Hinata slowly walked around the corner, stopping and checking for any signs of people. Seeing no one, she sprinted towards the door, running out into the fresh open air. Hinata Hyuuga, who was only 9 years old at the time, was sneaking out of the hospital. "I'm

gonna surprise Daddy!" She said to herself as she walked out into the plain that was filled with nothing but flowers and fresh, green grass. She was wearing a white sun dress with a matching hat. She walked, taking in the view of everything, seeing on how she never

got to see anything this beautiful in the hospital. She started running as soon as she caught sight of the barbed wire fence. She ran up to it, as close as she dared, not wanting to get pricked by the spiky barbs. "Papa! Papaaa!" She yelled out, looked though the fence

searching for her father. She saw a figure, father down to the right, sitting near the fence. Hinata's face lit up in excitement. "Papa!" She cried out as she ran towards the figure. "Papa! Papa! It's me! Hinata!" She yelled out as she approached the sitting figure. When

she got close enough to see clearly, she saw that it was not her father. "Who are you?" He asked Hinata. "Ah... I'm..." She hesitated. If she told this boy her name, he might tell her father. If she didn't see her father, and surprise him, he would surly be mad at him.

'What do I do? If I tell him my name, then he'll tell Papa. Guess I didn't think about it before, but if Papa found out I snuck out of the hospital, he'd be furious!' While Hinata was to lost in her thoughts, the boy stood up and studied her. His conclusion her her

appearance; she was cute. She had short blue hair, and white, peal colored eyes, and she was wearing a white dress, showing that she came from a rich family. The boy sighed heavily, pulling Hinata out of her thoughts. "Fine, ok, don't tell me, I'll just call you 'Unanimous', sound good?"

Hinata just stared at him, finally getting a good look at him. He had blond, spiky hair, and big blue eyes. He was dressed in plain cloths, a dark blue shirt with matching shorts that ended a little below his knees. His face, arms, and any other showing skin was covered in

dirt. "Unanimous? But my..." She hesitated again, but decided to tell him. Besides, he was really hot (in Hinata's mind). "My name is Hinata." She told him with a straight face. He started laughing loudly. "H-Hinata? W-What irony!" He continued to laugh, and Hinata's

face went a bright red. "Oh yeah? T-Then what's your name huh?" She questioned him. "Heh... My name's Naruto." He said. He half expected for her to start laughing, but she didn't. She just blushed and looked away. "I like it..." She whispered softly, however,

Naruto still heard it, and he smirked. "So, Hinatatatatata, what brings out all the way out here?" He asked her, slightly teasing her name. "Well, I was going to give a surprise to my father..." This caught Naruto's attention. "Huh? Is your dad a prisoner here?" He asked

with casualty. "Huh? N-No way!" She yelled at him. The look on his face turned to surprise, then faded back to a smirk. "Pfft. Figures. Then he's on of the brutal bastards who works here." He said to Hinata. Her face lit up in anger. "My father is not a-!" she quickly

shut her mouth, not wanting to say a 'bad word'. Naruto leaned torwards her. "Your father's not a what? A bastard? Hahaha! Like hell he is!" Hinata flinched at the words he said. Where she came from, people just didn't say words like that. Her face flushed red. "You

jerk!" She yelled at him then ran off. 'He's so mean!' Hinata thought as she ran back to the hospital. Naruto chuckled to himself. What a fun girl she was. He hoped she came back, probably not, not after what he said to her. When Hintata entered her hospital room,

she quickly changed out of her fancy white dress, and back into the simple kimono that the hospital gave her. She put her dress back into it's box, along with the hat, and slid the box between the bed and wall. She then climbed back into her bed. Not 30 seconds after

she got into bed, a nurse walked in with her lunch; Ramen, and some sushi. She ate silently, her thoughts all about the boy with blond hair behind the fence.

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