Characters: Strauss, Bridget
Summary: She is familiar, and yet not at all.
Pairings: None
Author's Note: First attempt at poetry for RoFV. Hope you all like it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Record of a Fallen Vampire.

Melt, disappear, as the black bird flies
And the angels follow close behind
The war that only stops for the sun
Will claim no more unwary victims tonight

He wonders, his mind groaning with the weight
As, occasionally, he sees her
All the same—flashing blue eyes, silken gold hair
And hard muscles encased beneath soft flesh—
But so different too, from what he recalls
Not the same anymore
A stranger wearing her skin

Did I do that?
Did I kill her smile,
Her laugh,
Her sense of happiness
All her ability to feel joy?
Or did she do it herself
To throw spite in my eyes
And cut my skin without the flicker of a blade?

He is at war with the angels
Who follow after the black bird
One masked,
One young,
And one full of rage
And with her, their lady,
The one with ice in her eyes
And frost on her heart
The one he knows so well
And not at all

He disappears like smoke underneath the moon
But she vanishes in daylight and shadow alike
And beneath her own coat of flesh
Until she is unrecognizable
A stranger in familiar skin
And he conducts the war with angels
With a stranger at its head