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Clouds of smoke rose into the air as the village below burned. Chaos and destruction ravaged the once quiet and peaceful village until moments ago it was attacked. Cries and shouts were heard all over as man, women, and children were killed. Clashes of steel and jutsus, fangs and claws were happening all within the village as they tried to save what's left of their homes and families.

Everywhere, hanyous ran trying to escape the creatures that had already killed so many of their kind. Mothers ran holding their children husbands fought to defend their mates and families.

One mother was alone in defending her children as her mate was not with her anymore.

"Kyuubi you must run and keep running no matter what! You and your brother must escape at all costs! Do not look back just keep running no matter what happens to me you must both get away!" Kushina yelled over the sounds of fighting as she ran with her oldest child running next to her holding his little brother close to his chest.

"But Ka-san what about you! I don't know what to do without you! I can't take care of Naruto on my own!" he stopped in the middle of his tracks with uncertainty and fright in his eyes making his fox ears lay flat on his head. He clutched more tightly to the bundle as Naruto began whimper in fear, sensing the danger around it.

Kushina pulled her sons into a tight embrace letting a lone tear fall from her face.

"Kyuubi you must! It's the only way for you two to get out of her alive and you will be able to take care of your brother. Just take all that I taught you and pass it on to him. I know you can do this Kyuu-chan." She wiped the tears from Kyuubi's face. "I'm sorry I must ask you this Kyuubi, but it's time to leave kit hood and become an adult, for your brother's sake. Please Kyuubi promise me you will take care of Naruto and yourself."

Kyuubi nodded and held back the rest of his tears. "I promise Ka-san."

Kushina smiled and hugged Kyuubi and Naruto one last time giving them both a kiss on his forehead. Kushina pulled back the blanket that covered Naruto to look upon the bluest eyes she has ever seen and Naruto's soft blond hair with two white fox ears on his head. 'so much like your father.' She kissed him on the forehead and placed the blanket back on him.

"Remember I love you both and will always be with you two."

Kushina took off the necklace around her neck and put it on Kyuubi.

"Keep this with you one day it will help you when you are in trouble. Now go!"

Kyuubi nodded and dashed out of sight.

Kushina let a few more tears fall as she watched her children go. She wiped them away and attacked the nearest creature that attempted to go after her children.

'Good bye Kyuubi, Naru-chan. I'm sorry I won't be there to see you both grow big and strong just like your father.'

Kyuubi ran even as his lungs burned and feet ached from the speed he was going at. Kyuubi was grateful that Naruto stayed quite through the whole run.

Kyuubi finally stopped and sat down hiding behind a tree trunk catching his breath. He looked behind him to see that he was a good distance away from the village, his home. He saw as his village let out an orange glow from the fire emanating from it. He felt tear trying to find its way out, but held them back. He took a shaky breath before continuing on.

He was getting close to the dirt path his mother had told him about. She told him to follow the dirt path and it will lead him to a village where he will get a cloak to cover himself and buy a ticket on to a boat heading to Tea Country where he will head north and make it to a village called Konoha.

Kyuubi almost felt relief wash over him. He was a few feet away when he was slammed into the ground by a huge body.

Kyuubi grunted in pain as his head painfully hit the ground. Naruto fell out of his grasp causing him to tumble to the ground. Naruto looked up in fear as another creature came out in front of him. Naruto whimpered and wined for his mother to come and protect him from the scary monster. Kyuubi tried to get out from under the massive creature, but wasn't strong enough. He looked to the side at the crying Naruto as the creature came up to it with its slobbering jaws open.

'No! I promised I would take care of him!'

Kyuubi struggled more trying to get to Naruto, but it was futile. Kyuubi teared up in frustration at not being able to save his baby brother.

'Ka-san I'm sorry.'

Just as the beasts were about to kill them both a fire ball came out of the trees at the creatures.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

The creatures cried out in pain as the fire balls hit them on the face.

Taking his chance Kyuubi sprang up and grabbed Naruto.

"Come on this way!"

He turned to see a wolf boy with long black hair in a ponytail with two lines running down his face waiving him over.

As Kyuubi ran over he saw that he was holding a child in his arms too. The child looked to be about six years old as he clutched onto his chest.

"Hurry we have to get out of here!"

The boy grabbed Kyuubi's hand pulling him along with him. They ran faster as they heard the creature's angry roar.

"Faster their angry now!"

Kyuubi urged his legs to go faster as he clutched more tightly to the bundle in his arms. They felt the ground shake under them as the creatures heavy feet stomped on the forest floor. Panic started setting in as they got closer and closer to them. Then the worst happened they hit a dead end. They were trapped with the only rout to escape is to go down the cliff they stood at and fall a hundred or so feet into rapid waters.

They took a few steps away from the cliff to make sure they wouldn't fall. They turned around as the creatures broke through the trees. The creatures had their lips pulled back into an angry snarl as the growled at them with drool dripping out of their mouths.

The wolf set his brother down and whispered something to him. He nodded and pulled Naruto him into the forest again to hide behind a tree.

