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Ichigo eased into his dorm room and glanced around for his blue-haired best friend. Luckily, Grimmjow was nowhere in sight. Ichigo wasn't quite ready to be confronted by the bigger boy – not in the mood he had been in earlier in. Grimmjow seemed to be pissed at the world, and his attitude in the throes of a tantrum was nothing to sneeze at.

Ichigo set his keys on his desk and went to remove his hoodie, when his cell phone vibrated and chirped in his pocket. He pulled it free and glanced down at the readout, apprehension causing his muscles to immediately seize up at the sight of "GRIMM" flashing on the screen. Beneath the boy's name was a picture Ichigo had snapped when Grimmjow had been in his natural habitat. It'd been right after a game and Grimmjow had been giving one of his lazy, sexy smirks. He'd been filthy, covered with grass stains and dirt, but he'd also been beautiful. Ichigo hesitantly answered the phone.

"What's up?"

"Meet me by the field. I'll be on the bleachers."

Grimmjow didn't wait for Ichigo to respond before he disconnected the call, leaving Ichigo staring at the phone, heart beginning to gallop. His best friend had told him back at McDonald's that he'd wanted to talk, and this time Ichigo couldn't run from the inevitable. But what the hell did Grimmjow want to talk about? Did it have something to do with the way he'd utterly humiliated Ilforte earlier? Ichigo would admit that the scene had been better than anything in his wildest dreams. The way Ilforte had tucked tail and fled the fast food restaurant had been something Ichigo would keep locked safely away in the recesses of his mind – a little something for his depraved inner demon to giggle madly at from time to time.

The smile that had begun forming on his face slowly vanished. Grimmjow definitely hadn't sounded pleased on the phone. Was he going to take his frustrations out on Ichigo? It was likely. Grimmjow was as volatile a being as they came; Ichigo knew that firsthand. He grabbed his keys and trudged to the room door, feet dragging. He was nervous as all hell. What if Grimmjow didn't want to be friends anymore? What if they had a huge falling out and never spoke to one another again?

Or what if Renji's plan actually worked?

Ichigo stopped in his tracks, mind reeling. Could it be? The longer he thought about it, the more he realized it didn't make any sense. He and Kensei weren't even dating yet. Ichigo paused, face getting hot. When Kensei had actively pursued him for his phone number, Ichigo hadn't expected to feel anything at all. Sure, Kensei was smoking hot with his silver hair and bedroom eyes, but Ichigo's heart already belonged to a blue-haired behemoth. Still...the jitters that had overcome him when Kensei had approached him with that deep, sexy voice had been very real.

Ichigo left the room and locked the door behind himself. As he walked to the football field to meet Grimmjow, his mind wouldn't stop going back to his old high school classmate. Kensei was aggressive, but he wasn't pushy like Tsukishima and Shuuhei had been, and Ichigo liked that about him. In fact, there was a lot that he liked about Kensei. The guy wasn't loud and boisterous, but he was cool and laid back. He smelled good, and he could hold an interesting conversation. Maybe with this new plan of Renji's, Ichigo would be able to actually enjoy himself for a change. Who knew?

The trek to the field didn't take long at all. Before he knew it, he was stepping onto the track and heading for the fence that separated the field from the bleachers. He spotted Grimmjow right away by the black hoodie he'd been wearing earlier. He had the hood over his head of bright blue hair, and he was bent over his knees, eyes on the step below him. Ichigo sucked in a deep breath as he climbed the seats. Hopefully, things wouldn't turn ugly for no reason.

He approached his friend and sat down beside him, hugging the hood to his sweatshirt tighter to his neck. It was a bit chilly out, and the wind was starting to slip beneath his clothes. Grimmjow didn't say anything at first, causing the silence to stretch like a rubber band. The night was a nice one, the moon hanging in the sky like a slice of watermelon and the stars surrounding it like grains of sugar in the sun. Ichigo almost forgot what he was there for as he sat enjoying the sound of the breeze whistling through the metal seats. Finally, Grimmjow straightened his back and sighed. He didn't look over at Ichigo, but it was clear that he was about to speak.

"Ichigo, I gotta ask ya a couple a'things. Please, don' lie ta me, an' don' beat aroun' the bush, either. OK?"

Ichigo's stomach fell to his knees. Why the hell did Grimmjow sound so ominous? Like he'd found out that Ichigo was hiding some big time betrayal or something.

"A-alright," he stuttered, nerves shot all to Hell.

Grimmjow faced him and drilled him with that fierce, blue gaze of his. "How serious do you plan ta be with Kensei?"

Ichigo was floored. He hadn't been expecting that question at all.

"Uh...I, uh...I don't know, Grimm. Why?"

Grimmjow looked away with a frown, jaw tightening as he swiped a hand roughly through his hair, causing his hood to fall back in the process. Afterward, he balled that hand into a fist and clasped it with his free one before tucking them under his chin. He sat like that for a few moments, obviously waging a war with his conscience. Ichigo was confused. He really didn't understand what was going through his best friend's mind, and it was starting to drive him crazy. He started to snap at the boy for keeping him in suspense for so long, when Grimmjow spoke up again. He was back to not meeting Ichigo's eyes, though.

"What's our friendship mean ta you, Ichigo? Honestly."

Ichigo swallowed harshly and burrowed into his hoodie. "I don't get what you mean, Grimm. I mean, I thought you knew. We're best friends. Brothers, I guess."

Grimmjow grunted and went silent. However, Ichigo spotted something that further confused him. Grimmjow's face went red and the flush traveled up over his ears. Ichigo frowned.

"Yeah, I guess," Grimmjow mumbled as he hid in his hoodie again. "But..." he started, then trailed off.

"But what? Talk to me, Grimm. I'm kinda lost right now. We've never had a conversation like this before."

Grimmjow's lips parted, and his eyes went glassy like he was spaced out. Or that's what Ichigo thought until he spotted the wetness clinging to his best friend's lashes.

"I jus'-" Grimmjow blurted, voice wavering. His breath shuddered as he swallowed. "I jus'...I don' know, Ich. I don' know what the fuck I'm tryna say."

