Chapter 18: Hyrdos the Ice Titan

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, or Avatar the Last Air Bender, I do own Kasumi, along with most of her deck which is based off of Fire Emblem Female characters.

I woke up the next morning. Katara was sleeping but Haku was working on healing me as I sat up. He notices me sitting up. I then give out a silent grunt of pain bringing my hand to my shoulder where Boltose's effect damage had struck me first. It was still in pain. Only slightly sense it was only my shoulder. He sees me holding it.

"Lady Kasumi" He tells me "Take it easy your still injured."

"Slightly" I told him groaning.

He looks at me "So...How are you feeling besides the pain?"

I looked at him "I feel better now."

I then checked my deck and saw that I indeed had Boltose the Lighting Titan. I just looked at it unsure then gave out a worried gasp. In my hand, I had a possible dangerous card, a Titan Card. I had remembered reading some information of Duelists in the past and remembered clearly that a Duelist named Yugi Muto had his hands on equally powerful cards known as the Egyptian God Cards. I looked at the card in my hand my Titan Card was equal strength to one of these cards. With the effect of being unaffected by Spells and Trap Cards, that and it's power was equal to the Light Monsters I used to summon it, and finally it's effect to inflict 1000 points Battle Damage each player's turn.

I normally liked every kind of card I had in my deck but this one just gave me chills up my spine. Even though I had it in my deck I silently swore to myself never to use it. Haku seen this.

"Lady Kasumi, you okay?" He asked me.

I gave him a smile "Me? Oh of course! I'm fine Haku, just trying to recover that's all."

I then slipped my deck inside my Duel Deck "Why I wouldn't I be?"

Haku just looks at me unsure. Out of all my bodyguards he knew when something was wrong. He was however one to know when to drop a subject if he knew it bothered me. It was one thing I could count on with Haku. His loyalty came in protecting me but he knew when to leave me be.

"Lady Kasumi..." I finally heard him say "Well if you say your okay, I leave you be."

I looked at him waving my hand towards him "Relax Haku! I'm fine really" I then felt the pain in my shoulder "Except for there. A little bit more on the shoulder please Haku."

Haku nods willing to help me out, he forms his hands and gathers up water in them then preforms his healing session on my injured shoulder. I look at him "Thanks man."

"No, problem Lady Signer" He told me smiling.

While he was healing my injured shoulder I watched as Naruto came around "So sis, what's to eat?"

I looked at my adopted older brother with an awkward expression on my face "Uh, I'm still injured on my shoulder here, ask Katara."

"Alright I will!" Naruto said then he caught himself in the act remembering what had happened the last time he woke Katara demanding to have her and me make something. He gave me a death glare "No way, I learned my lesson, I'm not going to have her Water Bend my face off."

Haku looks at him "Then you'd better wait till Katara wakes up, your sister's shoulder is still a bit busted."

"Yeah well going out for early training!" Naruto shouts then he goes off.

Naruto then heads off with me watching him. Kakashi-Papa is the one that is currently guarding the entrance of the cave. He watches Naruto about to leave.

"Going to train Naruto?" he asks.

"You bet Kakashi-Sensei!" Naruto said "I've gotta get stronger! With my sister's busted arm for now I have to pick up the pace!"

Kakashi-Papa chuckled "Very well, Naruto, good luck but remember not to go out too far, the Fire Nation maybe near by."

"You got it!" Naruto said giving him a thumbs up he then goes off.

He runs off as I returned my attention to see Toph getting up "Boy Lady Kasumi you had one wild night yesterday." she pauses looking at Haku "Can't you heal her faster?"

"Give it a rest Toph" Haku tells her "Katara and I've been taking turns during the night, Duel Monster injuries like this take time to heal her...We don't have Dr. Yuki here to look after her injuries."

"Dr. Yuki?" Sokka asked as he woke up "Whose that?"

Hearing this Aang, and Katara woke last as I answered "Dr. Alexis Yuki is my doctor I go to if I ever get seriously injured. She has lots of experience healing wounds especially those inflicted by Duel Monsters and Psychic Duelist like me."

"I see" Aang said he looks at me as Katara looks at Haku "Mind if I help?"

Haku turned to her "I could use a break, Water Bending takes a lot of energy out of you."

Katara smiles at him "I take it you usually use Chakra based attacks then bending."

"Yeah" Haku said to her "It's been so long sense I ever used this much Water Bending. It'll take some time to get used too."

