"Far be it from my station to tell you what to do, Sir Integra, I feel it necessary to tell you that some sort of action is required in this matter." Walter said, handing her another creamy envelope with a black seal. She tossed it into the trash without a thought.

"Walter, please sit down." She said, not looking up from her keyboard. As he sat across from her, he couldn't help but notice that the letters that had made their home beneath the keyboard were absent. In the trash, he supposed.

"In a situation like this, I would have gone to my father for advice." She said, her voice quiet again. She only spoke that softly when something heavy was on her mind. Walter stayed silent, waiting for her to elaborate. Her blue eyes were dark as they examined the pale letters on her black keyboard.

"August isn't who I thought he was." She finally said. Walter saw the twenty two year old girl she was deep down rather than the woman of steel she always portrayed herself as.

"And just who is he, Integra?" Walter replied, doing his best to remember her father's mannerisms and views in order to better serve his employer.

"He's a bloody lunatic. He is his own twin brother... Some sort of personality disorder nonsense." She said, pushing the book that Alucard had set on her desk toward her butler. He opened it to the bookmarked page and quickly skimmed the article.

"What makes you think that he is so afflicted?" Walter asked, closing the book and setting it on her desk silently.

"Alucard explained something vague about the scents, but it explains other things. During the walk, he seemed to be having some sort of an internal conflict. We stopped for a moment to look at the stars, he had taken an astronomy class in college and was showing me constellations. When he was telling the story about the constellation Virgo, his voice changed. He wasn't himself. I decided that it was time to turn back and head to the manor. When he saw that I had no interest in what he was saying, he seemed to... melt back into himself. It was all rather odd." Here Integra shook her head, "I should have known he was insane. He took meeting Baskerville rather too well for a sane individual."

Walter bit his tongue to keep from laughing at her expression. It was almost sad how resigned she was to this. He knew that she rather fancied the young man, and it was unfortunate that she would now miss out on all of the little pleasantries that courting brought. Even sadder still was the callousness with which she handled this little misfortune.

"Well, I think that in this situation, your father would say-"

"Walter, I didn't tell you this because I wanted to know what Father would say. I wanted to know what you would tell me." She looked up at him. Blue eyes met blue eyes. Walter's heart was touched.

"In that case, I would tell you that there are other fish in the sea, and that I had a feeling that you were far too good for him. Notwithstanding his mental stability." The old butler smiled and saw a whisper of a smile on Integra's lips.

"Thank you, Walter." She said warmly. It was obvious to him that she was still hurt, but it would heal. Of that, he was certain.

"Anytime, Sir Integra." He said, standing.

"One more thing..." She said.

"Yes?" He turned. She seemed to be having trouble figuring out what to say.

"Are you wondering how to tell him that you are no longer interested in his advances?" Walter asked. She only nodded gratefully, glad that he found the words that she misplaced.

"I would suggest telling him that due to the recent rise in vampiric activity that you have little to no time left for a personal life. Either that or the ever so popular 'I'm finding myself.' Of course, those are barring telling him the truth." Integra sighed.

"Just tell him that you aren't in a position in your life to be involved romantically with an individual as unique as himself. Then you are telling the truth, but delicately." The old butler smiled at her from his place beside the door.

"Thank you Walter." She repeated.

"It is my job, madam." He said with a smile.

"No, for everything. Not just what you do, but... everything." She said. Her eyes were soft and grateful. He smiled and nodded once.

"It was my supreme pleasure." He said, walking out and closing the door quietly behind himself. She listened to his measured footsteps fade down the carpeted hallway before closing her eyes and letting her forehead rest in her palm, elbow catching on the edge of the desk.

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