Characters: Hauptmann Dietrich and Janine
Rating: K
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Author's Note: Little piece of fluff fic that I was happy to have finally gotten out. Reik na die sterre!
Summary: Captain Dietrich enjoys a rare relaxing evening.

Turning his gaze towards the city, Dietrich noted the fading colour in the sky. Though the temperature was dropping, the desert evening was going to be pleasantly comfortable. For a change, the late afternoon had been quite peaceful. Infact, it was so quiet that Dietrich was able to retreat to the balcony outside his quarters and put his feet up.

A hand gently pushed along his chest and gently gripped his shirt, causing Dietrich to smile some. Janine had visited him once she had been released from her shift. They had talked and shared coffee. The gradual decent into lazy bliss had been most agreeable to Dietrich, as he was used to his day ending on more of a grave note. There wasn't anything that Dietrich wanted more than just to continue sitting there with Janine.

"Liebchen, it will be dark soon, wouldn't you rather go inside?" Dietrich inquired as he looked down at the young woman.

Janine didn't reply nor did she stir, causing Dietrich to lightly run his fingers through her soft hair. Though other men might have wished to go to the officer's club, Dietrich valued the calmness that came with relaxing. Janine had been up around the same time as he and worked just as long. She was exhausted, and so was he.

With Janine in a state of happiness, Dietrich felt disposed to staying where he was. After all, if he felt that it was becoming too chilly, he could just carry her inside. Either way, he wasn't going to leave her side. They were both happy in sharing each other's peace.

Placing a tender kiss to her brow, Dietrich whispered, "Träume süße."

Then he settled once more in his chair and shut his eyes.