Katara nods returning to heal my shoulder "Man that Lighting Titan really did some damage to you."

"You're telling me, struck at least three times by it's lighting attacks" I muttered.

"Could've been more if you didn't have Mount Olympus" Hanabi told me and I nodded it was the second time Mount Olympus saved my life. The first time was against my father Yusei Fudo when he was brainwashed by Orochimaru once he revived the fallen Signers.

I took out the cards that saved me Mount Olympus, Olympian Dragon, and Olympian Medallion. They certainly did save me and I had realized that Majestic God Dragon was how my father was able to defeat certain opponents. Haku notices this and decides it was best to speak up "Lady Kasumi, you are certainly like your father, no matter what you decided to do in the Duel, you never gave in, plus seeing you use Majestic God Dragon again was another thing your father did."

"Whoa!" Aang shouted "Yusei Fudo has Majestic God Dragon too?"

"Not exactly" I answered "My father doesn't have Majestic God Dragon, however he has Majestic Star Dragon for Stardust Dragon is his Signer Dragon, Uncle Jack has Majestic Red Dragon."

"I still don't get it" Sokka said he turns to Haku "Could Lady Kasumi won that Duel without Majestic God Dragon?"

Haku paused thinking about this "Good question, I don't really think so, but let's see her Trap Card which rose Majestic God's Dragon Attack points increased hers with all other Synchro Monsters Attack on the field so...She would've defeated Boltose the Lighting Titan right then but Orochimaru would've survived to Duel again and who knows what other cards he would've had! He could've had the Spell Card Monster Reborn to reborn Boltose...But" he grins.

Hanabi catches this and grins "By then it wouldn't have the three lighting based monsters to have for it's attack."

"But it's effect damage would've defeated me" I told them.

"True" was the response.

Sokka looks around "Say where's Naruto?"

"He went out training" I answered "My older brother is always training hoping to get stronger."

"Oh" Sokka paused.

Katara once she had finished gets up "Well Lady Kasumi, I promised your mother I'd teach you how to cook? Would you be interested in helping me today?"

I turned to her smiling "Sure!"

Katara gets up "Well we better get some ingredients then for starters, come on!"

"Come on Takara!" I told my pet Vulpix whom grins and jumps onto my shoulder the one which wasn't injured "Vulpix!" she shouts.

I give my pet a giggle then run off to join Katara find ingredients for the morning meal. It is because of this reason, she turns to me "Lady Kasumi, I've gotta hand it to you, you're really one strong girl."

"Thanks Katara" I told her.

"I mean, you totally defeated Orochimaru all by yourself even when he used your own Titan Card against you and you still won."

"That Titan Card was hard to get past" I told her "It's truly powerful."

Katara turned "I'll say it was, honestly seeing it, it scared me, and I was amazed that you weren't frightened by it."

I looked at her "Well, I may not have shown it but Boltose the Lighting Titan DID scare me, I mean I have seen giant monsters before like those Earthbound Gods, I've seen Zeus whom was around their size, but when it comes down to it Boltose was bigger than the Earthbound Gods and a lot more deadly. Although I would think having the ability to attack directly is a dangerous ability but Boltose was dangerous...Inflicting one thousand points of damage every player's End Phase, it truly was a challenge."

"But you won in the end" Katara pointed out.

"True" I told her "But it was big enough to scare me, but I tried not to show it. Orochimaru would've taken advantage of it plus I've had my father teach me to hold back my fear against such an opponent."

Katara turns "But you should be glad you have it so you can use it for the good side."

I looked at her trying to hold back the fear I had by having such power even remembering what my father had told me "You speak the truth Katara, but, power is only good if you can totally control it, A Titan Card can destroy an opponent and possibly have bad consequences."

Katara looks at me understandingly "I take it you won't use Boltose often."

I turned nodding "Yes, Katara, I guess I can tell you the truth, I'm still fearful of it."

"Understandable" She said "I mean if I had a powerful card like that I'd be concerned of using it as well, but I know you'll be able to use him wisely, I know that if anyone can it's the ones that will use the Titan Cards for good."

I looked at her "Thanks, Katara, just promise me you won't tell anyone about my fear."

"I won't" Katara said.

Pretty soon however it became apparent that someone else had been watching us as we searched for berries and that someone was Naruto of course Katara and I didn't know until a well powered stream of Fire nearly hits us. The two of us barely dodge.

"Were under attack!" Katara shouted in alarm.

I turn to see Naruto "B-B-B-Brother why did you attack us?"

