and spotted a tent. It was purple and belonged to a clairvoyant. The girl sighed and stepped in it. If something like Poltergeists existed, then the old witch there could help her maybe too.

The elder woman watched her with alerted eyes. Rosette felt uneasy under her gaze.

"Day and night, night and day, are they all what they seem?" The witch suddenly began to speak. "You who are looking for an answer, you are so close to find it, but then again not. The way you've chosen is difficult. But it will lead you to your destiny." She rolled her eyes and swung her body forth and back. "But you who are searching… will you like what you will find?" She asked and the trance like state was over.

Rosette blinked her eyes and took a step backwards. "What did you mean by that?" She asked lowly.

"Get out of my tent, cursed one!" The witch suddenly hissed in fear and got up so fast that her chair was knocked over.

"Eeek!" Rosette stumbled backwards and ran out of the tent. She didn't like the woman… She was scary.

But she had called her 'cursed one'… What did that mean? Why was she cursed? Or was it perhaps not only her, but her whole family? And then why was it her family? Could there be a connection between them and the captain? That girl's kid… could it be that it was one of their ancestors? She had to find out.

When she returned home, she asked her father about their family tree and if he knew who her great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents had been.

Vinsent's answer was only very short. Something like family tree records had been destroyed during the Second World War. He didn't know his grandparents or great-grandparents because he was too young when he died. He couldn't tell her. Though it was as if he just wanted to make her stop asking questions.

Rosette narrowed her eyes. She had a feeling that he knew something… Nevertheless it wouldn't be smart to continue asking him directly. It would be better if she tried slowly. But she would solve the mystery for sure.

Knowing that she couldn't reach anything anymore here, she went upstairs to her room to listen to some music.

She fell asleep on her bed and woke up in the middle of the night again. In the room it was all dark and the sound of the CD spinning around in the player was still heard although the songs were already over. Rosette sat up and rubbed her eyes. Suddenly those went wide as she saw a dark figure in the mirror which hung on the opposite wall. She blinked her eyes and then it was gone again. Heavily breathing she crawled backwards on her bed until her back hit the wall. Next she gripped her duvet and hid underneath it.

Similar things happened during other nights. One time it was as if she saw glowing eyes watching her, the other time if was like a dark shadow in her room or a figure in the mirror. After a while Rosette grew really scared of the mirror and used to hang a towel over it before going to bed.

Then, during the other night, she woke up from a dream and a person was standing next to her bed. Because it was dark, she couldn't see more than the outlines before it vanished again.

Rosette shuddered and hid under her duvet. Those visions got more and more real… And that scared her. One thing had to be mentioned though… no matter where the figure or the glowing eyes appeared… they never looked directly at her.

Also, Joshua had stopped believing her because he had never had such experiences. He just told her to calm down and that she got herself too much into that topic and had nightmares therefore.

Rosette snorted and got bed ready once more. Joshua just didn't understand her or was jealous because he didn't see all the ghost stuff. Then it also seemed like Joshua tried to prevent her from doing further researches by telling her not to piss the supernatural beings off because they could be dangerous.

And their father also didn't tell her anything and was against doing more researches too, so Rosette could only do them when she was alone.

Before going to bed, Rosette checked her calendar. There were some birthdays of some friends soon. Today was June the 20th, so there was luckily some time left to buy presents.

During her sleep she felt a cold breeze and woke by that. The window was opened and the curtains were blowing in the wind. The wind evened and the curtains hung down normally again. The shadow which had been covered by the curtains before was now seen.

Rosette sat straight in her bed and looked at the shadow. Even after blinking with her eyes it was still there… And this time the illusion was not only a shadow. It was a young man who sat on the window sill gazing at the sea outside. He had long hair which he wore in a braid. His hands were laced on his knees and he was leaning against the window frame with his back. In the bright moonlight, he seemed a bit see-through

He turned his head to her and looked her straight in the eyes.

Rosette gasped and crawled again backwards until her back hit the wall. "Are you real?" She asked whispering.

"This time yes." He replied to her.

Disbelieving Rosette shook her head. "Why now? And what do you want from me and for how long have you been here?" Hell, she was scared…

"In midsummer night this world and that world are connected and some special persons are allowed to take contact to each other from midnight to 3am." He replied calmly to her. "Today is the 21st and we have ten minutes left to talk. You slept long." The young man shifted his sitting position, so he wasn't leaning against the frame anymore and his legs hung down from the sill.

Rosette's eyes shot to her alarm clock which said '2:50am' in big red numbers. Now she cursed herself for having such a deep sleep. "Okay, that explains… But you haven't answered my other questions yet."