Ichigo's heart was going wild. Grimmjow had never been good with using words to express his real feelings, not even after he'd returned from America. Watching him fumbling over something that was obviously bothering him enough to almost have him in tears was killing Ichigo. So, he reached over, gripped his best friend's chin and turned the boy's face in his direction. Grimmjow's blue eyes were indeed watery, and his expression was absolutely heartbreaking.

"Grimm...what's wrong?" Ichigo asked in all seriousness.

He wanted – no, he needed the teen to talk to him. They had never had this much distance between them. Even though Grimmjow had never been good at talking about his feelings, normally, his actions usually conveyed them well enough. This was just ridiculous. Ichigo lowered Grimmjow's hood and passed a hand through the boy's soft, blue hair. He made sure to keep their eyes locked as he scooted closer.

"Whatever it is you have to tell me, you know you can. I've never once judged you or rejected you, no matter what it was, have I?"

Grimmjow slowly shook his head, a lone tear creeping down over his cheek. Ichigo wiped it away and shook his own head as he gave a warm smile.

"So, why won't you tell me what's making you do this?" he asked, lifting his chin and indicating the tear that he'd wiped away.

Grimmjow frowned as he lowered his gaze and tried to pull out of Ichigo's grip. Ichigo wouldn't let him get away that easily. After a small tugging battle, Grimmjow finally gave in and stared into Ichigo's eyes, which kind of threw Ichigo off balance. He hadn't been expecting to be hit with the full range of emotions that Grimmjow was obviously dealing with. Ichigo spotted sadness, disappointment, fear, uncertainty and something else that he'd only ever seen in the blue-haired boy's eyes during a football game: passion. Grimmjow lifted a hand and carefully removed Ichigo's fingers from his chin.

"I feel like we don' do the shit we used to together anymore. You don' talk ta me, you hide shit from me... I don' know. I guess tha's why I asked what you think of our...our friendship," he said.


Grimmjow cut him off, voice lowered. "I wanna see ya laugh again, Ichigo. I haven't seen a real smile from you since we were kids. Ya always seem sad, even when yer happy." He took a deep breath and went on more confidently. "I want the old Ichigo back."

"I don't think I've changed that much."

"Heh. I remember an orange-haired kid, who always had a smile on his face. Who always laughed with everythin' he had in him an' loved life. What happened ta that guy?"

Ichigo averted his eyes and frowned. Had he been that see-through? Yeah, he still missed his mom, but he'd thought he'd gotten better with his blues once Grimmjow had returned. He was still trying to figure out what Grimmjow was talking about, when the boy's body heat was suddenly a lot closer than it had been a second before. He turned his head to find out what Grimmjow was up to and literally came nose-to-nose with his best friend. Ichigo felt like his heart was in the back of his throat. What the hell was Grimmjow doing?

"Grimm?" he whispered, a thrilling fear making him nearly speechless.

Grimmjow closed his eyes and leaned closer until they were sharing breathing space. "Ichigo. I need the truth."

Ichigo felt like his blood was boiling, and his skin was crawling right off his flesh. He was afraid to move, breathe the wrong way – hell, anything that might ruin whatever was going on between him and the boy he loved so much. He was terrified of getting his hopes up, but Grimmjow was so close. So warm.

"OK," he breathed, his own eyes sliding shut.

Grimmjow's nose brushed Ichigo's gently before he murmured, "How do you really feel about me?"

Ichigo froze. His heart stopped and everything. He felt like all the blood in his body went directly to his toes before his heart restarted, pounding harder than was strictly normal. What was Grimmjow trying to say? Why would he ask a question like that? Ichigo was starting panic. What did Grimmjow know? Had Renji blabbed? What the fuck? But bigger than all of that, was Grimmjow about to let him down easily? Ichigo didn't know anything anymore. If he answered that question with the truth, it would be putting everything on the line. His heart, his life, his love. And what if Grimmjow didn't want him like that? But then again, Grimmjow wasn't acting like he intended to reject him. Ichigo barely resisted the urge to pant as he tried to calm down. He had to clear his head and think.

"Wh-what do you mean by that?" he asked, knowing for a fact that he was stalling.

Ichigo could feel Grimmjow's smirk against his cheek. "Yer stallin'."

"Because I'm confused! I don't know where the hell this is coming from!"

Grimmjow pulled back and looked Ichigo in the face, eyebrow raised with...what? Was that amusement? Ichigo was on the verge of a heart attack, while Grimmjow was obviously having a grand old time.

"Why does it have to come from somewhere?"

"What? Grimm, make sense!"

Grimmjow's blue eyes darkened as the amusement left them. "Make sense, huh?"

"Yes! Yes, that would be nice right about now," Ichigo snapped, fear and confusion making him irrational.

"Why is it that every time I ask ya something 'bout us, ya change the fuckin' subject, or ya run from me?"

"I don'-"

Grimmjow sucked his teeth and waved a hand in the air. "Yes the fuck ya do. You always run from me. Ya know, you never used to be like that. I used to have to hide shit from you, never the other way around. What the fuck is goin' on witchu, Ichigo? I'm starting to think ya don't even wanna be around me anymore. Is that whatcha want? Ya want me to leave ya the fuck alone?"

The taller boy climbed to his feet, and Ichigo's heart stopped once again. He was sure by the time the night was over, he would have had a few heart attacks and probably developed a permanent heart murmur. Grimmjow had raised his voice, and the look on his face was scarier than anything Ichigo had ever seen in his life. Ichigo jumped to his feet as well, hands shooting forward and grabbing Grimmjow's sleeve.

"Wait! I didn't say that, did I? Why are you being so defensive?" he shouted.

Grimmjow's scowl was the thing nightmares were made of. He yanked his sleeve out of Ichigo's grasp and started down the bleachers.

"I hate it when ya lie to me, Ichigo," he growled over his shoulder. "You know that, but ya keep doin' it. Obviously, ya don't want me around anymore. If that's the case, I'll jus' move my shit to another room an' let ya have yer fuckin' space."

"Grimm, what the fuck are you talking about? Do you hear yourself right now? You're not even making sense!" Ichigo snarled, his own temper flaring wildly.

He couldn't believe Grimmjow was behaving like such an asshole. Like a kid throwing a full-blown tantrum. It was ridiculous. Grimmjow whirled on his heel and glared at Ichigo.

"I'm not makin' fuckin' sense? I'm not makin' fuckin' sense?! Fuck you, Ichigo!"

