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Bakura; Yeah, cause I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that you love our abridged series inhumanly more than is healthy for someone your age.

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Bakura; Actually, it's more like I'm the only thing preventing it from spiraling into the ground.

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Bakura; That's not my fault; you're the one writing this bloody thing.

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Bakura; Then why the bloody hell did you have me do it?

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Bakura; Urgh, its times like these where I actually wish Melvin and his chainsaw were here…

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(For the record, any time Yami or Yugi talks in Italics, it means they're in spirit form.)


*Yami has a bunch of cards floating around him and says "Yugioh 5D's? More like Yugioh 5 Z's…" then it cuts to Kaiba, sulking his office.*

Kaiba; I still can't believe I lost to Yugi Motou in a children's card game. Again.

Lackey #1; Zat is impossible, Heir Kaiba.

Lackey #2; Ja, you nefer lose at anysing, you haf Money!

Kaiba; Why the hell are you two still here? I thought I fired you both after Battle City,

Lackey #2; You did.

Lackey #1; Vee just like hanging around here-


Lackeys; Hiel Kaiba!


*theme song* Quieter! Send Kirby down! Tourniquet, Frylock's high agaiiin! *theme song*


Kaiba; Losing a children's card game has caused me to have an existential crisis.

Mokuba; Didn't we already use that joke last time?

Kaiba; Screw last time; I'm having an existential crisis! And I don't think even card games can solve this one.

Mokuba; Why don't we take a vacation? Maybe that'll help you feel better.

Kaiba; Maybe you're right, Mokuba; a vacation could be just the thing I need to get my zeal back. Someplace remote where I can just unwind…

Mokuba; I knew you'd like that idea, Big Brother. You need some time to relax and forget about all your troubles-

Kaiba; Right after I gloat to Yugi that I'm better then him in a vain attempt to save face.

Mokuba; OK, forget what I just said…

Kaiba; *presses intercom call button* Hair Guy, get the Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet ready. I need to go see Yugi before I take a vacation.

Hair Guy; Attention Duelists! My hair is perplexed. Why are you taking a vacation?

Kaiba; I honestly don't know. But since I'm sure it must have something to do with the plot, I'm not questioning it.

Mokuba; Wait a second, I thought Hair Guy worked for Pegasus.

Kaiba; He switches back and forth every now and then.

Mokuba; But that doesn't make any sense!

Kaiba; Screw sense, I have a dragon shaped jet plane!

Hair Guy; Attention Duelists! My hair thinks you're just overdoing it now.

Kaiba; Oh, and you're not?

Hair Guy; Touché.

Mokuba; So where are we going to go for our vacation?

Kaiba; Shut up, Mokuba.

*Meanwhile, in Yugi's bedroom…*

Yugi; *pants heavily* That…was the most…traumatic…experience…ever!

Yami; *smugly* You know, you really need to lighten up about these things…

Yugi; Oh shut up, you! At least you didn't have her singing "A Whole New World" on your date.

Yami; Well, at least you didn't have f[beep]king birds attack you.

Yugi; You wanna bet? Her nails are seriously sharp! It felt like she was sticking pens into me!

Yami; No, I think it was you who did the 'sticking'.

Yugi; And what's that suppose to mean?

Yami; Oh, nothing…

Yugi; You're impossible, you know that?

Yami; That's what she said.

Yugi; Oh for the love of crap, I'm going to school!

Yami; I didn't know they had school on Saturdays.

Yugi; They don't, which is why I'm going. Maybe there I can finally have some peace and quiet.

Yami; And why can't you do that at the museum?

Yugi; I told you already, I suck at DDR. Besides, I left my game of Pop-Up Pirate in my locker.

Yami; Isn't that a children's game?

Yugi; *oblivious* What's your point?

Grandpa; *barges in* Hey Yugi! Guess what?

Yugi; AH! Grandpa, don't you ever knock?

Grandpa; I knocked on Black Luster Soldier earlier.

Yugi; WHAT?

Yami; And that is also what she said!

Grandpa; Anyways, I just got you and your friends tickets for a cruise! Isn't that neato?

Yami; Did he just actually say 'neato'?

Yugi; Did you just actually say 'neato'?

Grandpa; Did I? I don't remember saying it… Regardless, now you and your little friends can finally spend some quality time together.

Yami; He thinks they're little?