He sighed and jumped off the window sill to find himself a new seat which happened to be the desk chair. He sat the way around, so he could rest his arms and head on the backrest. "I've been here since around midnight because then as said the worlds are connected. And to what I want… I just want to know who lives in my house." He tilted his head making his braid fall over his shoulder.

Rosette nodded. "Okay, but if you want to know who lives in your house and you have to use this way to find out, does that mean that you cannot see me usually?"

"I can see you as much as you can see me." He replied and turned the chair around a bit – it was one of those typical office chairs which have rolls and can spin around – and now he picked up some papers from the desk. "And I also don't see or hear everything you do. Your homework for example." He held it up. "I can't see it lying on the desk usually. Same counts for your clothes in the wardrobe or your laptop over there." The young man paused shortly. "For how long have you lived here?" He asked and watched her curiously.

Rosette blinked her eyes. "For my whole life… I lived here all my life long and then suddenly you appeared and made that noise. Can't you stop that?"

"Unfortunately not. But this is my house." He shook his head and looked thoughtful for some moments. "Oh, by the way, my name is Chrno. What's your name? Somehow you seem familiar to me."

Rosette rubbed her left arm. "I'm Rosette, Rosette Christopher." She told him.

Chrno looked up at her and narrowed his eyes. Before he could say more though, the time was over and he vanished.

"Stay!" Rosette called loudly and reached out her hand, but it was already too late.

A knock was heard on the door and her father came inside. "Is something wrong?" He asked.

Rosette stared at her father out of the corner of her eyes for a while. "No. Everything alright." She told him flatly. "Just had another nightmare."

Vinsent nodded and disappeared again.

Rosette let herself fall down on her pillow and sighed. "Wow…" So Chrno was his name… and he didn't want to harm them… obviously… if he had wanted to, he would have already done that. Thoughts were racing through her mind and she had wanted to ask him many questions more… but there hadn't been any time… She couldn't fall asleep anymore and so she started her laptop to research some ghost summoning stuff. She wanted to talk to him again.

The next day in school she fell asleep because she was too tired. In the evening she tried the summoning rituals out. None of them was with success. During the next time she did more and more researches. Summer break had started by now… Which meant that Rosette and Joshua moved over to their aunt's place close to London.

Rosette didn't sleep well there… her beloved sound of the waves was missing. And then she almost missed the sounds caused by Chrno… The house felt empty without those…

She had just grown used to the silence again when summer vacations were over and she had to return.

She wondered if Chrno was still there… She had been gone for a long time now… She hoped he was still there, there was still so much to ask him. And she wanted to learn more about his life.

At first there were no sounds. But then suddenly she heard some doors slamming shut. She glanced over at the CD player and switched it on as sign that she was there again. He had manipulated the device before too, so he should notice it when she turned it on.

It didn't take a long time for the music to go off. Seconds afterwards it was turned on and the song 'Welcome back' by Huntingtons was played. (AN: _ was the only non hip hop song with 'welcome back' which I could find…)

Rosette frowned and shook her head laughing. She hadn't expected that. But at least it was sure that he was still there. The blonde thought for a while and found one of her older CDs. One of them was with Bryan Adams and 'Here I am' too… Though she only played the first line of it. Some other songs followed from both sides. Afterwards Rosette stopped and decided to take a walk outside.

It was already start of September and a few leaves had already changed their colour.

During the next time, more strange things happened. Those things were different than usual. The things which were moved formed some strange shapes and Rosette couldn't make sense of them.

The next time, Rosette was alone that evening again because Vinsent took Joshua out with him again.

A bag of gummy bears flew through the air and hovered there fore a while. It had been in Rosette's hand before. "HEY!" She exclaimed angrily and followed it, but obviously, Chrno decided otherwise and ran away with it. The blonde huffed and followed the gummy bear bag.

The bag flew towards the bathroom. She could already hear the shower running again and an angermark popped out on her head. Now she needed to clean that up again. And why was it even running, although Chrno was obviously not using it in his world?

Rosette huffed and turned the water off as sign that she was there now.

The gummy bear bag landed on the little shelf next to the steamy mirror. Then suddenly things began to be written on the mirror. It said: '14.12.2010'. It was a date.

Rosette could remember that date well. One day afterwards her mother had died. And shortly before Joshua had gotten better from his disease.

'What do you want to tell me by that?' Rosette wrote underneath as reply and crossed her arms afterwards.

'CHECK NEWSPAPER' was written all over the mirror and the other stuff now before the steam was gone again.

Rosette clicked with her tongue. "Newspaper? For that date? I don't know what that shall bring, but okay." She knew he couldn't hear her, but she felt better while saying something.

She shook her head and snorted. Quickly she checked the watch. It was 8pm now. The library was open until 9pm, if she hurried, she still had some time.

Quickly she threw a jacket on and jumped on her bike. Driving as fast as possible, she made her way to the library.

