Title: Rainshowers
Author/Artist: CharlieSchulz
Character/Pairing: Remus, Sirius, James
Rating & Warnings: PG, one swear word
Prompt: 26.
Summary: Sirius hated thunderstorms.

It had been a nice, sunny day by the lake before the sky opened up and heavy droplets fell from the heavens. Only Remus was caught up in it, having opted to stay away from Sirius and James's prank fest in the dormitories.

Just my luck he thought, trudging his way up all the 17 secret staircases, dripping into the Gryffindor common room, and heading up the last of the stairs – into his own bedroom.

The sight he saw as he entered the room was rather adorable.

Sirius, having always had sensitive, canine like ears, hated thunder storms. He went crazy every time it rained, hardly being able to sit still long enough to be comforted. None of them ever talked about it afterwards, although with them living in England, it tended to happen quite a lot.

"Having fun?" Remus asks, moving towards his two friends. Sirius and James were sitting on one of the beds, arms around each other. Sirius's face was buried in his best friend's shoulder, looking rather pathetic, like a dog who had just been kicked. James was smoothing down his hair, whispering in his ear and all that.

"I hate the fucking rain," was Sirius's dark reply. He didn't even look up, content with snuggling deeper into James's arms.

James, with his free hand and a grin, beckoned Remus towards them.

It wasn't too difficult to make it over to the pair of them, pulling his wet jumper over his head and jumping onto the bed beside James. Remus lay on his side, dropping his head in his best friend's lap, and looked out at the rain as it came teeming down on the other side of the window.

Remus felt the hand pull through his hair and sighed. He began cuddling deeper into James's warm lap, pressing against his warm fingers. He could feel Sirius shaking, could hear James's murmurs over the rain, could watch as the storm outside grew colder as the atmosphere inside grew warmer.

Sirius was still muttering –hate the rain, hate it- but Remus disagreed heartily.

He adored the rain.