Yugi; Oh just shut up… *turns back to Grandpa* Fine, I'll take the tickets…

Yami; Do we even want to know he got them at this point?

Yugi; Not really. Come on; let's go round up the rest of my friends…

*Meanwhile, on Pegasus's island…*

Pegasus; Bored bored bored… There's nothing to do around here: I just took a bath yesterday, my DVD player is on the fritz so watching Spice World again is out, and Kaiba-boy is probably sulking from his daily defeat by Yugi-boy, so chances are he's not going to call me…

*phone rings*

Pegasus; Ooh, I wonder who that can be? *answers phone* Hello?

Kaiba; *dripping sarcasm* Pegasus, how wonderful to hear your smiling voice.

Pegasus; OOooh, Kaiba-boy! I just knew you were going to call me! How are you and your sweet, tight, moist body doing?

Kaiba; …

Pegasus; What?

Kaiba; Never mind… Anyways, I was calling to ask you for a favor.

Pegasus; Finally want to borrow Spice World, do you?

Kaiba; F[beep]k no! I'd rather gouge out my own eyes before I did that! (Which is practically what I did the last time you made me watch that piece of crap…)

Pegasus; Yeah, shame that…

Kaiba; Actually, I wanted to know if I could borrow one of your private boats.

Pegasus; Really? Planning a little party, are we?

Kaiba; No, and even if I was, you wouldn't be invited. But if you must know, Mokuba and I are taking a short vacation.

Pegasus; Getting soundly thrashed by Yugi-boy finally take its toll, huh?

Kaiba; Why does everyone always say that?

Pegasus; …

Kaiba; What?

Pegasus; Nothing~!

Kaiba; *sighs* So can I borrow a boat or not?

Pegasus; Oh, I suppose so… But only if you bring it back in mint condition.

Kaiba; Huh, I guess that's not so bad-

Pegasus; And throw a party.

Kaiba; Oh god-

Pegasus; And invite me.

Kaiba; Please don't say it-

Pegasus; And have karaoke.

Kaiba; Oh, I guess he didn't say it after-

Pegasus; Spice Girls karaoke.

Kaiba; Uhg. He said it…

Pegasus; So do we have a deal?

Kaiba; …Do I have to stay for the whole thing?

Pegasus; Well…I suppose you don't have to stay for more than one or two songs…

Kaiba; Then fine.

Pegasus; How fabulou-

Kaiba; But if I get asked to do even one duet then I'm getting the f[beep]k out of dodge faster than straight at a jazzercise workshop.

Pegasus; I guess that's the best offer I'm going to get out of you. Very well, you may borrow one of my boats.

Kaiba; Kay thanks. *hangs up*

Pegasus; That totally made my day. This calls for some Spice Tunes! Now, where did I leave my leg warmers?

*Meanwhile, in the tool shed…*

Jaden; Yo, fo-sheezy my heezy!

Syrus; Jaden, no.

Jaden; But I-

Syrus; NO. *cocks gun*

Jaden; You do have the safety on, right?

Syrus; *evil grin*

*Meanwhile, at the docks…*

Téa; Now we are at the docks.

Everyone; We know!

Yugi; Well, there's the ship we're suppose to take. Let's get on.

Joey; You know, for some reason, I'm getting this odd sense of déjà-vu. Anyone else know what I mean?

Tristan; I hope The Lonely Island is the house band.

Tèa; I wish we were going to a lonely island. Just me and Yugi. Alone. On an island. No one around for miles. Anything could happen…

Yugi; Hey! Here's an idea; let's all get on the boat!

Tristan; The mother fu-

Yugi; Don't even go there.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* I just hope there'll be hot girls in bikinis on this thing. You know, for my condition.

Serenity; I thought we cured that already.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* It's a chronic condition. Like I told virgin boy over there-

Tristan; HEY!

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" resumes* -I need half naked girls applied to my body at regular intervals.

Mai; Unless you got a thing for geriatrics, you might want to get that out of the way now.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* Why do you say that?

Mai; Because there's nothing but old people on there boat.

Yami; So that's how your grandpa got the tickets.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* Any chance any of them are hot cougars?

Joey; Nyeh, it's not lookin' too likely.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* Nooo!

Yugi; And I thought living with one grandpa was bad enough…

*Meanwhile, somewhere in Egypt…*

Bakura; Does anyone hear have any cards or something? I'm bored.

