Watching Ha Ni rearrange books as she sits with her feet up beside Eun Jo's bed I get caught in her eyes. Our sleepy gazes study each other in a pensive moment across the hospital room. She looks more serious than I have ever had chance to see her before. As for me the kiss comes round to play through my mind again and I wish that Ha Ni would understand what I'd hoped for.

Her eyes flicker to Eun Jo as he stirs in his sleep and she reaches to straighten his blankets. She miss takes her step and stumbles slightly. I rise quickly to steady her, putting my hand on her forehead and looking down at those a more medical way I'd guess exhaustion. But with my arm around her waist it's hard to say this is purely detached.

Sitting on the bench I hear her walking up beside me. 'Can I sit?'
I breath in the wonderful fresh air. 'As you wish' I say. Exhaustion took over everyday as we spent them moving about to Eun Jo's needs, it has kept us in distraction.
She sits beside me but faces away, 'Are you worried about something?' her voice feels subdued. I've noticed so much more about her, having everyday in her company. I'd been thinking of Eun Jo and No'ri. Shaking off these worries I listen to her.
'Don't they say sharing worries could halve them and sharing happiness will double it?' she turns to me. 'I'll help you,' this makes me smile.

'When I'm worrying about something, or if something good happens, I let Min Ah and Ju Ri know. Once I do that, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders...'
'..I wasn't sure if Baek Seung Jo had anyone to tell.'
She moved closer as she talked intently of her friends. This animated side of Oh Ha Ni draws me further in than I'd expect it to. Wondering whether to tell her my decision I turn to her, closer once again. I want to share my happiness with these wavering eyes. Putting my hand on her shoulder I gently pull her into a kiss. A simple movement, but my heart beats and my happiness doubles.
Pulling away I take the step, 'I'm going to go into the medical field.' For a moment she looks stunned, 'Seung Jo ah…'
'Don't tell anyone,' I say shaking my head slightly as her hair falls on my hand. 'Oh Ha Ni, will you be my girlfriend?' big black eyes just get deeper as I confuse her more.

I loop the scarf around my neck and consider the surreal two weeks as we leave the hospital behind. Ha Ni sips on her most recent coffee from the machine we'd become acquainted with. Everyone is exhausted as we leave, Ha Ni and I opt to walk. Our legs are yearning for the exercise.

'If you tell me to become a doctor, do I have to?'
'Yes,' her smile is so quietly sure.

The memory of her confidence urges me to tease her. 'So I guess this is where we say goodbye,' keeping my voice straight, I hint at her going to stay with her dad. She looks up sleepily though I'm not sure she can see me with her eyes so far closed. Ha Ni half waves and I roll my eyes as she sways and walks on. Uncertain if she'll fall I loop my arm through hers. Teasing her won't work if she's unconscious.

Seung Jo's arm is so comfortable, and his hoody is soft. I sip my coffee and try to put one foot in front of the other. After today I will be back to living with my dad, no reason to see Seung Jo late into the evenings. But if I recall and it's not just that I'm asleep, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
Feeling fingers slip through mine I'm sure I am awake. Blinking my eyes open to look up at him he glances quickly away. Flicking back to the floor and back to his face I'm vindicated to find him repeat the motion. Haha Seung Jo likes me.

Keeping my gaze from hers I'm glad it's dark enough to shadow my expression. Am I embarrassed to be affected by her? Or in the time we've spent together maybe I've relaxed into it. Feeling her fingers sleepily fidgeting beneath my own I feel seeping peace run up my arm.
Glancing through the wisps of my hair I see her beaming at the floor. Oh Ha Ni. The question is when we get home do our secretly joined hands part or stay connected. For now I can firmly hold her hand in mine.

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