He turned and got halfway down the bleachers before Ichigo exploded. He'd had enough.

"Fuck me?!" he hollered at his not-such-a-best-friend's back. He couldn't believe Grimmjow had actually said that to him. They had never argued this badly before, and it seemed like there would be no coming back from it. But then, he had to open his mouth and insert foot. "Is that it?! Is that what it's gonna take?!"

Grimmjow came to an abrupt stop in his trek down the bleachers and turned to look at Ichigo like he'd seen a floating apparition.

"What the fuck did you say?"

Ichigo snapped his mouth shut and wanted to swallow his own tongue. What the hell had he said? Oh, damn. He stared back at Grimmjow, wondering what the hell was going through the blue-haired boy's mind. Fuck. Had he really just said that?

"Ichigo! What the hell did you jus' say ta me?" Grimmjow repeated.

He was climbing the bleachers again, and the sight of him moving closer and closer made Ichigo tremble. Well, he'd let the cat all the way out of the bag with that one. What was he supposed to do now? Grimmjow came to a stop on the bleacher below him and still managed to look down at him.

Grimmjow's voice softened as he repeated his question, but only a little. However, it was enough to give Ichigo the backbone he needed. He lifted his chin defiantly and squared his jaw. Might as well go all the way.

"You heard me, asshole. Is that what it's gonna take for you to believe me?"


Grimmjow stared down at his best friend, heart banging against his ribs. Had he just heard what he thought he did? Ichigo was going to be the death of him, but he would admit that it would be the sweetest kind of death. The brat had pissed him off while he'd been in the middle of trying to spill his guts to him, and he'd been so ready to just let it die. It'd seemed like Ichigo didn't want to be bothered. Hell, all the kid did was lie and dodge Grimmjow's questions, so Grimmjow figured he was a lost cause. It'd hurt more than anything he'd ever felt in his life. He'd been fighting tears and everything. Good thing they hadn't fallen before Ichigo had made his little declaration. And what a declaration it had been, if Grimmjow's ears weren't deceiving him. He was willing to believe anything at this point, so maybe he hadn't heard what he thought he did.

"Ichigo," he started, voice low and serious. "Did you just ask me ta fuck you?"

Ichigo's henna-brown eyes flashed before narrowing. "And if I did?"

Grimmjow's stomach lurched like he was about to run out onto the field for a championship game. Ichigo, Ichigo, Ichigo, he chanted in his head. They'd been best friends forever; didn't the kid know better than to challenge him? He grinned, and he could tell from Ichigo's expression that it scared the shit out of him.

He made sure his voice was syrupy sweet when he asked, "Is that a challenge, Ich?"

The trepidation in Ichigo's eyes disappeared as quickly as if someone had blown out a candle. The orange-haired boy gave a slow smirk and snorted a laugh.

"Heh. Nope. It's more like an invitation, ya know?"

Grimmjow almost swept Ichigo off his feet and threw him over his shoulder. Was he being serious? He had to know.

"Ichigo, you fuckin' wit' me?" he growled.

Ichigo's face went deadpan. "I'm trying to, but you're wasting time talking."

Grimmjow arched a brow. If Ichigo was playing around, it was too late to take it back now. Grimmjow wouldn't hear of it. He nodded as if affirming it to himself before turning and trotting down the bleachers. When he didn't hear any footsteps following him, he glanced over his shoulder and raised a brow again.

"You comin'?"

Ichigo shoved his hands into his hoodie pocket and nodded, eyes alive with determination.

"I'm right behind you."


The walk back to the dorm found them silent as a graveyard. Grimmjow had so much running through his mind, he didn't know where to start. Ichigo had actually offered to have sex with him and was actually going through with it. But what did that mean? Did Ichigo have feelings for him, or did he just want to bone? Grimmjow would be happy with both options, though he really wanted Ichigo's heart. Beggars couldn't be choosy, however. He kept tossing glances at his best friend and soon to be...what? Lover? Fuck buddy? Who knew. All Grimmjow was aware of was the fact that he was about to make good on that invitation Ichigo had extended.

It was half past midnight, so the dorm halls were relatively quiet, meaning, they didn't have to fight to get to their room. Good. Grimmjow had butterflies in his stomach, and the closer they got to their room, the bigger those butterflies got and the harder their wings flapped. He couldn't believe this was about to happen.

They made it to the room without incident, and Grimmjow unlocked the door, although he fumbled with his keys a bit. A soft chuckle behind him made him look over his shoulder. Ichigo wore a slick grin, and his brown eyes were warm with affection.


"Nervous?" the orange-haired teen quietly asked.

Grimmjow turned his back to the boy to hide his expression as he scoffed. "No. You? Yer not gonna back out on me are ya?"

God, he hoped not. He was inwardly praying and crossing all of his fingers and toes, when Ichigo chuckled again.

"No, I'm good."

The door swung open, and they stepped inside. Ichigo closed the door behind them and locked it for good measure. Grimmjow wanted to dance for joy. If Ichigo was serious about this, it was really going to happen. Grimmjow couldn't wait to get his hands on the boy. He'd fantasized about this for a while now. As he kicked off his slippers, his eyes followed Ichigo over to the dresser where Grimmjow's stereo was located. The teen fiddled with the knobs a bit before music poured into the room, bass heavy against the walls and floor. The song was one Grimmjow was familiar with because Ichigo listened to it all the time. Hell, he even had it as his ring tone. It was called "Last Ones Standing" by Example, a dubstep song with a grinding bass line and rolling and stuttering electronic tunes. In short, it was awesome and even better when played at high volume.

Ichigo hit a button on the stereo again, cranking the volume a little more. Then, he turned to face Grimmjow with a raised brow.

"You're still dressed?"

Oh, Grimmjow liked this game. He liked it a lot.

With a saucy smirk, Grimmjow lifted the hem of his hoodie and pulled the heavy, cotton material over his head. He tossed it to the floor without a second glance at it before going for the white tee he wore beneath it. That too made it over his head and to the floor in less than three seconds. The entire time, he kept his eyes on Ichigo. Ichigo grinned and ambled closer, his hoodie making a quick trip to the floor as well, followed by the tee he wore beneath it.