Even Katara was taken off guard "If it's about food you'll have to wait just like the rest."

It was then Takara headbutted him in the chest which meant he was able to puff out of existence.

"A Shadow Clone?" Katara and I asked each other.

"Is this another trick Naruto?" I demanded not enjoying this.

Suddenly the real Naruto appeared and this time Katara and I looked at his eyes with Katara speaking up "He's possessed somehow!"

I turned to Takara "Quick Takara single for help!"

My pet Vulpix nodded raised her head to the sky shouting "VULPIX!" as she shouted she breathed fire up into the air.

Katara turned to me "Um, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. What if the Fire Nation sees this?" she asked.

I turned to her understanding her "I know, it could be bad but I do know that Haku will be watching."

Katara understood me now "Well I guess it's a good thing."

We turned to Naruto as I spoke "Whatever is controlling you I don't like it!"

My older brother looks at me making hand seals "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Hundreds of Naruto surrounded me and Katara.

"Now what?" Katara asked me.

"We fight" I told her "And try to unpossess Naruto until help arrives."

Katara gave me a nod "Alright then, let's do this."

The Shadow Clones charge me and Katara but we skillfully hold them at bay Earth Bending or Water Bending.

The clones go puff out of sight even Takara was helping us breathing her fire or headbutting them.

I watch with my Psychic Powers activated as the real Naruto comes at me Kunai drawn. I draw my Kunai Knife and clash against him "Snap out of it big brother!"

He lashes out at me with a kick but I use my hand to stop it. I then lash out at him with the same hand but he backs away "Don't make me hurt you!"

Katara quickly finishes off some more of Naruto's clones and turns to help me which turns out I didn't really need it but I was still glad for the assist. With an upward motion I Earth Bend but Naruto strangely avoids it.

"That's strange" I spoke to myself "Normally Naruto would've been hit by that move!"

He wasn't however capable of blocking Katara's attack which caused her to Water Bend a stream of Water Right in his face "WAKE UP!" She orders.

This water attack hits home with so much force it sends him flying hitting against a tree freezing him to it.

"Nice one!" I told her.

Sadly before we could do anything else or say anything Naruto freed himself by Fire Bending. He lands on the ground still possessed.

"I would've thought a stream of water to the head would've freed him" Katara muttered.

I frowned trying to think on what could cause my brother to become like this as he made hand seals "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

He makes hundreds of more clones but before they could attack me and Katara, thousands of Needles fell from the sky striking them causing them to burst even Naruto was struck by some but barely. He gives out a growl as Katara, and I took our time to look at whom came, sure enough Haku, with Hanabi, Iruka-Sensei and Kakashi-Papa were standing on a tree limb, with Sokka, Toph and Aang on the ground.

"You okay Lady Kasumi?" Aang asked me "I thought the Fire Nation was attacking but it was as if you said Haku...It was Lady Kasumi telling us she needed help."

Hanabi looks down as Naruto and I clash Kunai with me giving out a tiny unheard growl come from me "Naruto?"

Sokka literally blew it grabbing his Bommerang then throwing it at Naruto "Stop attacking your sister!"

He was expecting to hit Naruto in the face instead the possessed Naruto uses the Kunai to deflect the boomerang right into Sokka's well beneath the belt, and he let's it be known "Now that wasn't cool" he said in high pitched voice before collapsing onto the ground. Now even though Katara, Toph, Hanabi, and I were glad to be girls, we couldn't help but flinch when the weapon was returned unexpectedly to Sokka's well you know where.

He was still groaning in pain as he was on the ground getting out "Oh so that's what that thing feels like."

I then watch as possessed Naruto starts gathering in Chakra.

"Not good" Haku and Hanabi shout.

He charges me "Rasen-"

He began to shout out the name of his attack but Kakashi-Papa once more skillfully catches him in the arm avoiding the attack and hurls my brother right into a tree trunk and into a Jagger Bush.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was Naruto's response as he jumps out of the Jagger Bush his body filled with Jaggers."

Now seeing him burst out of the jagger bush holding his butt was funny and both Aang and I were laughing. In fact most of my whole team except for Kakashi-Papa and Iruka-Sensei were laughing at him.

He then looks at me "What the? Could some body explain why I have thousands of these jagger bush needles in me?"

"We could ask you the same thing" Haku told him "What were you doing attacking your sister?"

"I what?" Naruto asked.

"You mean you have no clue?" Katara asked him "You attacked me and Kasumi."

