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Cas was sitting in his car in front of Dean's house. The rain had let up, allowing him to finally make his way through the murky night and down the familiar streets that led to Dean. Although Dean's house had never been a particularly cheery place to be, the ominous vibes that emanated from it made Cas uneasy. He noticed a black Impala in the driveway.

No lights were on. The street was quiet.

Cas slowly unbuckled his seat belt, the sense of urgency being lost now that he'd reached his destination.

He was standing at the sidewalk in front of Dean's house wondering if he should knock when he heard a small noise, like a kitten crying. It was unsettling for some reason, causing goose bumps to rise on Cas' skin.

He followed the sound to the side of Dean's house and stopped in front of the worn fence that separated him from Dean's backyard. Unthinkingly, he reached for the gate and was surprised to find it unlocked.

It was very dark. He could barely make out a large tree and what was perhaps a shed in the far corner of the yard. Cas reached for his cell phone to use as a flashlight. As he slowly held out his phone to scan the yard he saw a dark figure hunched over and shaking. He nearly dropped his phone from shock.

And then he heard the noise again. It wasn't a kitten…it was…


"Dean? Is…is that you?" Cas' heart was hammering in his chest as he slowly approached the figure, the small light coming from his phone barely helping him to see. The figure slowly moved, his face turning up at the sound of Cas' voice.

Green eyes.


Cas ran toward him, slipping on the slick grass and mud and landing hard on his knees directly in front of Dean. "Dean, what happened? Can you hear me?" There appeared to be mud or something dark dripping down from his head and over one side of his face; he was soaking wet and shivering as he looked into Cas' eyes.

"Why are you outside? C'mon, let's get you to my car." Cas said as he reached to help Dean to his feet. Dean hissed loudly at the contact and it was then that Cas noticed something rough wrapped around Dean's waist.

"What the hell? What…" Cas' brain felt slow and sluggish as he tried to take the new information in. Rope? Cas' heartbeat was pounding loudly in his ears as the realization hit him. He fought to keep his voice steady and calm. "Dean? It's okay, alright? Everything is okay. I'm going to untie you now, okay? Just stay with me, Dean. I'm going to get you out of this." Cas voice sounded strange in his own ears as he gently worked to remove the rope. It took some time, but finally the rope gave away and fell heavily to the ground. No longer being held up by the rope, Dean swayed forward toward Cas, his head landing on Cas' shoulder with a sigh. Dean was so cold. Cas ran a hand over Dean's back. Dean felt so small beneath his hands. They slowly stood, Cas supporting most of Dean's weight. Dean made a strangled noise. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm going to get you some help, okay, Dean?" Cas said softly into the damp air.

As quickly as he could, Cas led Dean back to his car, laying him gingerly across the back seat. The light in his car allowed Cas to get his first good look at Dean. It wasn't mud that was on his face. It was blood. His shirt was torn and his golden skin was pale under the soft car light. There were so many bruises and cuts; his bottom lip was swollen. Dean's eyes were closed, his expression slightly pained. His breath came in soft pants.

Cas' hands trembled has he quickly slipped into the driver's seat, chancing a hurried look at Dean one last time before starting the car and speeding away toward the hospital.

Everything was a blur. Dean was whisked away almost as soon as Cas arrived at the E.R. He called his brother Michael as soon as he got the chance to sit and catch his breath. When Michael finally made it to the hospital, Cas was a wreck. He clung to his brother, a mixture of snot, tears, and saliva running down his face and ruining Michael's shirt. All Cas felt was overwhelming guilt as he explained everything that had happened.

What if Dean had died? How could he have let this go on for so long without getting Dean help? What kind of person did that make him?

It was nearly two o'clock in the morning before they were finally allowed to see Dean.

Endless wires and tubes. Dean looked small as he slept in the large hospital bed. Cas' breath caught in his throat as he crossed the room to Dean's bedside. Michael stood outside the room talking quietly with the doctor. Rope, bruises, cuts, stitches, broken bones, blood, hospitals. It was all too much.

Everything was just too much.

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