Grimmjow enjoyed the view as they gravitated towards one another. Ichigo's body was sleek and muscular, cut in all the right places from all his years of running track. However, Grimmjow was distracted by the look in those brown eyes. Ichigo was staring at Grimmjow's chest, and his hands twitched like he couldn't contain the urge to run them across Grimmjow's torso. That was fine.

"Whatcha waitin' for, tough guy?" Grimmjow mumbled.

His skin felt so hot, and he was already half-hard at just the thought of what was about to happen. God, he'd never wanted something so badly in his life. Ichigo licked his lips, and it nearly undid Grimmjow. He just wanted to toss Ichigo on his bed and get this show on the road, but figured waiting for Ichigo's signal was a better idea.

"I just wanna look for a sec," Ichigo said, eyes round with obvious admiration. "All this time I've had to peek and shit, scared you'd think something was wrong with me."

Grimmjow frowned and reached forward, grabbing Ichigo's hands. Without any hesitation, he placed them on his chest, palms down. When he did that, it instantly brought Ichigo closer.

"You don' jus' gotta look, Ich. Touch me too."

Ichigo's face finally showed some sign of him being flustered. His skin flushed and the bright red reached the tips of his ears as his hands slowly, carefully traced every ridge of Grimmjow's torso. When the other boy's fingers reached his abdomen, Grimmjow tucked his bottom lip between his teeth and watched, enraptured. Ichigo rubbed his palms over every hard plane, and he got so into it, he started humming under his breath, soft little grunts of satisfaction that made Grimmjow's toes curl with anticipation. And then, Ichigo looked up at him, eyes positively glazed over with lust. Grimmjow's jaw jumped an instant before he pushed Ichigo onto his bed.

He'd never been big on patience, anyway.

As Ichigo bounced a couple times on the mattress, Grimmjow went for the boy's sweat pants and sneakers. He had one hand on Ichigo's left shoe, and the other tugged on the teen's pants by the left knee. Ichigo chuckled as he sat back on his elbows and watched.

"You know, we don't actually have to rush," he teased.

Grimmjow didn't even slow his pace as he tossed one of Ichigo's sneakers aside and went for the other.

"Fuck that," he mumbled.

He was too focused at the moment to think of such trivial things like taking his time. Ichigo's remaining sneaker came off, and Grimmjow tossed that one too before going back to the boy's pants. He tugged hard enough to hear the fabric tear in an unseen location, but he achieved his goal. Ichigo's pants slid down to his ankles, and from there, all it took was one more quick yank to get them onto the floor. Grimmjow climbed onto the bed and sat back on his haunches to eye his handiwork. Ichigo was laying in his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of those plaid boxers Grimmjow liked so much. This time, he licked his lips and moved in for the kill.

He slid on top of Ichigo, kneeing the boy's legs apart in order to fit himself between them comfortably. When he was poised above the orange-haired teen, he grinned and leaned in, closing the gap between their faces.

"Did I ever tell ya I love these plaid boxers a'yers?" he murmured.

Ichigo gave a grin of his own, brown eyes resembling melted chocolate. "Not that I can recall, but...feel free to do so anytime you like."

A jolt of desire raced through Grimmjow as he stared down into his best friend's eyes. Ichigo was damned sexy. Not to mention, Grimmjow could clearly feel the imprint of the boy's arousal against his hip.



"Kiss me."

A blush stole across the bridge of Ichigo's nose as his eyes suddenly turned shy. But he still nodded and lifted his chin to meet Grimmjow halfway, and that was all Grimmjow needed to make his move. He dipped his head and connected their lips. The effects were instantaneous. Everything caught fire and scorched. Lava pooled in his gut and flew through his veins before making a return trip to his groin. Grimmjow grunted in surprise when Ichigo slid his tongue into his mouth. He hadn't been expecting that right away, but it wasn't like he wouldn't embrace it.

Ichigo's arms came up and encircled Grimmjow's neck as he angled his head to the side. The change in posture provided better access and a deeper kiss. Ichigo's tongue was aggressive and sure as he used it to search out every crevice in Grimmjow's mouth. It was heaven. Grimmjow never wanted to stop, and he damned sure didn't want to move. Which was perfect because Ichigo's legs spread even further apart as he moaned and rotated his hips. Grimmjow groaned and ran his right hand down the left side of Ichigo's body. He hooked his index finger in the waistband of those plaid boxers and pulled out of the kiss with a lazy smirk.

"Ya wanna take these off?"

Instead of the sultry tease he'd been expecting from Ichigo, the teen frowned. "Dude, you've still got a whole pair of pants on. These boxers don't come off until you take those off."

Honestly, Grimmjow had totally forgotten that he still had on his pants. He'd been too busy trying to get Ichigo out of his. With a careless shrug, Grimmjow sat up and rolled off the bed with ease. Once he was standing, he grabbed the outside of the legs to the pants and gave a sharp yank. The pants fell away with ease.

"I love tear-away warm-up pants," he commented.

Ichigo's frown disappeared as he outright laughed, and damn if it didn't make Grimmjow's man down under do a little jig. Ichigo's voice was husky and deep and all types of bedroom worthy. It made Grimmjow feel frisky enough to up the ante. Instead of climbing back onto the bed like he'd started to, he hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband of his black boxer briefs and slowly slid them down over his hips. Ichigo's eyes went so dark, they were almost black as he stared, lips parted and all. Grimmjow paused what he was doing, wearing a smirk so filthy, it should've been against the law.

"Wanna see more?" he asked.

Ichigo didn't even seem to hear him. His eyes were glued to the tent in Grimmjow's underwear. That was so hot. He was glad he was getting a chance to see this side of his best friend. A wayward thought entered his mind that he had to boot with the speed of lightning. He didn't want to imagine Ichigo looking at anyone else the way he was looking at Grimmjow. He didn't want to imagine Ichigo looking at Kensei like that.

Fuck that.

He resumed the slow strip tease, pausing once again once the waistband hit just above his straining length, showing off his dark blue pubic hairs. This time, Ichigo did look up with murder in his gaze.

"Stop playing around, and show me your dick already, Grimm."

Well, damn.

Grimmjow did his own share of staring. This damned boy was going to kill him with his feisty attitude. Once he got over his shock, he lowered his underwear to his calves and kicked them the rest of the way off. Ichigo grunted, then whistled.

