Summary: The X-men are used to finding young mutants, so it wasn't out of the ordinary when a boy with super strength and an 'S' on his shirt suddenly appeared. Except he isn't a mutant.

A/N: Don't expect regular updates on this. I only work on this when I don't feel like working on my original stuff. Oh, and in the X-Men Evo universe, this takes place after everyone found out about mutants.

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Some Young, Strange Kids


Dancing with Downtown Hellhounds

Robin was not whelmed right now. In fact, Robin was feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment. Just a few seconds ago he was fighting some crazy, mutant, vaguely dog-like things with his other team members and then he ended up staring at the half moon. There wasn't even a dramatic flash of light that's suppose to happen when something weird happens, but rather the laboratory he was in just decided to become a new location.

'What the hell?' He shook his head, shifted into an offensive pose and attacked his enemy. Or he would have if anyone was actually there.

"Huh?" The laboratory was gone, the mutant dogs where gone, and worst of all, his friends seemed to be gone. He was all alone on a…rooftop?

"Okay, what just happened?" He looked around. All he could see in all directions were other rooftops, all around the same height. It was almost silent. Carefully he looked over the edge and saw brick and stone streets not too far down. They were barren aside from a dog or two eating out of the garbage. Along the streets were houses that were dark inside. From what Robin could tell, he seemed to be a desert village. But that couldn't be right; he was just in D.C. a few seconds ago. He checked his watch, thinking he lost his memory again, but the time was normal. He needed to contact the others.

"Aqualad? KF? Where are you?"

Nothing answered back.

"Hello? Is anyone reading me?"

Again, nothing. He checked his radio, and apparently the JLA communications satellite was gone.

'What? How's that possible?' Okay, new plan. Maybe the telepathy would work. 'Miss Martian, do you hear me?'

No answer. He tried thinking louder.

'MM, can you hear me?'

No answer.

'Superboy? Aqualad? KF? Artemis? Anyone? Is anyone there?'

No replies. It's like the telepathic connection (telenection?) went dead.

He calmed down and sighed. "Okay, think Robin. You have no idea how you got here, have no idea where you are, and your teammates are missing. What are you going to do?"

In the end he decided pinpointing his location was the most practical thing at the moment. And so Robin descended into the streets of the village. "This is definitely a disaster."

It was one of those rare occasions where Logan could go out and enjoy himself. It was a decent summer night, a rare time when it wasn't miserably hot, so the residents of Bayville emerged from their households and had some fun on the downtown streets. A group of such people was him, Scott, Jean, Bobby, Jubilee, and Amara. Amara and Jubilee were explaining something to Bobby, with the latter looking like he didn't quite get it, as usual. Scott and Jean were behind them, walking side by side and looking like they wanted to hold hands, but seemed too nervous to. Or maybe he was the one making them nervous.

"Um, Logan, you didn't have to come with us you know. We're perfectly fine walking down the street on our own." Scott said as he looked back toward him.

Logan smirked. "Relax Scott, I'm not here to supervise you, I'm here to supervise them." He pointed at Bobby who was currently throwing popcorn at Amara.

"We can handle them." Jean said. "Besides, they can't get into too much trouble if they don't want to cause major damage."

Logan doubted that. But in truth, he knew Scott and Jean could handle those three. He just wanted an excuse to get out of the mansion. Hey, he wasn't the grumpy recluse that everyone thought he was. Not entirely anyway.

The conversation ended when every light went out, engulfing the street in darkness. Thankfully this wasn't a problem for Logan.

"What happened?" Amara sounded a bit worried. Logan could hear other people who sounded worried to, but mostly annoyed.

"Probably a black out." Jean said.

Logan looked around again, seeing nothing unusual. "Yeah, probably."

So of course what sounded like an explosion echoed across the street, even making the ground shake.

"What was that?" Bobby shouted.

Logan looked around, but didn't see any source of the explosion. Plenty of people were either running in all directions or standing there looking confused, but there was no sign of immediate danger and no damage seemed to have been done. Then he heard another explosion-like sound, and swore he saw a building move slightly in the distance. "Jean, call for backup. Let's check it out."

The six ran toward the building in question, Scott putting on his visor along the way. They arrived at a two story office building, which was closed thankfully. Logan and the others went inside carefully, preparing for anything, but nothing came at them. It just looked like an ordinary office building with cubicles, desks, and chairs. Nothing looked unusual except that some of the equipment was knocked over, like it had been in a quake. "Okay, let's split up. Scott, take Amara and Jubilee and search the second floor. We'll cover the first."

Scott nodded and led the three to the stairs. He, Jean and Bobby started searching this floor, but there was nothing so far, and no more explosions had happened.