"Now why would I want to attack my own sister?" Naruto asked.

Katara and I gave each other worried looks! Naruto had been possessed and didn't remember anything about it.

I then frowned whatever did that to my brother was going to get it. No one controlled anyone of my family or friends. I gripped my hands glaring out at trees then let loose a powerful burst of psychic energy. The whole group watches as three trees are ripped out of the ground and sent flying into the air.

"I am so glad, neither of us were near those three trees" Sokka said with Aang nodding but Toph was smiling "That goes to show you her powers are developing after each Duel she goes in."

"She's sort of cute when she's upset" Sokka complimented as Katara shot him a look "What? It was a compliment."

"Not at this time it wasn't" Katara replies.

Naruto is busy picking out the jaggers that were in him "Ouch! This isn't going to be fun!"

After waiting and hearing Naruto's painful cries to get the jaggers out of himself it was then I noticed an ice castle, and I was the only one to notice thanks to my psychic powers that it was giving off some sort of power. I lifted my hand to my eyes then looked at Naruto "Brother."

"Yes?" Naruto asked as he picked another Jagger out of his back "OUCH!"

"Did you by any chance see that?" I asked pointing out at the castle.

Haku saw it too "That's strange...Only the Northern Water Tribe has an ice castle."

Naruto looked up "Oh yeah, I saw it while training...Went inside it too."

I smacked myself in the face "Naruto, you dummy."

"What?" Naruto asked me.

Kakashi-Papa answered as he saw what I saw "That could've been was possessed you."

"What Possessed?" Naruto asked.

He looks at me and Katara whom nod he growls "Then I'm going back in there!"

"No you aren't" Iruka-Sensei told him "Whatever is in there possessed you and forced you to fight against your sister."

Kakashi-Papa looks inside it "None, the less we should all go and see where this leads."

"He's right" Haku admitted.

Toph nodded "If only there was a way to not get possessed."

Kakashi-Papa turns "There is, I've been studying where that possession could've came and it seems that it only reaches the middle part of the passage, which means anyone standing will be captured and possessed. So..."

"If we crawl" I said catching on.

"Then it won't effect us" Aang said "Good call Kakashi-Sensei."

Kakashi-Papa nodded as we all broke into a run.

"Be on high alert" Kakashi-Papa orders "No telling what lies in here remember stay low!"

We all headed his warning croaching or crawling.

"Whoever made this castle wasn't thinking on having normal visitors" Sokka muttered.

As we crawled we got to an opened area, where Kakashi-Papa was able to tell the possession spell was clearing off and once we clearly avoided it ordered us to stand up "Were in the clear now."

"Wonder why they had it set up for only the entrance?" Haku asked.

"Too keep unwanted guest out" Kakashi-Papa answered "But whoever thought of it didn't think of us ninja getting involved."

We were all now standing once more and making our way to the center of the room. There a woman was sitting on the ground. It was then I remembered her and so did Haku "No way! Not that lady that tried to kidnap you with Fate."

"It's her but why?"

As if she heard us she turns smiling "So Lady Signer we meet again! And this time you will join us!"

"Never joining evil!" I shouted.

"Yeah lady!" Naruto shouted "I'm going to beat you up for possessing me!"

"Wait Naruto!" I shouted a warning "Don't!"

The girl holds up a talismen and activates the spell a stream of Fire stops Naruto in his tracks and causes him to roll on the ground "WHAT THE HECK?"

The girl smiles "That was easy."

She tries to same thing to Haku but he expertly stops it with some needles tearing the talisman to shreds before it could activate. She sees him and studies him "It appears you're more skilled than that blond."

Haku looks at her "Yes, and you're no match to any ninja."

We look at Naruto disapprovingly as he gets the fire out "What? Why are you all looking at me for?"

Chigursa looks at Haku and Haku sees something else evil in her and that was a Titan Card "So Lady Signer you want to Duel? I'll surely defeat you and FORCE you to join me and Fate."

"Never gonna happen" Haku said "Because I am your opponent."

Chigursa looks at Haku and sees he will not back down besides I knew by this background that it was indeed an Ice based Titan.

Finally she growls out "Fine, if you want to die first boy, then I'll grant you that!"

She gains her Duel Disk and Haku understands "Fine, I accept your challenge."

The two activate the Duel Disks then shouted "DUEL"

The Life Points shown high into the sky.

