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Chapter One – Control Your Temper

Friday. March 4. Second Semester. Sophomore Year.

The last Friday before the Sadie Hawkins' Dance had Olette's entire being bouncing up and around the town's shopping district, stressed out beyond unreasonable doubt. Decorations still needed to get done. Work shifts still needed to be settled. Cash boxes stilled needed to be requested. The elegance of the Disney Castle needed to be brought into the roomy gymnasium of Twilight Town High – a task deemed impossible by even Olette. Her stress level had finally reached its boiling point.

Hayner zoomed past the green-eyed Vice President, angered and annoyed at the girl trailing just behind him. He did not seem to even notice Olette standing right beside the classroom door, alone. Had Hayner noticed her, however, not much of a difference would have been made; Belinda Drake was right behind him, pestering the poor adolescent about his date to the upcoming school dance.

"I hate dances," Hayner admitted, his brown eyes scanning through the open history book at hand. "Homecoming sucked and I've never been to Sadie's."

Belinda tossed her dark-haired hair behind her bony shoulders and smirked. "Kevin can't go anymore because he's grounded for something he did the other day. James isn't going because he's not a dance-type person," the Olette wannabee droned. "Then Dean flat-out denied me."

Rolling his eyes, Hayner murmured. "I don't blame him; I would too..."


"Hey Olette," Roxas greeted Olette as she stared enviously at Hayner and Belinda. "I'm sure that there's nothing going on between the two of them; she's probably just being a brat and bugging him... as usual."

Olette smiled slightly at Roxas' comment. "You know me too well."

"Roxas!" Hayner shouted, finally noticing someone other than Belinda. "How are you?"

"A little confused..." Roxas scratched the back of his head. "You never ask me that-."

"Shut your face, Roxas!" Hayner hissed venomously. "Just save me from Belinda."

Olette giggled as she readjusted her backpack. "Morning, Hayner-."

"Hey," Hayner shrugged off simply. "Roxas, she keeps bothering me about the stupid dance! I don't like dances; you know that! Dude, I'm not even going to this one!"

Wide-eyed and hurt, Olette sighed. "Aren't you though?"

"Why the hell should I?" Hayner asked Olette.

'Because you're my date...' the meek brunette thought to herself.


"She's still not here?" Roxas asked. "Sub Day!"

Hayner prayed that it wasn't 'Sub Day'. His day was already turning out pretty badly. With Ms. Banks out, Belinda was free to do as she pleased.

"Crap!" The door creaked open as Hayner noticed the Vice Principal behind the door; Ms. Banks was out.

"What?" Olette questioned. "Naturally, you love having substitutes; we don't learn much..."

First period was a total drag for the entire class. As interesting as the substitute had been, work still needed to get done; the grammar assignment was a complete mess. Idioms confused the entire class. Olette's mind was just as cluttered and disorganized as it was only the day before.

"You should go home," Roxas said on his way out the door.

Olette glared playfully as she got up slowly from her seat. "It's cool; I'm fine..."

The brunette watched as Hayner rolled his eyes at Belinda. Olette smiled and walked over to Hayner. She gently took his wrist.

"Come with, love," Olette chirped as they walked through the door. "Second period awaits."

Hayner smirked and looked toward Olette. "Anderson, you're so lame, but I do owe you one for saving my ass back there."

Smiling, Olette noticed the open history book in Hayner's free hand. Hayner eyes frantically searched the contents for an answer of some form.


Hayner didn't bother to look up from what he was doing. He swiftly nodded as he and Olette made their way past a crowd of people heading down the stairs. "Yeah... kinda... no. Let go of my wrist; Belinda's not here anymore."

Olette quickly dropped Hayner's left wrist as she still stood by his side. "Well..."

"Why're you walking me to class anyways?" Hayner snapped, not looking up from the book.

Crestfallen from Hayner's previous comment, Olette simply shrugged. "I dunno. I just thought you'd appreciate it..."

"I don't," Hayner remarked bluntly, more focused on his book.

Olette frowned as she began to slow her pace. "You don't really appreciate any of the things that I do for you-."

"You're right; I don't!" Hayner sneered as he quicked his pace, leave Olette behind.

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