Council members; *all hold up their decks. Even Zorc*

Bakura; No, I mean normal cards.

Marik; But these are normal card.

Weevil; Yeah, heh heh, where have you been, Buttmunch?

Rex; Huh huh. Yeah, buttmunch.

Teddy; Why would there be any other type of cards?

Zombie Boy; Brains brains brains…. (I'm dead and even I know that.)

Bakura; I don't mean Duel Monsters cards; I mean the kind you use to play poker and Go Fish and Blackjack and stuff like that. I'd even settle for Baseball cards…

Steve L; I'm afraid you are only speaking nonsense; none of those things you have mentioned exist. Even on the moon.

Steve U; You all messed up, fool!

Bakura; Wait, this isn't some f[beep]ked up episode of The Twilight Zone, is it? Please tell me I'm not being bloody Punk'd.

Zorc; Could we start the meeting now? I have an appointment to go destroy Euro Disney later that I can't push back any farther.

Bakura; I thought you already destroyed Euro Disney.

Zorc; They're rebuilding.

Marik; Fine, I guess we should start the meeting now… *clears throat* I now call this meeting of the Evil Council of Doom to order! Si-

Bakura; Marik, if you say "silence" one more time, I will strangle you.

Marik; *EFF* you, Florence! And for your information I wasn't going to say "silence". I was going to say that since we have guests with us today that they should introduce themselves.

Nappa; Hey Vegeta, look! It's a giant purple dinosaur!

Zorc; Yeah, I get that a lot.

Vegeta; That's nice Nappa, they've got a Barney. Good for you.

Nappa; And he's got a huge dragon too.

Vegeta; Goddammit Nappa! I really didn't need to hear that.

Zorc; I get that a lot too.

Alexander Anderson; So this is what ya villains do in yer spare time. Got any Frankenberries around here?

Jedite; I brought my Jack Lelaine Power Juicer™©®. How about a fruit juice cocktail?

Prof. Crowler; Only if you put some Ancient Gear Golem in mine.

Kira; I thought that was just a children's trading card.

Crowler; Shows how much you know.

Ryuk; Ooh! Light, they have apples!

Kira; Damn straight they do.

Bakura; Swell; even more loonies. That's just fan-tucking-fastic.

Vegeta; Hey, that's my line!

Bakura; Actually, I'm pretty sure Yami said that in one of the more recent episodes of the series.

Nappa; He's got you there, Vegeta.

Vegeta; Shut up, Nappa.

Kaiba; *from off screen* Hey, that's my line!

Bakua; Wait a minute, where's Pegasus? Shouldn't he be here by now?

Marik; He called earlier; said something about not being able to find the right tights to go with his leg warmers.

Anderson; Sounds like a real fruit, that one does.

Bakura; Oh, you have no idea…

Marik; Also joining us again is famous voice actor Dan Green.

Dan Green; Hi, I'm Dan Green.

Bakura; What the bloody hell is he doing back here? I thought we kicked him out after that fiasco about Yugi's puzzle.

Dan Green; Well, my PR people said it would be good to get some extra exposure in…

Bakura; *sighs* Oh why fight it anymore? The only thing that could possibly make this any worse would be-

Slenderman; Hey guys!

Bakura; Him. *cocks invisible gun*

*Meanwhile, at NERV headquarters…*

Gendo Ikari; Fuyustki, I'm hungry! Where are my graham crackers?

*Meanwhile, on the mother f[beep]king boat…*

Yugi; So what are you in for?

Old Guy 1; What? I'm old, sonny; I can't hear you well.

Old Guy 2; Oh, and you think you have it bad? Why, if you only knew the problems my libido has been giving me lately…

Yami; You think you got it bad pal? I had to live in alone in a stinking puzzle for five thousand years and get randomly challenged to card games now that I'm out. Not to mention I'm pretty sure someone killed me originally.

Yugi; You know they can't hear you in spirit form.

Yami; So? I still got it worse then them, don't I?

Yugi; Oh I don't know, I think you actually have it pretty good now; you finally have a body again, you can eat and drink, and you can play card games. But most importantly, you have me!

Yami; Yeah, the little 3'2" pipsqueak who gets regularly assaulted and hasn't hit puberty, despite the fact that he's fourteen. I'm sooo lucky.

Yugi; Please, you make it sound like it's you who feels the punches- WHAT DO YOU MEAN 3'2"! I'll have you know that I'm a very respetible 3'7".