"I always wondered..."

Grimmjow cocked his head to the side and considered Ichigo's words. If he'd always wondered, did that mean he'd always been interested? Had Grimmjow been right when he'd thought Ichigo had had a thing for him back in high school? Maybe that was just wishful thinking. Whatever. He had bigger fish to fry. He sauntered back to the bed and climbed onto it. However, he sat back on his heels and arched a brow.

"You can take those off now."

Ichigo seemed like he was in a trance as he nodded and went for his own underwear. He didn't tease with his actions, though. He shucked his boxers and tossed them aside like they'd offended him. That was when Grimmjow eased between the boy's legs once more. With all their skin bared, the effect was like sinking into a warm jacuzzi bath. Grimmjow didn't even have to ask Ichigo to kiss him this time around; the teen did it on his own. He placed a hand at the back of Grimmjow's neck and drew him into an open-mouthed kiss that turned heated and erotic within seconds. They rolled their hips against one another, both moaning and groaning like it was the best thing they'd ever felt in the world. And perhaps it was. Grimmjow knew it was for him. Not even winning a championship came close to this.

After he'd had his fill of Ichigo's soft lips and wickedly dexterous tongue, Grimmjow pulled back and trailed wet kisses along the boy's hairless jaw. He licked a sloppy stripe down the side of Ichigo's neck, grinning when the orange-haired teen moaned. The noises Ichigo made were one-of-a-kind, and Grimmjow would cherish them in his memory bank for as long as he could. He took his time exploring Ichigo's upper body. He navigated the dips and valleys like an off-road vehicle until he was presented with an already peaked, tawny nipple. Ichigo arched his back as Grimmjow let his breath ghost over the hardened nub. That was all the information Grimmjow needed. Ichigo's nipples were sensitive like a girl's.

What fun.

He circled the right nipple with his tongue before capturing it between his lips and tasting it. Then, he flicked his tongue over it repeatedly, drawing moan after delicious moan from his best friend. The hand Ichigo had at the back of Grimmjow's head tightened into a fist, Grimmjow's hair tangling with Ichigo's long fingers. Grimmjow couldn't get enough of hearing Ichigo's pleasure, so he decided to raise the stakes. He gave Ichigo's other nipple the same treatment as the first before heading lower to tease the boy's navel. He knew for a fact that Ichigo's navel was a soft spot. Anytime he'd tickled his best friend, if his fingers happened to get caught in the small indentation, Ichigo would writhe and shriek like a banshee, so Grimmjow wondered what would happen if he used his tongue.

Just as he'd thought, Ichigo squirmed and moaned so loudly, it almost sounded like a cry for help. That was lovely, but it wasn't what he was looking for. He wanted Ichigo to call his name and say dirty, nasty things to him. Therefore, he was left with one option. He lowered himself between Ichigo's legs and grasped the boy's thighs, spreading them like a book. Ichigo's shaft was perfectly textbook: not too long, not too short; not too skinny and not too thick. His balls were darker than the rest of his skin and absolutely hairless. Did he shave? Grimmjow gave an internal chuckle. If Ichigo did, he would tease him for the rest of his life.

He reeled his mind back to the here and now and dipped his head to Ichigo's sack for an experimental taste. It was a bit musky, but it wasn't salty. Ichigo just tasted like clean skin and him. Grimmjow let his tongue grow bolder as he licked with more pressure. Ichigo hissed and rotated his hips, eagerly searching for something. Grimmjow knew exactly what the boy was looking for. He wrapped his fingers around his best friend's dick and brought it towards him. He looked up and almost made a mess on his comforter at the smoldering stare Ichigo was sending him. That was all the encouragement Grimmjow needed. He slipped his mouth over the head of Ichigo's length and gently rolled his tongue around it.

"Oh, yeah, Grimm. Just like that," Ichigo moaned as his eyes slid shut.

Grimmjow grunted and lowered his mouth a bit more over the unyielding member, wetting it with his saliva. He repeated that motion until Ichigo's entire length was covered. Then, he picked up a steady rhythm and sucked harder, faster. He watched the expressions dancing across his best friend's face and felt his own arousal bobbing and twitching with need. He didn't think he would be able to last long enough to get the shorter boy off with his mouth, but nothing was impossible. He picked up speed and added even more pressure, wanting to grin when he noticed Ichigo gripping the comforter like it was the key to life.

Ichigo hissed and threw his head back against Grimmjow's pillows. "Oh my God, this feels so fucking good."

Grimmjow wanted to pull back and ask for further confirmation, but knew he'd probably catch one of Ichigo's knees to the side of his head. Instead, he hummed and slowed his pace for a brief moment, choosing to concentrate more on the head, while he used his hand to stroke and massage what his lips and tongue couldn't reach. He looked up and watched as Ichigo bit his fist, brown eyes squeezed shut. His hips were moving at their own pace, jerking erratically from time to time. Grimmjow wished he could laugh, but he was too busy trying to get more entertaining and hot reactions out of his best friend.

As soon as he went to lower his mouth over Ichigo's arousal again, his hair was pulled harshly, making him scowl and glare up at the orange-haired teen. He backed up at that and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"What the fuck was that, Ichigo?"

Ichigo was panting at the ceiling, chest heaving as he gulped down air. It took a moment for him to get himself together enough to be able to form words.

"That..." he started before taking another deep breath. "Was me about to seriously cum in your mouth."

Grimmjow snorted and rubbed the abused spot on his head. "Did it ever cross yer mind that I mighta wanted ya ta do that?"

Ichigo peered at him from the bottom of his eyes, head still pressed firmly onto Grimmjow's pillows. "Well, maybe I didn't wanna cum yet."

"Why not?"

"Dumbass. I'm not a girl, and I don't have multiple orgasms the way they do. Maybe I wanna enjoy releasing my load at another time," Ichigo explained carefully.

Grimmjow chuckled, still confused. "I don't get it."

"I swear your mom dropped you on your head when you were a kid. I wanna cum while you're fucking me! Not while you're blowing me! Get it now, dork?"

Grimmjow fought a blush at Ichigo's crass language, only because as soon as the words came out, he could vividly imagine himself deep inside his best friend. Hot damn, it gave him chills.