(Haku's Life Points: 4000)

(Chigursa's Life Points: 4000)

Chigursa spoke up "It's my move, I draw."

She drew her card then smiled "Alright now, this deck really isn't my thing but it works perfectly to summon a special card, I start by summoning my Blizzard Dragon in attack mode!"

A Blue Dragon appears on the field. (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1000)

"Now" Chigurasa said smiling "I'll set two cards face down, turn end."

Haku looks at Chigurasa "Then it's my move, I draw!"

Haku drew his card then turns "Alright for my first move I'll Special Summon Cyber Dragon in attack mode!"

A machine Dragon appears on the field. (ATK: 2100, 1600)

"Whoa wouldn't have thought that would be in there" I muttered.

Chigursa frowns "But he's a level five monster how could you summon him without tributing?"

Haku answers "If my opponent has one monster on the field I can Special Summon him without tributing."

Chigursa frowns "Not cool!"

"True" Haku warns her "Because now I shall activate the Spell Card Polymerization!"

The Spell Card was played "And now I can fuse two or more monsters together in order to Summon a Fusion Monster!"

"Another Fusion?" I asked.

Haku nodded "Of course, Aang isn't the only one with a Fusion Monster although those are outdated mostly. I have a new one. My own one that I'm not borrowing from Shikamaru."

He then turns "I'll fuse my Cyber Dragon on the field with my Blizzard Warrior in my hand!"

The two Monsters began fusing together as Haku announced "Meet my Fusion Monster! Cyber Blizzard Samurai"

A mechanical Samurai decked in a blue Cyber Dragon's armor using Cyber Dragon's tail as a Katana appears on the field (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2500)

"Whoa" I said looking at the new Fusion Monster "That's cool looking."

Chigursa frowns as Haku points out "And now I shall activate Cyber Blizzard Samurai's special ability You see Chigursa, once per turn by discarding one card from my deck to the Graveyard, depending on what type of card I discard, Cyber Blizzard Samurai can destroy those cards and for each card destroyed he will then inflict five hundred points of damage

He reaches for his deck and I saw him discard a Trap Card "So I'll be discarding a Spell Card which means that Cyber Blizzard Samurai can destroy all Spells and Trap Cards on the field!"

"Curses!" Chigursa shouted as Haku pointed "Now Cyber Blizzard Samurai go Blizzard Storm!"

Cyber Blizzard Samurai raises his it's katana and unleashes a powerful blizzard which destroys her all of Chigursa's Trap Cards which were Mirror Force, and even Floral Shield. It then inflicted one thousand points of damage to Chigursa's Life Points.

"Nice one!" I shouted as Chigursa felt the Battle Damage sense even I knew it was a Shadow Duel due to her having a Titan Card somewhere in her deck.

(Chigursa's Life Points: 3000)

"And that was only his special ability" Haku reminded "And now here comes Cyber Blizzard Samurai's attack, Cyber Blizzard Slice!"

Cyber Blizzard Samurai leaps for Blizzard Dragon destroying it with one powerful slash. It explodes and she takes damage again!

"TAKE THAT!" I shouted.

(Chigursa's Life Points: 2300)

Even Aang was impressed "DANG! When Haku was Dueling Master Pakku back in the Northern Water Tribe and won that was impressive even with his Life Points being very low! I would've never guessed Haku is that good!"

Naruto pails "This is reminding me of the time I dueled Haku...Man, and this is the Haku we know."

Hanabi nods "Even I would have trouble defeating him!"

"Cyber Blizzard Samurai" I said to myself "It's good, I mean Haku could've blasted her monster to dust and inflicted five hundred points of damage but Chigursa would've activated ether Mirror Force or Dimension Prison...Ether one would've ether destroyed it or removed it from play."

Haku turns to her "I'll set two cards face down, turn end!"

Chigursa gets up "Okay Haku, no more Mrs. Nice lady time to get serious! It's my move I draw!"

She drew her card "Alright then I'll summon my Blizzard Lizard in defense mode!"

Blizzard Lizard appears on the field,. (DEF: 1800, ATK: 600) Chigursa grins "Alright then let's see you do this, I activate the Spell Card: Ice Mirror!"

Haku frowned as she explained "Now I can get two more of the same level three monsters."

She smiles as two more Blizzard Lizards appear on the field. (ATK: 600, DEF: 1800 [X2])

"Next" Chigursa said smiling "I'll activate Double Summon which allows me to summon one additional monster!"