The creatures saw this and were about to attack the little kids when the two older brothers sprang into action.

The wolf boy aimed the fire jutsu from before at them. Remembering what happened last time they moved out of the way of the fire balls. Itachi smirked as one of them fell into his trap. He pulled on the ninja wire he had which got the creature tangled up in it and tied down on the ground with the help of the kunais and shurikens that were hidden in the fire balls.

Kyuubi not wanting to be out done used his own fire jutsu.

"Gouryuuka no Jutsu." Fire with the shape of dragon heads were launched at the second creature who dodged all except one. It cried out in pain as it was burned. Not wanting to go down without a bite it charged at Kyuubi with its mouth wide open. Kyuubi rolled out of the way as the creature ran right past him and into the water. Kyuubi sighed in relief seeing they outsmarted death.

Kyuubi smiled as Naruto ran up to him and clutched on to his leg with his white tail wrapped around his waist. He picked up Naruto and hugged him tightly. As he was about to turn to the wolf and ask something he was stopped.

"Look out!"

Kyuubi had no time to move as the other creature already broke the wire holding it down and charged at them. Kyuubi used his body as a shield to protect Naruto as the creature dived at them. The cliff side gave in from the force of the jump causing them to fall into the water.

The wolf tried to reach his hand out far enough to grab the foxes, but his hand just slipped past his.

Kyuubi curled his body around Naruto's as they hit the water. Kyuubi kicked his legs up to break through to the surface for air. Once Kyuubi broke through he took a much needed gulp of air. Naruto coughed up the water he breathed in. Kyuubi tried to keep them above the surface, but couldn't as the water kept dragging the down.

'Fuck! I need to get us out of here!' Kyuubi looked ahead to see that a water fall was right in front of them. 'Shit!' thinking fast Kyuubi formed some hand signs for a jutsu.

"Fuuton: Kihou Jutsu."

Kyuubi blew out a bubble from his mouth that surrounded Naruto and put him with in the bubble. Naruto looked at Kyuubi in confusion and fright.

"Naruto no matter what happens know that Ka-san and I love you very much," Kyuubi said with a smile on his face.

"Kyuu?" Naruto said cocking his head in more confusion.

Kyuubi teared up at hearing Naruto say his name. He closed his eyes as they fell over the water fall.

"Wake up!"

'unh, who's disturbing my sleep?'

"come on wake up! Hey fox kid wake up we need to get moving come on!"

'it sounds familiar'

"come on we need to go and find your little brother!"

'Naruto! what happened to Naruto!'

Kyuubi jolted awake and looked at his surroundings.

"I'm alive?"

"Yes your alive now come on we don't have all the time in the world we need to find your brother!"

"Naruto where's Naruto?" Kyuubi started to panic not seeing Naruto anywhere near him. He quickly stood up on his feet, not minding his wet clothes as he ran up and down looking for any sign of his little brother.

"Naruto! Naruto! Where are you?" he shouted in hopes of hearing him answer him, but got nothing in return.

The wolf grabbed him keeping him in place.

"Shh! Are you stupid? If you keep yelling like that those things will find us again and we won't come out of a second time alive! Now shut up and get your brain cells working again. We will find your brother all right, well just walk along the river and see if we find any sign of him. Just keep your voice down ok?" he whispered.

Kyuubi nodded taking deep breathes to calm down. Once calm he noticed that the wolf was also soaking wet.

'did, did he jump into the water to save me?'

"Um, did you jump into the water to save me?"

"Yes I did," answered the wolf.

"Um thanks uh?"


"oh uh Itachi. I'm Kyuubi."

"Nice to meet you Kyuubi this is Sasuke my little brother." he indicated to Sasuke who waved shyly.

"Hi there Sasuke." Kyuubi waved back.

"come on lets go look for your brother."


They spent two hours looking for Naruto and had yet to see a sign of him. Kyuubi began to worry as he wringed the ends of his shirt.

"What do you have there Sasuke?"

Kyuubi looked at what Itachi took from Sasuke. It was a piece of orange clothing. Kyuubi took it and smelled it trying to get a scent off it. Kyuubi fell down on his knees crying as he fisted the piece of cloth.

"I-its Naruto's. He, he always wears this type of orange!" Kyuubi cried in anguish at having failed his mother and his little brother.

Itachi got on his knees next to him and put a comforting arm around his shoulder.

"I-I promised Ka-san I would take ca-are of h-him and I failed!" Kyuubi cried louder as he begged his mother for forgiveness for his failure.

Itachi pulled him into a comforting hug as he cried on his shoulder. Sasuke looked at Kyuubi sadly and walked up to him and his brother.

Kyuubi looked at Sasuke as he pawed at him. Sasuke nudged him with his head and gave him a small comforting smile. Kyuubi smiled at Sasuke as he tried to comfort him.

"What are you going to do?"

Kyuubi looked lost for a while as he tried to figure out what to do next.