"Oh," he mumbled as he scratched the tip of his nose. As if just realizing that Ichigo had chewed him out rather harshly, he scowled and snapped, "And shut the fuck up, smartass."

Ichigo cackled and sat up a bit, reaching forward and placing a hand on Grimmjow's waist. "C'mere," he murmured. "You know I'm just playing."

Grimmjow almost shuddered as he moved in towards Ichigo. He could get very used to hearing Ichigo's voice take on that low pitch and sexy tone. He started to crawl on top of the orange-haired teen, but was pushed none too gently onto his back. Ichigo swung his legs around and straddled Grimmjow's hips, his hands braced on Grimmjow's chest.

"Your turn, right?" he asked with a wicked gleam in his brown eyes.

Grimmjow shrugged. "You don't have to-"

"Oh, wow," Ichigo said, effectively cutting him off. "You're gonna turn down a blow job?"

"Hey! Whatcha tryna say, asshole? You callin' me a whore?"

"I would never," Ichigo said with mock offense in his voice. "But if the shoe fits..."

Grimmjow reached up and grabbed Ichigo's shoulders, pulling the boy down on top of him until they were nose-to-nose for what seemed like the umpteenth time that night.

"Ya better be glad I like ya," he rumbled before pressing their lips together.

Ichigo grinned into the kiss before he allowed himself to relax into it. Their tongues teasingly played for a bit before Ichigo's lips were on the move along Grimmjow's jawline. The other boy hummed as if he were enjoying himself more than Grimmjow, but Grimmjow highly doubted it. He let his head fall back against the pillows as Ichigo's tongue grew bolder, toying with his Adam's apple and languidly tracing his collar bone. Ichigo sure was taking his time mapping Grimmjow's neck and torso. It was getting the taller teen hot and bothered, not to mention impatient. He arched his back, trying to hint to Ichigo that he was ready for more than just a tongue bath. Well, at least on his chest. He was itching to feel the boy's lips wrapped around another, more intimate body part.

Ichigo dipped his tongue into Grimmjow's navel, then pulled back and blew into the tiny cavern. It made the muscles of Grimmjow's stomach jump, and he found himself trying to wriggle away from the odd sensation.

"What the hell ya doin'?" he grumbled, lifting his head and peering down at his friend.

Ichigo didn't even break stride as he said, "Learning."

Grimmjow was jealous. How could Ichigo sound so cool at a time like this? He, on the other hand, was still internally flustered. He couldn't get over the fact that he was about to get a blow job and have sex with the boy he'd considered just his best friend not too long ago. They'd known each other for so long that it seemed like a scene from a parallel universe what they were doing. Didn't Ichigo feel the same way? Speaking of which, Grimmjow couldn't help but to think of what would happen once all this was over. Would they go back to being just friends, or would they consider becoming more? He knew what he wanted. He wanted to be Ichigo's everything. He didn't mind being the boy's best friend, just as long as he could continue to hold him in his arms. Continue to kiss him and touch him in ways that weren't just limited to occasional hugs and arms over the shoulders.

He was knocked out of his thoughts by a warm, wet tongue sliding along the underside of his dick. He jumped and groaned, taken all the way off guard. Before he could gather his wits about him, Ichigo's mouth was clasped over his arousal and lowering towards his pubes. Now, that was a feat in itself because yes, Grimmjow was an arrogant son of a bitch, but he knew for a fact that he was blessed with what he liked to call a super-sized package. And Ichigo was handling it like the gear shift of a manually driven vehicle.

"Ohhhhh, shiiiiiit," Grimmjow drawled as he watched Ichigo's mouth sink lower and lower. Once Ichigo came to a stop at the base of his length, Grimmjow's back was arched, his mouth was open, and his eyes were enormous. "What the fuck?" he breathed.

Ichigo swallowed and slowly pulled back until he reached the head and did it all over again. Grimmjow dug a hand into Ichigo's spiky, orange hair and tightened his fingers around the strands. With Ichigo's second descent, he added more pressure, while his tongue cushioned the thick vein underneath Grimmjow's shaft.

"Oh my fuckin' God," Grimmjow moaned.

His toes curled as his hips rotated and he guided Ichigo's mouth along his length. He hissed and sat up on one elbow so he could get a better look at what Ichigo was doing. The boy's brown eyes were closed like he'd set up shop in Nirvana and had no intentions of ever returning. His lips were full and wet and the sight was driving Grimmjow crazy. Ichigo sped up, and Grimmjow was positive at this point that the boy didn't have a gag reflex at all.

Ichigo wasn't even using his fucking hands. Hell, he didn't have to.

Grimmjow let his eyes roll shut when Ichigo palmed his balls and rolled them around. He moaned again, but it was a little higher in pitch, which scared him. He was about to whine like a chick. He opened his eyes and almost gave the back of Ichigo's throat a shower. The boy's brown eyes were open and focused on Grimmjow. Grimmjow tugged on Ichigo's hair and pulled him off his dick.

"Damn you," he growled.

Ichigo came away cracking up as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "What's wrong, big guy? Can't handle a little BJ?"

"Fuck you!" Grimmjow snapped, embarrassed. "That wasn't a little BJ, you fuckin' Hoover!"

He couldn't believe he'd been about to lose all semblance of his control. Ichigo crawled over him and tried to kiss him, but Grimmjow was pouting, so he turned his head away. The orange-haired teen chuckled and kissed Grimmjow's cheek instead.

"Awww," he crooned.

Grimmjow glared at him from the corner of his eye. "You don' have a gag reflex, do you?"

Ichigo just grinned and kissed Grimmjow's cheek again. "You tell me."


Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo by the waist and tossed him onto his back. "Ya know, you've been talkin' a lotta smack," he said before dipping his head and sucking on Ichigo's neck. He made sure to leave a mark that wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon before he lifted his head and brushed his nose against Ichigo's. "Think it's 'bout time ta cancel that out, hm?"

Ichigo gave a sideways smirk and tilted his head. "Oh, yeah?"

Grimmjow just snorted a chuckle. "You never learn. When ya challenge me, I always win."

"So, prove it."

