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I'm pretty sure I look the fool right now. Choosing the same school as her, giving her hope, and then ignoring her. She's self deprecating enough that she probably won't notice my idiocy. As for everyone else, speculation that I'm a jerk is probably running riot.

Would she still be thinking about the kiss, telling her friends maybe? I smile to think of her blushing. Hearing laughter I look to the door, Ha Ni and her friends are outside. Walking over I breath to compose my self for whatever might come. 'Do you need something?' I ask.
'Aniyo, I wanted to see what your class looked like.' She peers in as though that was actually her reason for coming.
Looking down at her now, still no change in her trailing tendencies, was she as affected by it as me? Did we really kiss?

Yoon He Ra appears and I glance up, but my gaze travels back to Ha Ni. 'Your girlfriend?' He Ra asks, Ha Ni yah's face lights up at the prospect.
I look Ha Ni up and down 'There's no way.' Maybe it's true, but mostly I just want to see her reaction. Will she just roll over to whatever I say?
Her face falls, my chest aches looking at that downcast face, but I'm glad, that she feels that way still. Glad, really?

Glancing at He Ra I realise she's asked me something. 'I'm leaving already,' I say throwing one last look at Oh Ha Ni. Leave both girls to each other, then I won't have to be caught up in her any longer than necessary.

Teasing Ha Ni yah in the hall had been too easy. Playing with her was, fun. Why have silence when she's here? This is much preferable, isn't it?

Classes were boring as usual, but lunch had come round. Making my way through the cafeteria I see her glued to the menu. Walking up behind her I can hear her mumbling the menu choices.

'You can't make up your mind unless you say it out loud?' I say surprising her, my voice lower than intended. She spins around, but because of my closeness, practically stands against me.
'Seung Jo?' she seems to come to her senses, shaking her head she looks back at the menu. 'I was just about to ask if you wanted to have lunch together,' she says. 'What are you having?'

I order through the counter and she asks for the same. Changing mine to include vegetables, she does too. It's like having lunch with a parrot. She grins up at me and I sigh. Sometimes she makes me want to bang my head against a wall.
My tray comes out looking like road kill next to Oh Ha Ni's. 'Excuse me, has there been a mistake?' I say.
Joon Gu's head comes into vision, 'Yes? What is the problem?' he says in a bright voice. 'Ah, Mr Prodigy, you sure are brave to dare question my fair distribution of food.' Of course, the second reason for wanting to hit my head against a wall, Bong Joon Gu.

He waves at Ha Ni yah, making me roll my eyes. 'Ha Ni yah! It's been a long time, hasn't it?' I guess these are comforting words. Am I glad they haven't seen each other for a long time?
'Y-you, what are you doing here?' she asks him, perplexed. 'Aren't you working at my dad's restaurant?'
'Yer,' he says triumphantly, 'I work there in the evenings, and here during the day. I'm earning all this money, so you can come marry me any time you want…' he says staring at her. Marry? This fools solid belief that she'd turn to him was grating indeed.

He turns to me, 'You're surprised to see me, Huh?' he says.
'Indeed, I am surprised. Allowing yourself to trail along after some girl's skirt like this, pathetic.' A moment late I realise these are the kind of words I'd used for Oh Ha Ni.
Bong Joon Gu and Oh Ha Ni, perfect for each other in temperament, if not in anything else. Picking up a remade tray, I walk off to eat. Hearing a group of friends call me over I leave her to sit on her own. I can practically hear Joon Gu taunting me.

Running into Sunbae, he asks me to come to the tennis club. Refusing to tell Oh Ha Ni what club it was, should have been enough of a deterrent. However I shouldn't underestimate her powers to find me.

Setting her up to play against angry Sunbae, was probably inadvisable. But I don't like to lose.
Never played tennis before? I could laugh, but I have a feeling this won't end well. Watching her run back and forth, it looks like she's playing dodge ball. 'Stop avoiding the balls!' Sunbae shouts at her.

Sunbae hits a ball especially hard and it's like seeing something happen in slow motion. I know her determination, and seeing the ball fly towards her, I just hope she moves the racket. Bringing it up to cover her face, only partially stops the blow, before she falls to the floor.

Everyone runs over but He Ra and I. Controlling any emotions, I walk over slowly. Seeing Ha Ni lying there is unpleasant, but the worst it could be is a broken nose…probably more likely, just a nose bleed. The rainy atmosphere makes me shiver.
She comes to again and I step forward to help one of the other players lift her to her feet. Knowing he'll take her to get seen I release her. Letting her slip out of my arms into his, I feel cold. I head for the changing rooms. Running my hand through my hair I wonder why I keep giving her away, why I miss the warmth.

Everything went black as the ball cracked against my nose. Pain shoots all over my face as I lie on the floor. Managing to flicker my eyes open, I see an unfamiliar Oppa. My head feels heavy as he pulls me upright.

Seung Jo appears and lifts my other side. My head lolls dangerously close to his and he in takes a deep breath and turns his head away. I wonder what I did. Is he disappointed that I can't play tennis? Will I ever get anything right for him?

Sighing, I'm surprised when I feel my arm go cold and realise he's released me. I spin to look at him, but am held steady. As my hair falls out of the way I see Seung Jo walking away. He runs a hand through his hair, and I think I see a shadow of sadness on his face. Sorry, Seung Jo.

I love writing Seung Jo/Joon Gu scenes. They might as well stand and growl at each other.