"There is... There is someone else I would like to have at the funeral." Hiashi told the minister, who was hosting Hinata's funeral. "Oh? Who is it?" He asked. "He was... Her lover..." Hiashi stated. "Oh... Poor guy, he must be heart-broken..." The minister said. "Yes

well... He will be joining Hinata..." He said. The minister stared at him. "Oh... That will be fine. I will prepare another casket..." The minister said. "And... Could we... bury him next to my daughter? Please?" Hiashi asked. The minister smiled. "Oh, it's no problem at all!

Yes, of corse we could!" He said. Hiashi smiled slightly. "Could you bring him tomorrow? We'll put him in a casket tomorrow? Is that fine?" The minister asked. "Yes... I could do that..." Hiashi said.

The next day

Hiashi carred Naruto into the church, and up to his casket. Hiashi looked around for the minister. "Ah, yes... Here I am." The minister said, coming though a door. "Yes, thank you for bringing him." The minister said and he opened up the casket. Hiashi slowly put Naruto

in it. "Poor man... So young they were... You daughter and this man..." The minister said. "So, what's the lad's name?" The minister asked. "Naruto." Hiashi replied. "Naruto huh... You said that he was your daughter's lover, correct?" He asked. "Yes..." Hiashi whispered.

Hiashi then looked and stared at Hinata's casket. "I'll make sure she is dressed in something nice. The lad too." the minister said. Hiashi stared at him. "You'll find out tomorrow." He said. Hiashi nodded, then left.

The funeral

The people at the funeral ignored at ministers words as all of them were sobbing. "...The story of the two lovers will be told now..." the minister said, finishing up his speech. Hiashi stood up from his chair, and walked up to the center of the front of the room, and stood

beside Hinata's casket. "My daughter, as you know, fell ill when she was young." He began. "She was kept in the hospital most of the time. But after she turned 15, she snuck out of the hospital one day. She went to the fence that surrounded the prison. There, she

met Naruto." Hiashi said, looking over at Naruto's casket. "The two fell in love." Hiashi looked over at the table next to him, on the table was two large baskets, one labled HINATA and the other NARUTO. Both were filled with paper planes. "The exchanged letters in the

form of paper planes. These are those exact letters." Hiashi said, gesturing to baskets. "I didn't approve of their relationship because when Hinata would visit him... It would hurt her health. But of course, she didn't listen to me, and continued to see him anyway." He

said, smiling slightly. "And soon... Her condition fell, and she was doomed to die. I went and told Naruto, who didn't know a thing about her illness. He... Grabbed my gun and shot himself. Soon after that, Hinata died... So... I'm happy for them... Their together now,

nothing separating them." Hiashi finished and walked back to his seat. The tragic story of the two lovers made everyone cry even harder. The minister went to the front of the room and opened the caskets. "You may now say goodbye to the two..." He said simply, and

walked off, letting people come up and say goodbye. Hiashi stood up and walked up to say goodbye to Hinata and Naruto with Hanabi. When he looked at Hinata, he smiled. She was done up well, makeup on, her hair was shiny, and she was wearing white; a wedding

dress. He looked over at the minister, and he wore a smug look. Hiashi looked over at Naruto, who was wearing a black tux. Putting the two in wedding cloths, clever idea. Hiashi leaned down over Hinata and kissed her on the forehead. "Goodbye Hinata..." He

whispered. He looked at Naruto. Hiashi put his hand on Naruto's chest, right were the bullet went though. "Sorry, Naruto... Goodbye..." He said, then went back to his seat. The funeral lasted another hour, filled with sobs and people telling memories of Hinata. No one

at the funeral knew Naruto, but they all talked about Naruto and Hinata's tragic love story. Everyone walked behind the church and went to Hinata's and Naruto's grave, and watched the two be buried. They said their final wishes to Hiashi, and left. Hiashi stood at

Hinata's grave for a long time, with Hanabi at his side. "Father... I think I'm going to go home now." She said. Hiashi said nothing, and Hanabi left for home. About an hour passed before Hiashi finally removed himself from the gaves and went home.

Months had passed, and since his daughters death, Hiashi had adopted a really bad habit. He began drinking. Almost every day he drank, getting drunk then sleeping off the hangover the next morning.

Hiashi was currently on his fifth can of beer that night, and was starting to feel drunkenness fall on him. When he finished the can, he crushed it in his hand and threw it elsewhere in the room. He fell back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. "I can't believe you

Father!" He heard the voice. 'Prabaly Hanabi...' He thought, she always gave him a hard time about drinking, as anyone else would. He turned his head to look at his daughter. But... It wasn't Hanabi. It was Hinata, accompanied by Naruto. Both had a light grow to

them, and they wore what they were dressed in at their funeral. Hinata was in a white dress and Naruto a tux, and they both had white wings folded neatly on their backs. Hiashi bolted upright and nearly fell off his bed. "That's it... I'm drunk... Hallucinating..." He

mumbled to himself. "Well that's reassuring. I'm not a hallucination!" Hinata yelled at him. Hiashi stared. "Kami-Sama told me that I should visit you... When he said that, I thought it was gonna be a friendly visit but... Your nearly drinking yourself to death! I know

your sad about my death, but instead of being hung up about the daughter that died..." Hinata said, referring to herself. "Pay attention to the one you have with you! Mother dies a long time ago, and I died too... But Hanabi needs you now, Father. More then

anything." She said to him. Hiashi looked away from her in guilt, even though he thought he was still hallucinating. Naruto walked up to Hinata. "She has a point you know." Naruto said, backing up Hinata. "Sorry..." Hiashi said, then looked up at them. "I'm sorry that

I couldn't protect you, Hinata." Hiashi said, and Hinata rolled her eyes. "I was gonna die anyway. There was nothing that you could've done. Geez, I hated it when people would say that I was gonna be ok, even though it was clear that I was gonna die." She said. Hiashi

smiled. "Yes... Sorry about that." He said. Hinata smiled at him. "It's no problem!" She said cheerfully. Naruto lightly nudged Hinata in the arm. "Oh right... Anyway, we don't have much time left, so we need to get going." She said. Naruto pulled her into his arms and

he smiled at her. Hinata smiled back. "Oh yeah... By the way, Hiashi, thanks for shooting me. Really didn't want Hinata to go up without me." Naruto said. Hinata stared at Naruto. Then at Hiashi. "You SHOT HIM?/!" She screamed. "I can't belive you did that! I swear,

when you die, Father, I'm gonna kick your butt!" She yelled at him as Naruto dragged her to the balconey. "Anyway, we need to get going, bye!" Naruto yelled over Hinata's screams. "C'mon Hinata. We gotta go. Kami-Sama will get mad if we stay any longer." Naruto

said to her. "Yeah, fine." She said. Naruto jumped up on the railing of the balcony and unfolded his wings. With one giant flap, he was sent into the air. Hinata follwed suite. "Bye bye, Father!" She said to Hiashi as she waved her hand goodbye to him.

Even after they left, Hiashi was still convinced that he was hallucinating. He stood up, and threw away the rest of his beer. Hallucination or not, Hinata was right. Hanabi did need him...

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