Grimmjow nodded and leaned across the shorter boy towards his nightstand, where he rooted around in the top drawer. After a moment of blind digging, his hand closed over what he was looking for. He retrieved the bottle of unscented lubricant and left the drawer open in his haste to get back to his smart-mouthed best friend. He gave Ichigo no warning; he just lifted the boys legs and spread them apart. He didn't grin, he didn't tease, and he was sure that was the cause for the sudden widening of Ichigo's eyes. Grimmjow got down to business. When Ichigo issued a challenge, Grimmjow went out of his way to come out on top. This time he planned to do it literally.

He reached down and ran a finger down the seam of Ichigo's ass, inwardly smirking when the boy grunted and pushed his bottom into Grimmjow's hand. Oh, this is gonna be so much fun, Grimmjow thought. He grasped a cheek in each hand and gently pried them apart. Ichigo wound his hips and sighed, and Grimmjow got the picture. At first, he'd wanted to savor the moment, but now...well, shit. He wasn't all hard for nothing.

He flipped the cap to the bottle of lube, poured some over his fingers, rubbed them together and carefully prodded at Ichigo's opening with his index. He glanced up at Ichigo's face and narrowed his eyes, desire hitting him hard in the gut. Ichigo's eyes were closed, mouth opened and head thrown back against the pillows. When the teen licked his lips and went back to panting, Grimmjow used that time to slide his finger home.

"Oh!" Ichigo cried in surprise.

That cry turned into a moan, though.

Grimmjow passed his finger in and out, all the while keeping his eyes glued to his best friend's face. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. Ichigo's skin was flushed and covered with a light sheen of sweat, and his hair was sticking to his forehead. Grimmjow grinned. He hadn't even gotten to the really good part yet.

He slid another slicked finger inside of Ichigo's tight passage and gave a quiet grunt when Ichigo moaned lavishly.

"Jesus Christ," he breathed.

Grimmjow used his free hand and worked it over his own throbbing arousal. Ichigo was so tight, but pliant. He didn't think breaching the boy's insides would be painful at all. Most guys couldn't handle the weight between his legs, but if the way Ichigo had sucked him off was any indication, then Grimmjow was sure he was in for a treat.

He leaned over and captured Ichigo's lips with his own before aggressively driving his tongue into the teen's mouth. As he deepened the kiss, he slid another finger inside of Ichigo. Grimmjow refused to let his friend pull out of the kiss, instead taking advantage of the moment and finding every little hiding spot in the oral cavity. He'd had to let his shaft go in order to lean over and kiss Ichigo, but he ground against the orange-haired teen, making sure Ichigo could feel all of his erection.

Finally, Grimmjow ended the kiss, only to move in towards Ichigo's right ear. "Ya ready for me?"

Ichigo whimpered and nodded, obviously unable to speak. Grimmjow grinned again. He'd so won this challenge. He retracted his fingers and pulled Ichigo's legs over his shoulders before lining himself up at the boy's opening. He paused for a second, still unable to believe that this was happening. He was afraid he would wake up and all this would have been just another one of his vivid dreams. But Ichigo moaned, shifted his hips and gripped Grimmjow's forearms that were braced beside him.

"God, Grimm, please," he begged.

His voice was thick with lust – so much so that it was almost hoarse with it. An overwhelming swell of something expanded Grimmjow's chest as he locked eyes with the boy he loved. This was the moment he'd been waiting for since he'd realized that it wasn't just friendship that he felt for Ichigo.

"OK," he murmured.

Grimmjow pressed forward, slowly and very carefully sliding into his best friend. He held his breath at the tight grip that simultaneously pulled him in and tried to push him out. Ichigo gave a loud, open-mouthed gasp and tightened his grip on Grimmjow's arms as his head fell back to the pillows. Grimmjow didn't stop. He couldn't. Ichigo's body sucked him under like a riptide. He was fully submerged when he pressed a kiss to Ichigo's knee, doing everything in his power to calm himself down. He wanted to pound into Ichigo, make the boy scream bloody murder, but he decided against it. There was no telling if this would be the only time they came together in this manner, and Grimmjow didn't want to waste it by fucking Ichigo like he was some type of whore. He'd rather take his time with him. For as long as he could, anyway.

Ichigo bent his knees and pulled Grimmjow down for a kiss that seemed to last forever. Grimmjow slowly began moving his hips, gently retreating before burying himself to the hilt over and over. Ichigo moaned and turned his head to the side, eyes squeezed shut.

"Oh my God," he whispered. "You feel so good. Faster, Grimm, please."

Grimmjow felt like he'd just had a hot flash at Ichigo's hushed statements. Everything heated to a boiling point as he shifted into a more comfortable position and did as Ichigo requested. He held his breath as their skin came together and made noises that turned Grimmjow on even more. He winced at the surge of pleasure that came with the increase of pace. He was trying to keep it together, he really was, but Ichigo wasn't helping with his loud moans and breathy pants. He ended up grunting until he was moaning right along with the boy beneath him. Ichigo's hips started moving with him, rolling and pushing forward to greet Grimmjow's thrusts, and that was all Grimmjow could handle. Ichigo was tight, soft and slick from the lubricant, and it felt so fucking good.

"Fuck, yes," Ichigo growled. "H-harder, Grimm."

Grimmjow growled right back, sweat forming along his brow he went harder. Faster. Then, he paused and sat back on his heels. He gripped Ichigo's ankles and spread them even further apart as he resumed his previous pace and force.

"Like that?" he rumbled.

Ichigo reached down and wrapped a hand around his painful-looking erection as he nodded and tucked his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Hell, yeah," he groaned.


Grimmjow's breath shuddered in and out of his chest as he watched his friend being taken to ecstasy. It felt even more powerful because it was him that was causing Ichigo to make those beautiful noises. Ichigo's hand sped up, and Grimmjow could see the pressure the other boy added to his own shaft. The orange-haired teen's brows creased as his hips rotated and searched for that added friction that would tip him over the edge. Grimmjow gladly gave it to him. The head of Ichigo's erection was almost purple, and Grimmjow knew it was coming. He pressed forward again, sinking deeper before slapping into his friend all over again.

Ichigo crashed like a wave.

He literally howled and sobbed his orgasm, tears squeezing from beneath his tightly shut lids. Grimmjow hissed and tried with all his might to ride it out. Didn't work. Ichigo's insides were pulsing around him, massaging his length like a back rub, and he couldn't hold back anymore. His own orgasm hit him like a train off its tracks, shocking him with its intensity.