Yami; *sarcastically* Oh, my bad!

Yugi; *takes a sip of drink* Oh! 3'8"!

Yami; OK, what the f[beep]k? I know for a fact that the only time you get bigger is when I take over. Or, you know, when Mai's around…

Yugi; *sighs dejectedly* You're right…a guy can dream, can't he?

Old Guy 3; Talking to yourself, huh? Why, I remember when I started going senile-

Yugi; OK, time to go. I wonder where everyone else got to?

*Meanwhile, over there…*

Joey; Whadya mean, 'foul'? That was totally in!

Old Woman 1; *scoffs* Please, that was so far out it flew off the boat!

Tristan; Joey, there are a lot of old people here.

Joey; Not now Tristan, I'm trying to convince this geriatric whackbag here that my last shot was in. It's like she doesn't even know the first thing about Shuffleboard.

Old Woman 1; Bullsh[beep]t!

Joey; You wanna go at it, Grandma?

Tristan; I wonder how the witch is doing…

*And over here…*

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays distorted* So…tired… Must…find…hot…cougars…

Mai; Oh give it a rest Tightpants, the odds of you finding one are about as high as the odds of people believing my breasts are real.

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays distorted* They're real?

Mai; Why does everyone always act surprised at that?

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays distorted* Hey, would you mind taking your top off for a moment?

Mai; What's in it for me?

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays distorted* I'll fix the results of your public opinion poll in your favor.

Mai; *sighs* The things I do to convince people my breasts are real… I bet Téa never has to resort to this kind of thing…

*And also over there…*

Téa; What's in it for me?

Old Woman 2; I'll help you get your sex muffin alone again.

Téa; *sighs* The things I do to get my booty call from Yugi… This seems like the kind of thing Mai Skankentine would resort to.

Old Woman 2; Now get to it Honey, those bunions won't massage themselves.

*Meanwhile, back over here…*

Serenity; Yugi?

Yugi; Oh hey Serenity! What's up?

Serenity; I was just looking for my brother, do you know where he is?

Yugi; I think I saw him storm past a few minutes ago, arguing with some old lady about the finer points of shuffleboard.

Serenity; Huh?

Yugi; They went that way. *points*

Serenity; OK, thanks!

Yami; Are we there yet?

Yugi; Huh?

Yami; Wherever this boat is going, are we there yet?

Yugi; I don't know. I don't even know where we're going?

Yami; Didn't you ask your grandpa when he gave you the damn tickets before you accepted them?

Yugi; No, I just assumed it was one of those three hour tour things, like Gilligan.

Yami; I've never seen that show before, what's it about?

Yugi; Oh about six or seven people get stuck on a lonely island somewhere and have to live there while trying not to kill each other.

Yami; Sounds fascinating. Did they ever play card games?

Yugi; Hmm, I don't remember.

Mako; Don't remember what?

Yugi; AH! Mako? Don't scare me like that you freaky fish guy! Wait, what are you doing here?

Mako; I am not a freaky fish guy! And for your information the Ocean and I are on our one year anniversary. *turns to Ocean* Isn't that right, darling?

Ocean; *ocean sounds*

Yugi; …

Mako; The Ocean say 'that's right'.

Esper Roba; Excuse me, would you like this baby?

Yugi; AH! Who the hell are you?

Esper Roba; My name is Esper Roba! I was a duelist in the Battle City tournament! Don't you remember?

Yugi; Not really… And why do you have to shout so much? It's kind of annoying.

Esper Roba; I'm not shouting, this is me normal speaking voice! But seriously, would you like this baby? We don't want it anymore! It's kind of starting to smell!

Yugi; What the- No! Why the hell would I want a baby? I'm only 14! Beside, I already have Grandpa.

Kaiba; I'm surprised he hasn't keeled over yet…

Yugi; AH! Seriously, why is everyone doing that…?

Kaiba; Who cares. What are you doing on my boat?

Yugi; This is your boat?

Kaiba; Actually, it's Pegasus's boat; he's just letting me borrow it for a while.

Yugi; A senior's cruise?

Kaiba; Yeah, I kind of got screwed over with that…

Yami; Yeah, cause you don't know nothing about screwing, Orphan Boy.

Kaiba; Hey, I only screw the rules! Wait, why did I just say that?

Yugi; Kaiba, Are you feeling OK?

