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It is set before Bella jumps off a cliff in New Moon

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The One They Never Talk About

I'm the one they never talk about. The one who betrayed them. Only it was I who was betrayed, and it was I who had to suffer the punishment. One that I would have rather died than be a part of, yet I am still alive. I was lucky, for me they were merciful, but what they call mercy I call hell. And after my 50 years of this torture. I am finally free.

Chapter 1 – Bella's POV

That was weird. I heard voices. Coming from the clearing. MY clearing. Well not exactly mine. But I thought of it as mine. As far as I knew I was the only one who went there. So when you hear voices coming from a clearing that is usually deserted, you get curious and due to human nature, you have to go investigate. Yeah, it sucks to be us.

I was walking closer to the clearing. The voices got louder and louder. As I got closer, it sounded like a girl, and she was pleading, then a man, then more of the girl's voice.

I got to the clearing. Sam Uley, the Alpha of the wolf pack from La Push, was standing there in Human form. Giant Wolves surrounded him. I looked for the familiar Red-Brown wolf, that I knew was Jacob, my best friend. Sam was talking, to a girl on the ground. I couldn't see her very well; she was kneeling on the grass, her auben hair covering her face.

Sam turned his head.

"Bella, you shouldn't be here, go please" Damn, he had heard me. Heightened werewolf senses always freaked me out. I walked out from behind the trees.

"He is right" the girl said "a human really shouldn't be here" she turned her head to face me. Her hair fell off her face, and her yellow eyes locked on mine. Her skin sparkled slightly and her skin was pale, almost white.

"Vampire" I hissed, not once taking my eyes from her.

"You know?" she asked "And you are not scared of me"

"You have yellow eyes, you aren't going to hurt me" I replied, and I walked over to them. The wolves shifted in front of me uneasily, debating whether or not I, a fragile little human, should be allowed to get anywhere near someone as dangerous as a Vampire. I glared at Jacob, I was getting through to the vampire girl whether he liked it or not. He whined softly and the wolves parted a little to let me get to her, closing even more tightly behind me.

"See I am not going to hurt her, or anyone else. Just leave me alone!"

"You crossed into our territory and attacked one of our people." Sam said with no emotion in his voice. In his eyes, and most of the wolves there, the girl was just another blood-sucking leech who should be destroyed.

"I didn't attack anyone, the scent of blood has no affect on me, and the girl over there has been bleeding the entire time she has been here, if I was a normal vampire I wouldn't have been able to resist it!" I looked down; damn, I must have caught my leg on something in the forest. Probably when I tripped.

"How come a wolf was found bleeding and your scent was nearby" Sam glared at her.

"Oh so a wolf was found bleeding, ever heard of the word coincidence. And as for territory, I haven't been here for over 50 years, I didn't know it stretched that far" she held his gaze unblinkingly. "I went the wrong way round a tree; it is hardly a criminal offense. Just leave me alone."

"Sam, she hasn't done a thing wrong from what she was saying. I thought you killed for justice not for fun"

"Fun? Bella, is that what you think this is?" Sam frowned at me, the girl did as well"

"Sir, if you kill for the little things, or for no reason at all, it will come round and bite you hard in the ass" the girl said softly, I looked at her again. Physically she looked around 16, but her golden eyes held more sadness than I thought would be possible.

"Sam please" I looked at him

"Fine! You may go, we will be watching you Vampire, one toe out of line and we will be here." Sam stalked of and the wolves followed slowly behind him. The girl stood up, and looked ready to be off.

"Wait!" I said, she turned around

"What do you want?"

"Umm. I don't know some acknowledgement would be nice, or a name?"

"Fine, my name is Saffron, thank you for helping me, I will try and repay you sometime."

"Ok, Saffron, my name is Bella, why are you here, and what the hell was all that?"

"It is none of your business, and why don't you ask your little dog friends what that was"

"If you tell me, I may be able to help, and I will, next time I see them, they have to go around threatening innocent Vampires," Saffron laughed a little at the word innocent.

"If only you knew" she said softly, "I will tell you but I bet you won't be able to help, your only human after all" she smiled, "I'm looking for my coven, Carlisle Cullen and his family."

And after 3 months of being able to forget about all that. My heart felt as if it was being ripped out of my chest.

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