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It was a beautiful, warm day. The sun rays warmed peaceful surroundings.
He sat comfortably in a chair next to the old desk, piled with various things. He was holding in his hands Carter's notebook, wondering whether or no review it.
So much has happened in just two weeks. It was hard for him to believe that Hall is no longer with them. It was hard for him to admit even to himself, that right now he could use Carter's help - not only to fight the Darkness, but first of all to support him with his rough riposte on the wedding. When he saw him then at the party, he hoped that Carter will also be at the bachelor party and then support him with his presence at the wedding - 'cause who knew this well if not Carter? Cause he already married Shayera so many times.
"And he lost her hundreds of times," he sighed heavily and opened the notebook.

The truth was that he owed Carter that he was back together with Lois. Calling and asking Hall to 'take care' of Lois in Egypt was a good option. First, Lois was safe with Carter, and second, Hall could tell her the story of cursed lovers.
Although, if he remembered their first meeting, then he never in his life would allow someone like Hall to take care of Lois. At the mere mention of this Clark smiled, shook his head and reviewed several pages. He was glad that he had Carter's diary. Not only because of the written cue how to fight the Darkness and other important issues relevant to the JSA, but also for the simple reason that it was a reminder of Carter - a big, strong, dangerous, fearless fighter who consistently for thousands years loved one woman.

Clark couldn't imagine how difficult it must be for Hall to return to life without Shayera. Die and be born anew, to live through everything again.
But Carter got used to it.
No... you can't get used to it.
He simply resigned to his fate, he accepted his fate and he used his gift.
I wonder if he wrote something about us? Clark thought amused, remembering Hall's interactions with Oliver. Oh... there were beautiful moments, especially when Carter called Olli 'affectionately' his "punching bag".

Clark fixed his gaze on Hall's photo.
"When could this be done?" he wondered.
So many lives...
If Carter hadn't saved Lois...
He will be grateful to him for that until the end of his days.
Suddenly, his eyes were covered by someones hands.
"Good," Lois threw leaning to him "I finished picking the flowers and bridesmaids dresses. You can go back home."
At these words he remembered what Carter told him on the day of their engagement:
"I'll tell you just that, when it comes to planning wedding, just nod - a lot."
Whole Hall.
It's a pity that they had so little time to get to know each other better, that Clark couldn't learn from him something more.
But one thought raise his spirits - both of them are now with their beloved and that's all mattered, the present moment.