Kaiba; Like you care…

Yugi; Is my beating you on a weekly basis really getting to you that much?

Kaiba; Why do you automatically assume that's the reason?

Yugi; …

Kaiba; What?

Yugi; Oh, nothing…

*Deep beneath the ocean's surface…*

*someone shouts "Double Fine!" and "The Hellion" by Judas Priest begins playing*

Dartz; Gather wound, evwyone! I got us a special announcement for y'all, douche bags!

Alister; Oh great and powerful Dartz, what is this announcement that you have so graciously chosen to bestow upon us?

Valon; Kiss ass…

Raphael; Please don't say it, please don't say it, please don't say it…

Dartz; Listen up, man. Because tomahwoh, we gunna go see Dick Twickle!

*record scratches*

Raphael; Oh not again- *barfs*

Dartz; Hay man, not on the carpet again man! You know how big the biwh for the cweaners is?

Alister; Boss, are you sure about this?

Dartz; Of couwse I am, Asshole! Do I need to get Dick to come down here and swap you siwwy?

Alister; NO SIR!

Dartz; Then kindly shut the *EFF* up and listen, man! In only twenty-two ourwers we all gunna go see Dick!

Valon; Crickey, I think he's serious…

Raphael; Do we really have to?

Dartz; Yes! We gunna go see Dick, and we gonna hang out with Dick… Hell, we might even show him our dhecks!

Raphael; Why me, Lord…?

Dartz; And then we gunna have ourselves a dwink with Dick Twickle!

Raphael; *barfs again*

Dartz; Man, you weally gotta go see a doctow or somethin', man…

*Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…*

Marik; Geez Bakura; did you really have to shoot the guy twenty-five times…?

Bakura; Yes I did; he was annoying me.

Nappa; Wasn't that the guy from Slenderman?

Bakura; You mean you actually saw that movie?

Nappa; Yeah. Hey Vegeta, didn't that movie do well in the box offices?

Vegeta; Who cares!

Dan Green; At least none of his vital organs were hit.

Bakura; *dripping sarcasm* Yeah, good thing…

Kira; Hey, I've got a question. You guys are supposed to be evil, right?

Marik; Absolutely evil!

Kira; So then how many people have you killed?

Marik; Well there was that guy in Episode 2, and Bob was killed off-screen. Apparently…

Kira; Really…

Bakura; …And that's pretty much it. That is if you don't count all the people Marik's evil alter ego killed in my dreams…

Kira; So then what's the purpose of this club thing of yours anyways?

Marik; It's not a club! It is a *EFF*ing Evil Council of Doom! Get it right or we won't let you back in! We'll put up a "No Kiras allowed" sign and everything! And we won't share any of the snacks our mummies packed for us with you!

Bakura; Oh yeah, not a 'club' at all! I'm surprised we don't hold this thing in a tree house in your back yard…

Zorc; Tee hee hee!

Bakura; What is it?

Zorc; He said our 'mummies'! It's funny because he's Egyptian!

Nappa; Ha ha ha ! You're right; that is funny! Hey Vegeta, is that funny?

Vegeta; F[beep]k you Nappa.

Nappa; And I love you too, Vegeta!

Anderson; Actually, Ah wouldnae mind meetin' a real, live mummy! Ya think if Ah sliced it open there'd be Lucky Charms inside?

Crowler; I thought that's what leprechauns were made of.

Anderson; So did Ah, unitl Ah actually found one; turns oot there's nothing but blood and guts inside uv 'em.

Ryuk; Then what's made of apple?

Kira; Aside from apple pie, not much.

Bakura; Who the bloody hell cares about apple f[beep]king pie? Marik, start the bloody council meeting already! All this talk of food is starting to get on my nerves…

Marik; OK, fine… Um…Does anyone have any ideas on how to destroy Yugi this time?

Steve L; In the spirit of fairness, I suggest we let the new guys have a turn.

Steve U: I second that!

Anderson; *holds up bayonets* Do you think if Ah cut him open he'll spill out children's trading cards?"

Marik; For the last *EFF*ing time Yugi is not to be harmed! How many times do I have to *EFF*ing say it before you get the message!

Anderson; Don't be lookin' at us, ye crazy heathen! We're new here.

Jedite; Why don't we figure out a way to suck out his energy?

