Chapter 1: Plan

The girls in Fairy Tail gathered around, the girls being Juvia, Lucy, Mira, and Erza. They had a group chat about boys and getting a boyfriend...

"Hey Juvia, why are you in love with Grey anyway?" Lucy asked.

Juvia blushed.
"W-well, Juvia thinks that Grey-sama is Juvia's prince. He's smart, strong, handsome and very nice. He's helped Juvia see a beautiful clear day. Juvia couldn't help, but fall for Grey-sama." she was really expressing herself no doubt, making the girls around her realize something.

'How would Grey act as a boyfriend?'

They wanted to see that, so Mira blurted it out.
"Let's have a competition!" making the rest look at her, she continued.
"Let's see if anyone of us could make Grey fall in love with and become his girlfriend."

Everyone was interested which shocked Happy who was eavesdropping.

"Juvia doesn't want others to go after Grey-sama" she threatened.

"Then that just means we're all love rivals from now on!" Erza challenged with a smile.

Mira continued for more details.
"The rules are simple; each of us gets a day to spend with Grey. In total that's 4 days, we have 4 days to see if we could make Grey fall in love with anyone of us. Of course that would be boring if we just did that, so I add one more thing.
We're allowed to interfere with the other's date only 1 time, per person per day, of course there are to be no explosions or physical killing.

Things that are acceptable are food poisoning or sleeping powders or something more malicious, but nothing lethal. This is so to replace whoever on Grey's dates with you. A perfect name for this would be 'stealing'. No second chances, got it?"

Everyone agreed and of course all pumped up.

"Alright, let's see who goes first by... using the royal flush cards" Mira said as she got a deck of cards and placed 4 cards of the different suits on the middle of the table faced upward.

They saw an Aces of Spade, Diamond, Clover, and Hearts. How fitting.

She then faced them on their back and asked a random person close by to shuffle it, it was Happy. Luckily for him that they still didn't know that he was eavesdropping from before. The girls closed their eyes as he randomly placed the cards on the table in different order.

Once done they chose their cards.

Mira got the Ace of Clovers, Juvia got the Ace of Spade, Erza got the Ace of Diamond and Lucy got the Ace of Hearts.
They are going to start their competition in this order.

Now all they needed to do was to prepare for tomorrow and separated their ways, instincts telling themselves not to lose. Happy was a bit worried; the girls were scary when they are competitive.
As to why Happy was here in the first place was because of Natsu who sent him back to check up on Grey or on anyone who's planning on getting closer to Grey and report back; he was the overprotective type after all.

Happy sighed and flew off to report back, thinking out loud.
"Natsu's not going to be happy about this."

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