She then picked up the monster "And it'll be the monster to kill you with! I scarfice all three of my Blizzard Lizards in order to Summon, this card!"

The three Blizzard Lizard disappeared and just like I experienced, there was a prison underneath a sea appearing the lighting guarding it faded, then ice started to form. It rose onto a big height as big as my Titan Card was. It then focused on the body which as it formed was a big solid white skeleton. It roars out as Chigursa smiles "Allow me to introduce you Haku, to Hyrdos the Ice Titan!" (ATK: 4000, DEF: 4000)

All of our eyes were peering up at the huge monster.

"Why do I have the feeling all Titan Cards are going to huge" Sokka asked and I hid back a slight giggle as he was almost wetting himself again.

Haku looks up "Uh-oh."

"Too right" Chigursa spoke out "And now let me remind you that Hydros is a Titan Card which means no monster effects, Spells or Trap Cards will work on him. Plus he has a few extra special abilities which let's see it now...Hydros attack with Icy Breathe!"

Haku watches as Hyrdos powers up and Chigursa speaks "Oh yeah when Hyrdos attacks he destroys all cards on the field delivering 500 points of damage for each card destroyed!"

Hyrdos takes aim gathering in ice in his mouth then breathing it out upon Haku's field but Haku speaks up "I activate my Cyber Blizzard Samurai's special ability, once per turn he can't be destroyed by battle or by a card effect!"

"That's good" Chagursa said "But you're still going to feel the pain as your own Trap Cards are destroyed."

Haku may have protected his Cyber Blizzard Samurai but his two Trap Cards were destroyed and it is his turn to take damage. He falls to the ground slightly freezing first by the destroyed cards. (Haku's Life Points: 3000)

Then the battle damage Hyrdos delivered to Haku happened and Haku was sent crashing into a wall slumping down. (Haku's Life Points: 1500)

"Haku!" I shouted.

Haku leans on his legs as he gets up "I'm fine for now."

"It's nearly over" Chagursa spoke to him "I end my turn, and next turn your finished."

Haku looks at her "If Lady Kasumi could defeat Orochimaru, and get her Titan Card, I can too."

I look at him as he gets up. Unsure of who would win now. This was only Chagursa's second turn and she now summons Hyrdos. This wasn't going to go well but at least Hyrdos had only four thousand attack points and not sixty three hundred like Boltose had.

We would have to watch this Duel closely.

End of chapter! This chapter is over! Haku now has to deal with Hydros, can Haku defeat and gain his Titan? Find out next. Chapter 19: Hydros the Ice Titan P2.

Card of the Chapter!

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Olympian Medallion

Type: Equip Spell

Effect: Equip only to 1 "Olympian Dragon" on the field. As long as this card is out Olypian Dragon can't be destroyed by card effects. When your opponent declares an attack target they must target the equipped card. By discarding this Card from the field to the Graveyard you can reduce any effect damage from one effect to 0.

Aang: Wow Lady Kasumi that saved you during your Duel

Kasumi: Yes, it did (Sighs then mutters out silently that Aang doesn't hear her) I'm still fearful of it.

Aang: Moving then, the second Card of the Chapter is...

Cyber Blizzard Samurai

Level: 7

Type: Machine/Fusion/Effect

Attribute: Water

ATK: 2500, DEF: 2500

Requirements: 1 'Cyber Dragon' and 1 'Water Type Warrior Monster'

Effect: Once per turn by discarding one card from your deck to the Graveyard, depending on that type of card Monster, Spell or Trap Card, destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field equal to the type of card the card was (Spells and Trap Cards are destroyed if a Spell or Trap Card is discarded.) Inflict 500 points of Battle Damage to your opponent for each card destroyed. Once per turn this card can't be destroyed by a Card Effect or by Battle (Battle Damage is applied normally.)

Aang: Now that was Haku's new Fusion Monster.

Kasumi: It totally rocks! Anyway the last Card of the Chapter is...

Hyrdos: The Ice Titan

Level: 12

Type: Divine/Fiend/Effect

Attribute: Water

ATK: 4000, DEF: 4000

Effect: You must tribute 3 Water Attribute Monsters to Tribute Summon this Card. This Card is unaffected by your opponent's Monster Effects, Spells and Trap Cards. When this card is Summon, during your opponent's Stand By Phase, all of their Face-up monsters lose 1000 attack points, if any go to zero by this effect they are destroyed. When this card attacks all cards on your opponent's side of the field are destroyed, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent for each card destroyed by this effect.

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