Vinsent and Joshua came home late that night. They found Rosette sitting in the kitchen. Her hands were clutching the sides of her head and her hair covered her face. Around her, there were scattered newspaper sheets on the kitchen table.

"Why…?" Rosette breathed. "Why..?"

Vinsent and Joshua went over to her. Worry was shown on their faces. They both froze when they saw the newspaper's content.


Joshua's disease had gotten just as bad as his mother's. At the moment his mother was in hospital.

Joshua's condition had worsened from one minute to the other. He was still at home. His temperature had risen drastically in only half an hour.

Vinsent was already on his way out of the room to the phone to call the ambulance. Joshua called him back though. "Will you stay with me in hospital?" He asked hoarsely.

"Of course." Vinsent replied and turned to walk away again.

"Stay with me the whole time…" Joshua pled him. "If I won't make it, I don't want to die alone." The blonde boy said and took a deep breath.

Vinsent sighed. "I'll stay with you."

Joshua's mouth twitched. His father hadn't said 'don't worry, you won't die.' And he knew very well how serious it was this time. "If I die… am I alone then?"

Vinsent shook his head. "I don't know." He went away to call the ambulance. They said it could take a while until they were there because there had been an accident and the traffic was slow.

Afterwards he returned to his son again.

Joshua had his eyes closed. "I don't want to be alone… I don't want to leave you… I want to stay with my family for forever…"

Vinsent ran both hands through his hair and over his face. His wife was deadly sick… his son was going to die soon too. And Joshua's words brought tears into his eyes.

"I don't want to leave you ..." Joshua cried. Suddenly his voice got completely calm again. "But I'm only a burden for you with that sickness…"

Vinsent's head shot up and he looked at his son with tears in his eyes. "It's not your fault." He told him. And that was when he took a decision. "I'll be back in a minute…" He told Joshua. Some sounds in the kitchen could be heard and then the steps upstairs to his sister's room where Rosette was sleeping. Some other sounds were heard until Vinsent appeared next to Joshua again. He stroked over the boy's head leaving red stains in his blonde hair. "I'll make the pain stop and we'll all be together…" Vinsent told Joshua.

His wife was going to die due to the disease soon too, so she would join them soon.

After their deaths, Vinsent, Joshua and Rosette were caught in a world between the world of the living and the world of the dead. They could not find rest and they couldn't go to heaven due to that.

Rosette did not know, but to her it seemed that Joshua was suddenly healed and he was okay again. Vinsent created a world for them... That world should give them everything they need and everything which they were used to. In contrast to Joshua, Rosette didn't even know what had happened. She had slept when she had been killed and she had woken in that parallel world that looked just like the real one.

Vinsent's world was perfect. But then there was something unplanned. His wife did not die as expected. She got better and survived, thus she couldn't come to this world. So he had to tell his children that she had died. Creating illusions of friends, for example Rosette's friends, was something the girl's mind created. Creating illusions of her mother was impossible either for Rosette or Joshua or Vinsent.

Rosette looked up. Her make-up was all blurred from all the crying. "WHY?" She screamed at him. "WHY ME TOO?" She cried loudly.

Vinsent and Joshua wanted to comfort her, but she beat them away. "YOU KILLED ME!" She cried. Another pair of comforting hands touched her shoulders. "I'm sorry, Rosette." Chrno said. "When I heard your name, I knew who you were and what happened to you. You didn't seem to be aware of your death and it was the only way to tell you."

Today was an equinox. It had the same effect than midsummer and midnight was over which meant Chrno could show himself to her…

Just now Rosette realized that it was the way around…

Not he was the ghost, but her…

He had nothing to do with the old story of the captain…

he was just one of the people who moved in their house after their death…

and she was the lost soul which was bound to the house…

Now she also understood why Joshua and Vinsent didn't want her to do researches…

They didn't want her to find out and to destroy their idyll…

Chrno tilted his head. "I'm sorry you had to get to know it this way." He rubbed Rosette's shoulders. "Oh, and there is someone who wishes to speak to you." He looked at Vinsent and Joshua. "To all of you."

Rosette's mother appeared right next to them. Crying tears of happiness she hugged her whole family at once. She would not go back to the world of the living ones with Chrno.

Chrno took some steps back and vanished again.

Chrno just lay in his bed. It was the one which had once belonged to Rosette. The sunrays of the morning were already shining through his opened window.

Suddenly something hard was thrown at him and someone crashed on him later.

"Chrno! Get up! We've got training in half an hour!" Aion shouted loudly while crushing his brother beneath him. Well… it was the fastest way to wake him up.

Since that time, there were no sounds, moving objects, movements, moving shadows or anything like that in the house in which he had moved with his family in spring.

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