"I don't know…"

A man was out by the river checking on the nets he had out in the river to catch fish. He was pulling out the nets when he noticed a small figure lying there at the river bank.

The man dropped the nets and rushed to see what it was. When he approached it he gasped in surprise.

"Oh Kami-sama, are you ok?" he picked up the little guy and checked for a pulse.

"He's alive. Poor thing is shivering, don't worry I'll get you home where we'll warm you up and get you into some dry clothes."

As the man approached his home he saw his boys playing around in front of the house with his wife watching them with a smile. He had the fish in a bag over his shoulder and his find he held against him wrapped up in the jacket he brought along with him.

The kids ran over once the noticed their dad. The woman waved at him as she approached him in a more calmly matter.

"Tou-san did you get some fish?" asked one of the dark haired boys bouncing in place.

"Whoa there Takashi calm down and yes I did catch some fish."

"All right!" the two boys high fived each other in happiness at having food.

"What's that in your other arm Tou-san?" asked the other boy who looked like the other except for the eyes.

"Well Takeshi, I found this little guy washed up in the river bank when I went to go check the nets."

The woman stood behind the two boys looking curiously at the bundle in his arms. The man pulled back the jacket to reveal golden looks and tan skin. They gasped in surprise as they saw the animal features.

"Oh my, is, is he alright?" asked the woman as she placed her hand on his forehead.

"I'm not sure he was unconscious when I found him."

"Kami! He's burning up! Come let's get him inside!"

They quickly got him inside the house. The man placed him on a bed that was against the wall under the window.

"here change him into these."

She handed him some old children clothes as he started to undress him. She started making some tea for the fox to drink.

"Boys get a basin full of cold water and a towel."

The boys nodded as they ran to get the items his mother told them to get.

She came up to the bed with cup of tea and a thermometer. She placed the thermometer in his mouth. The boys came with the items and handed them to their mother. She took the water and towel, soaking the towel in the water and placing it on the child's forehead. She removed the thermometer and looked at his temperature.

"112 degrees! Isao go get the healer! This is bad."

Isao nodded and quickly left running out of the house to get the healer.

"Ka-san is he going to be ok?"

She looked at Takashi and Takeshi who looked at the little boy with concern.

"I'm sure he will be when Yoshiko-san arrives."

She smiled as she saw her sons relieved faces at hearing that he will be ok.

"sigh, this fever is going to be tough for the little guy especially since he's so small. He's a strange one to so I don't know how his body will take the illness or any medicine, but we should at least try to see if it would help. You need to keep a close eye on him Tamiko."

Tamiko nodded as she watched Yoshiko put away her medical instruments.

"I gave him some medicine that will hopefully lower the fever."

She handed her some medicine as she walked by her.

"Give this to him every six hours and make sure he drinks plenty of fluids and give him easy foods to eat for now. He will be to weak to chew so something easy to chew would be good. Take care Tamiko."

"Thank you and take care as well."

She bowed as Yoshiko left. Isao and the twins approached the bed to look at the fox as he slept in an restful sleep.

Their eyes widened in excitement as they noticed Naruto start waking up. Naruto slowly blinked his eyes open trying to figure out what the blurs are.

"Aw, he is adorable look at his eyes their so beautiful!" Tamiko looked at Naruto's eyes in amazement. She had never seen such blue eyes.

Naruto whimpered in fear. Naruto tried to move and get away from the strangers.

"Oh no, no! don't be afraid little one be afraid we won't hurt you its ok." Tamiko reached out to hold him in comfort.

Naruto started to cry in fear. He wanted his Ka-chan to come and take him away from these strangers. Naruto tried to struggle out of the hold.

"Shh, its ok don't worry we won't hurt you were going to be taking care of you from now on." She smiled down at Naruto as he stopped struggling, but still cried.

"come stop your crying it'll be allright

Just take my hand and hold it tight

I will protect you from all around you

I will be here don't you cry"

She started humming the sweet tune. Naruto stopped crying and looked up at here with watery unclear eyes.

"Don't worry little we will be your family from now on." She continued humming and rocked him gently sending him back into the world of dreams.

"So were going to keep him?" whispered Takashi excitedly.




"He heh, sorry."

"This will be a great! Don't worry Ka-san we will help you take care of him and protect him to!" whispered Takeshi excitedly.

"What are we going to name him?" asked Takashi as he petted Naruto getting a cute purr in response.

"Well I'm sure he has a name already. We'll wait until he's all better for him to tell us for now we'll just call him…Kit!"

Both parents smiled as they watched their kids talk excitedly about all the fun they will have with the new addition to the family.

A group of men dressed in dark cloakes walked through the burned down village. They looked at the blood an corpses that their creatures created. The leader of the group stepped foreward to survey the damage himself. A smile of pure wickedness and pleasure at seeing the destruction spread on the man's face. He laughed loudly so that the heavens and Kami himself could hear his joy at having annihalated one of his creations.

"Now we have nothing to stop us or get in our way!"

Laughter filled the air as the others followed their master in enjoying their triumph tonight.

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