"Are you sure we're in the right place?" Bobby asked. "It could have just been affected and the quakes came from somewhere else."

Logan sniffed. There was a strange scent in the air, one he couldn't identify. "Yeah, something's here."

"Look at this." Jean was by one of the walls, examining it. "There are severe cracks in the walls."

"What caused that?" asked Bobby.

"Whatever caused those explosion sounds, I reckon." Logan said.


Logan jumped when Jubilee shouted above them. A second later he heard Scott releasing his heat rays followed by the most eerie, piercing scream he's ever heard. It didn't sound like anything from this earth. "Come on!"

But before they could run to the stairs, the ceiling collapsed in a blaze of fire and something crashed down in front of them. However, that something turned out to be nothing like Logan had ever seen. It was black all over, about the size of a tiger, four-legged. Its body was built like an over-muscled Mastiff with paws that had large claws attached to them. It had a lizard-like tail that was thrashing around in all directions, and its head looked like a dog with an overbite and bug-like pinchers on the sides of its mouth. Logan only had a second to take that in, because the creature launched toward him. Logan dodged, just barely, and turned around. The creature was going after Bobby now while Bobby was desperately trying to hit it with his ice while not running into the furniture, but it wasn't working. That thing was very agile despite its size. "Jean!"

"On it!" Jean lifted the creature telekinetically as it thrashed in the air, trying to grab onto something. She threw it up against the wall as Bobby covered the thing in ice as much as possible, freezing it in a giant ice cube. It didn't look like it would hold for long though.

Scott and the others came down, completely out of breath.

"What happened?" Logan asked him.

"We…we were looking around and that…thing attacked…out of nowhere. I tried to hold it back with my heat rays." Scott panted.

Amara added in. "And then…I…hit it with my fire blasts and…it fell through. What is that thing?"

"I don't know, but we should probably kill it. That thing's too dangerous to keep alive." Logan knew the professor had a 'no killing' policy with everything, but Logan would convince him later that this needed to be an exception. But before they could do anything, another explosion happened, accompanied by what Logan swore was a war cry. Before he realized it, the entire floor collapsed, bringing all six of them and the frozen creature to the parking garage below. Logan groaned and shook his head, trying to get it together. He briefly wondered how he survived that without getting crushed by the rubble. Oh, that's why.

"Is everyone okay?" Jean was floating in the air, holding up the rubble above them. She looked incredibly tired.

"I'm okay." said Scott.

"Been better." Amara groaned.

"I'm alright." said Jubilee.

"Dandy." muttered Logan. He was going to have one hell of a headache later.

"My ankle hurts." Bobby groaned. He tried to stand up, but fell back down. Jubilee helped him back up, but he could barely stand on the ankle. "Is it broken?"

Before Logan could response, the creature landed right in front of them, getting ready to pounce. "Move!" The six of them managed to awkwardly dodge out of the way. Logan unsheathed his claws, getting ready for the thing as it focused its attention in him. Distantly he heard Scott instruct Jubilee to get Bobby out, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Scott and Jean trying to sneak up on the creature from behind.

Jean lifted the creature up again, but it looked like she was struggling. Logan was about to cut the thing open when something made him stop. In the corner of his eye, he saw a giant, cracked ice cube. And in the giant ice cube, there was the creature. The same creature that was in front of him. 'Shit, there's two!'

That little distraction cost him as Jean couldn't hold on to it any longer. The creature dropped down and regained its bearings, charging after Logan. Logan dodged and ran all over the parking garage trying to strike the creature, but wasn't able to get close enough without getting badly hurt. Scott blasted the creature in the back and it turned to attack him, it's back turned toward Logan. 'Bingo.' Logan leaped onto the creature's back. Its skin felt disgustingly leathery. Logan drove his claws into its side and hung on for dear life as the creature bucked and clawed, trying to get him off. Suddenly the creature charged forward, running towards a nearby wall. Logan realized what was going to happen but couldn't get off quick enough. The creature turned sideways and rammed right into the wall with Logan in between. Logan felt himself being crushed into the wall, his body erupting in pain and his sight fading. He slumped down onto the floor as he saw a blurry creature facing toward him. He could hear Scott yell but it sounded distant through his ringing ears. All he could see was the creature opening its mouth, preparing to bite his head off.

Before he could close his eyes and prepare for the end, another large object punched the creature hard, sending it into the nearby wall. Logan watched as debris flew everywhere as the creature screamed in agony. When the dust cleared, it was laying in a pile of rubble with an enormous indent above it. Logan turned his head toward whatever saved him, his vision becoming clearer. He saw a teenage boy looking down at him with a stoic expression and a large, red 'S' on his shirt.

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