Vegeta; Oh please, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! (And trust me, I've heard some really stupid stuff…) As if anyone would-

Marik; Excellent! We shall suck out his energy! …um, how do we do that?

Vegeta; But…but…but…

Bakura; I feel your pain…

Nappa; Who's Yugi?

Zabuza; Yeah, who's this 'Yugi' person?

Bakura; HOLY F[beep]K! Who the hell you and where did you come from? And why is my gaydar suddenly acting up around you?

Marik; Maybe he's Egptian; he is wrapped up like a mummy…

Zabuza; The name's Zabuva, and I'm a ninja. And just for asking that last question, you're going to be my prison bitch.

Nappa; Hey, what a coincidence! Vegeta was a prison bitch too!

Vegeta; That's it Nappa; the minute I find something to use as a shiv…

Bakura; Want to borrow my invisible gun?

Vegeta; Don't mind if I do… *takes invisible gun and puts seven rounds in Nappa's skull*

Nappa; Hey Vegeta…Ow… *falls over*

Anderson; Well, he's noht maed of Lucky Charms…

Bakura; And now to deal with the apparently gay ninja mummy… *pulls out second invisible gun and points it at Zabuza*

*Meanwhile, on the three hour tour…*

Kaiba; So since we're both here, why don't we play a children's card game?

Yami; You mean so I could just beat you again? Please, the writers have more originality than that! (And that's saying something...)

Me; Hey, wait a minute! When did you switch places with Yugi?

Yami; Some time during the last couple segments.

Me; Oh. Carry on then.

Kaiba; Breaking the fourth wall to talk with the author? Kudos on screwing the rules.

Yami; Thanks, but I'm still not interested.

Kaiba; Oh come on! We'll be stuck on this motherf[beep]king boat for ten episodes; that's enough time for at least one children's card game, right?

Yami; Urgh…

Kaiba; Huh?

Yami; You just made a reference to The Lonely Island's song "I'm on a Boat". I was hoping no one would do that. I mean, I was just barely able to prevent Tristan from doing it earlier.

Kaiba; You mean Sailor Venus?

Yami; That is an insult, sir! Sailor Venus much smarter than Tristan!

Kaiba; You may actually be right about that…

*Meanwhile, in Japan (At least I think it's Japan…)*

Mina; So, like, then, after he put his plug into my socket, he-

Raye; OH FOR THE LOVE OF [honk]ING GOD MINA, SHUT THE [ahoogah!] UP!

Mina; But I didn't even get to the part where his friend came and-

Raye; Why did I have to leave my rusty knife at home today of all days?

Mina; Why the hell do you need a knife?

Raye; To cut myself of course, dumbass.

Mina; But you might get rabies!

Raye; *flatly* No Mina, that what's you get you get bit by an animal.

Mina; *giggles like the blond she is* Silly Raye; animals don't eat people, people eat animals!

Raye; Oh GAWD!

*Meanwhile, back on the motherf[beep]king boat…*

Yami; Wow, we actually agreed on something. Scary…

Kaiba; So does that mean we're dueling?

Yami; Look, I can appreciate what you're triyn go to do here, but absolutely nothing that could happen that could make me want to-

Téa; Yugi's sexy alter ego, I found you! I shall give a friendship speech, and then we shall make mad, passionate love to each other!

Yami; So you wanna go first or should I?

*Meanwhile, after many more minor characters arrived…*

Tristan; Holy [bleep] on a [bleep] sandwich with [bleep] on top and [bleep] on the side, with a [bleep] milkshake!

Yami; *dripping sarcasm* Oh gee, you lost. What a shocker! I'm sure nobody saw that one coming!

Kaiba; I…can't…believe I lost…. Again.

Yami; *writing on pad* And that makes Kaiba: Zilch, Yami: So f[beep]king far ahead….

Old Woman 3; Oh please… Why back in my day-

Kaiba; Oh god, nobody freaking cares!

Yami; At least it's better than Téa's friendship speeches.

Téa; Hey!

Captain; Attention, passengers! My spray-on tan says the ship will be docking at the Domino City Harbor in three minutes! Please prepare for departure.

Joey; Nyeh? What happened to all the time?

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* Don't children's games last about five years?

Tristan; Blasphemy!

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* No it's not; it's a scientific fact!

Yami; I'm afraid he's got you there, Mina.


*Yami changes back to Yugi*

Kaiba; Well this whole thing was thoroughly dull. Come on Mokuba, it's time to go- Mokuba?