"Ah!" he gasped before trembling all over.

His arms shook as he tried to hold himself up, but it didn't really work out that way. He ended up letting go of Ichigo's ankles and collapsing onto him, breathing heavy and sated. He rested his face in the crook of the shorter boy's neck as he got himself together, not even caring that he was laying in a tiny puddle of Ichigo's pleasure.

That had been the best sex he'd ever had. Might've been because he was desperately in love with his best friend. Whatever the case was, no one would ever measure up to Ichigo. No one. He breathed in the teen's unique scent that was mixed with sweat and a hint of himself, and rubbed his hands along the boy's sides. They were quiet for the longest time, Grimmjow wondering what would happen next. Should he just go ahead and tell Ichigo how he felt about him? He knew this whole thing had only happened in the heat of the moment, but he wanted more. He didn't want to let this be the last time they made each other feel this way. It took him a few minutes to catch his breath and gather his courage. When he did, he tentatively cleared his throat.

"I should've told you out on the bleachers how much I love you, Ichigo."

He held his breath and waited, praying Ichigo wouldn't laugh at him and brush his confession aside. When the seconds continued to tick by with no response, he lifted his head and looked into his best friend's face. Ichigo's eyes were shut as he slept peacefully, clearly exhausted. Grimmjow shook his head and chuckled before resting his head back along Ichigo's collar bone and wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist.

He'd tell him when he woke up.


Grimmjow jerked out of his sleep, wondering why he was even awake in the first place. He looked around, confused. Ichigo was still asleep beside him, his body warm and comfortable. Grimmjow grinned as he recalled what they'd done a few hours ago. He could certainly get used to this. The trilling of his cell phone alerted him to the reason he was up. He slowly climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake Ichigo, and made his way over to his discarded warm-up pants. He dug into the pocket and pulled his phone free before glancing down at the screen. He frowned when he didn't recognize the number.

Who the hell?

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hello? Is this Grimmjow Jaegerjaques?" an unfamiliar man asked.

Grimmjow's frown deepened. "Yeah, who's this?"

"This is Dr. Kisuke Urahara from the Karakura General Hospital. I'm calling on behalf of your mother, Retsu Unohana. She collapsed at work this evening."

Grimmjow sat down hard on the side of his bed, mouth open in shock. He couldn't even think, but his heart was racing madly.

"Is she OK?"

He had to know.

"She's fine, but she's been pushing herself too hard with work. She was severely dehydrated when she was brought in. She needs a lot of rest, but she should be OK."

Grimmjow felt like he sighed with his soul. The relief washed over him, leaving him weak and trembling with residual fear. What the hell? His mom had told him she was doing perfectly fine. Why was she working so hard?

"She asked me not to call you because she didn't want to worry you, but I couldn't in all good conscience do something like that."

"Yeah, thank you. Can you tell her I'll be there in a few hours?" Grimmjow asked quietly.

"Sure. I'll see you when you get here."


Grimmjow ended the connection and covered his face with his hands. Jesus Christ, that had scared the shit out of him. He took a few deep breaths to collect himself before lowering his hands and looking over at his still sleeping best friend. He sighed and reached over, shaking the orange-haired boy awake.

"Ich," he called.

Ichigo grumbled in his sleep and turned onto his side. Grimmjow grinned at the endearing sight and shook the teen's shoulder again.

"Wake up, sleepy head."

Ichigo huffed and cracked one brown eye open, glaring at Grimmjow from the corner of it.

"What?" he croaked.

Grimmjow crawled back onto the bed and wrapped Ichigo in his arms. Ichigo turned to face him with a sleepy smirk, and Grimmjow couldn't resist kissing him.

"What? You wanna go another round or something?" Ichigo asked.

Grimmjow snorted and chuckled. "I never knew you were such a freak, Ich. But, no. I gotta go back ta Karakura for a bit."

Ichigo frowned. "What for?"

"My mom. They said she collapsed at work or something. I jus' wanna go an' make sure she's OK, ya know?"

"Yeah, yeah, of course. Tell her I said hi and that I hope she feels better."

Grimmjow nodded and kissed him again. When he pulled back, he stared at Ichigo until Ichigo scowled at him.

"What now?"

"About what we did..." Ichigo's blush was immediate as he averted his gaze. Grimmjow gripped his chin and turned him back. "Don' do that. I wanna know. Did you have sex with me jus' ta prove a point, or was it somethin' else? Tell me the truth."

Ichigo looked like he wanted to cry, but he slowly shook his head and took a deep breath.

"I-it was something else."

Grimmjow's heart rate sped up again. Was Ichigo saying what he thought he was? Hell, he needed to be sure.

"Somethin' else like what?" he asked.

Ichigo squirmed in his arms, but pressed on. "I...I...I..."

Grimmjow gently squeezed Ichigo, encouraging him to get his words out. "Tell me," he murmured.

"...Grimm, I love you...and not just as a friend or a brother. I love you."

Grimmjow let the breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding go and pulled Ichigo into a hug. "Fuckin' finally," he sighed. "God, I hoped you would say that." He leaned back and once again met Ichigo's bright gaze. "I love you too, Ich."

Ichigo stared at him like he was Jesus Christ himself for a few moments before he chuckled. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I-I, I just... Dude, I've been in love with you since you came back from America. This shit feels unreal," he ended with another laugh.

Grimmjow smiled. "I kinda had a feelin' back then, but then I thought ya liked somebody else. Threw me off."

"I always knew you were an idiot," Ichigo said, an amused gleam in his eyes.


This time, Ichigo hugged Grimmjow. His face was tucked into Grimmjow's neck when he stated, "But you're my idiot now."

Grimmjow liked the sound of that.

"I can live with that."

They lay that way for several minutes before Grimmjow thought of something.

"Sorry I can't make it ta yer meet tomorrow."

Ichigo shook his head and ran his hand through Grimmjow's hair. "It's OK. I'm sorry I can't come with you to check on your mom. I really would come, but this next meet is the qualifier for the finals."

"You don' gotta explain it ta me, Ich. I know ya woulda came if you could."

Silence reigned for a couple of beats before Ichigo broke it.

"Is it bad that my mind was in the gutter with that last sentence?"

Grimmjow cackled and shook his head. Yeah, he could really get used to this.