Yugi; Hey, what happened to Mokuba anyway? He pretty much disappeared after the beginning of the episode.

Kaiba; Did he get himself kidnapped again? Oh, someone is so not getting a pet cobra after I rescue them!

Serenity; I thought he was getting a scorpion.

Kaiba; No, he was getting a cobra. Key word being "was".

*Meanwhile, behind closed doors at Yugi's house…*

Grandpa; Oh Black Luster Soldier…you know I like it, like it, like it like that!

Black Luster Soldier; But we're only playing checkers…

*Meanwhile, in Hinamizawa…*

Keiichi; Well, all's well that ends well I guess… Come on Shion, let's head back to the Batcave and have an all night Elfen Leid marathon.

Mion; I'm Mion you douchebag!


And there you have it, folks; the second day in the life you Yugioh; Abridged!

Bakura; You are so going to get sued for using all those other abridged series.

Hey, people like those other abridged series!

Bakura; Yeah, like the lawyers suing you.

Oh just shut your face! I don't have to justify myself to you, you're fictional!

Bakura; And yet you can't seem to get enough of me.

You do know that sounds a little gay, right?

Bakura; No it doesn't. If it was my gaydar would be acting up right now.

You know what, I'm just going to end this thing before it gets anymore out of proportion.

Bakura; And now you're just copping out.

So from me and Florance Kitty other there-

Bakura; Not a kitty…

-thanks for reading! And always remember…

"Because shut up."


Me; Jack…

Jack; What is it, Layman?

Me; I have…

Jack; …

Me; …

Jack; What-

Me; An important message.

Jack; Oh.

Me; For you.

Jack; What is it, Layman?

Me; …card games of motorcycles!

Jack; Card games on Motorcycles?

Me; Card games on motorcycles!

Jack; Hey Yugi, did you hear that? Card games on Motorcycles!

Yugi; Card Games on motorcycles!

Yami; Card Games on motorcycles!

Joey; Nyeh, Card Games on motorcycles!

Téa; Card Games on motorcycles!

Tristan; Card Games on motorcycles!

Grandpa; Card Games on motorcycles!

Duke Devlin; *"Bringin' Sexy back" plays* Dice Games on motorcycles!

Kaiba; "Screw the rules, I have Card Games on motorcycles! Wait, screw that, it's stupid…

Mokuba; Card Games on motorcycles!

Hair Guy; "Attention Duelists, Card Games on motorcycles!

Pegasus; Oooh! Card Games on motorcycles!

Mai Valentine; Card Games on motorcycles!

Mako Tsunami; "The Ocean says Card Games on motorcycles!

Rex; Card Games on motorcycles, Buttmunch…

Weevil; "Heh heh, yeah."

Bandit Keith; Card Games on motorcycles! …In America!"

Zombie Boy; "Brains…" (translation: Card Games on motorcycles!)

Marik; Card Games on *EFF*ing motorcycles!

Bakura; Card Games on motorcycles!

Ryo; Card Games on motorbikes!

Kaiba lackeys; "Hail Kaiba!"

Zorc; Card Games on motorcycles!

Teddy; Card Games on Satan's motorcycles!

Melvin; Card Games on motorcycles, Binky Boy!

Ishizu; Card Games on motorcycles!

Odeon; Gummi Bears on motorcycles!

Hobson; Card Game on motorcycle!

Internet Trollz; "POUT!"

Kuriboh; "Do da la la la la la la la la la, lala la lalala la la!" (translation: Card Games on motorcycles!)

Celtic Guardian; Card Games on motorcycles!

Flame Swordsman; Card Games on motorcycles!

Steve Lunar; Card Games on motorcycles!

Steve Umbris; Card Games on motorcycles!

The Paradox Brothers; Card Games on motorcycles!

Dratz; Cawd Games on Motowcycles, douchebags!

Raphael; Card Games on motorcycles!

Valon; Card Games on motorcycles!

Alister; Card Games on motorcycles!

Dude from Judas Priest; Double Fiiine!

Shadi; Jagshamesh! Card Games on motorcycles! I am a ghost!

That Robot; Card Games on motorcycles!

Dan Green; Card Games on motorcycles!

Ghost Nappa; Card Games on motorcycles!

Ushio; Card Games on motorcycles!

And just for good measure…

Rena Ryuugu; Card Games on mewtorcycles!