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Chapter Two – What'd He Do This Time?

Friday. March 4. Second Semester. Sophomore Year.

Olette sat in her AP history class. Her chest stung with pain and regret; did Hayner really not appreciate the little things Olette did for him? She dropped her shoulders and hung her head in defeat. Olette eyes opened and closed rapidly, the same way they had when Hayner had broken up with her ten months ago. She felt tears flood her eyes, but she wasn't about to let them fall.

Pence sat beside Olette, noticing her lack of energy and her lackadaisical stare. Pence noticed the emotion in the green-eyed teen's stare the moment she walked into the classroom.

"'lette, what's wrong?" Pence wondered. "You weren't here yesterday... but you're here today... and you look dead."

Olette subtly wiped her eyes and turned to face the boy on the right. She prayed that the substitute didn't mind, but at the very same time Olette didn't care. "I'm fine," Olette reassured with a weak smile. "Just a little tired... Sadie's is starting to stress me out."

"That's bull!" Pence whispered as the substitute roamed around the classroom. "Sadie's cannot be doing this much damage to your health."

Shrugging, Olette sighed; she didn't want to draw any attention to Hayner. "I really don't know..."

"What'd he do this time?" a voice questioned nosily.

Olette and Pence turned their heads to face the girl behind them: Rachel Daniels.

"Huh?" Olette wonderd. "What makes you think Hayner did something?"

Rachel smirked and said, "Never said it was Christian."

"Who else would be fucking be, you nimrod?" Hayner hissed as he still continued to scan the history book.

Roxas glared at the blond beside him. "I get that you're having an off morning," Roxas stated before whacking Hayner upside the head with his World Civilization book, "but don't take it out on me, moron! I totally get that Belinda wouldn't shut the hell up and leave you alone, but this benchmark is stressing me out too, ya'know! And I have Sadie's crap to deal with!"

"That doesn't matter!" Pence remarked. "When you're stressed out, you don't snap at us."

Olette had just finished telling Pence and Rachel about her little episode with Hayner. "I don't know, Pence. Hayner said that he doesn't appreciate the things that I do for him."

"That's because I don't!" Hayner muttered impatiently.

"What?" Roxas asked as Mr. Marshall collected the test papers.

"The only reason I care about passing this test is because I usually don't..." Hayner explained. "This history test determines whether or not I pass my sophomore year."

"Because he's stupid?" Rachel blurted out.

"No!" Olette answered as she played with her split ends; Hayner may have been in regular classes, but he wasn't stupid.

"Well, then?" Rachel pressed, irritated. "Why let him slide? You treat him so differently as opposed to other guys! If someone else told you what Christian said to you, you would have kicked him in the face!"

Olette shot up from her seat as her eyes widened. She turned to Pence, who was trying to contain his laughter, and then to Rachel. "Why on earth would I do something like that, Rachel?"

"Because you deserve it?" Roxas laughed as the teacher corrected the tests. "I don't know, Hayner. All I know is that you barely survived freshman year!"

"That wasn't entirely my fault!" Hayner replied as he leaned back in his chair.

"But you admit that it's somewhat your fault, no?" Roxas reasoned. "The bell's gonna ring in like a few minutes; Olette wants to have a meeting with Pence and me-."

"Richardson," Mr. Marshall called, "here. Now."

"Fucking shit..." Hayner whispered to Roxas. "Screw my life over..."

Hayner stood up from his seat in the very back of the room and walked over to his least favorite teacher. "Yes, Mr. Marshall?" Hayner wondered as he stood before the desk.


"Class dismissed," Mr. Marshall announced with a snide tone. "Richardson, I can tell you're anxious about your benchmark score."

"Yes sir," Hayner replied as he watched Roxas leave the classroom. "This is the test that determines whether or not I make it into my junior year – that's the most important year of-."

"So now you decide to care, Richardson?" Mr. Marshall hissed at Hayner. "Now, I haven't exactly graded the quiz, so I can't be sure if you passed or not. However... even if you passed, that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to pass this class alone."

Hayner's eyes widened. "What?"

"In other words, even if you get a perfect score on this test," Mr. Marshall explained, "that doesn't mean you're off my academic probation list."

"What'll I have to do to get off?" Hayner questioned. "I'm trying everything I can to get off of academic probation! You even said that if I passed the test-."

Mr. Marshall started at Hayner blankly before interrupting. "Richardson, you're not trying hard enough."

Hayner clenched his fist tightly before responding to his history teacher. "But sir-!"

"Enough! Richardson, you have until the first Friday of next month to prove to me that you're junior class material; I'll be contacting the AP history teach to let him know that one of his students is required to assist you in passing."

"What...?" Hayner wondered. "Assist me in passing? So... what? This person is going to tutor me?"

Mr. Marshall smirked. "Precisely, but if you fail, this student will, too."

"That doesn't seem at all fair!" Hayner remarked. "Why should my failing grade ruin theirs?"

"Not my problem," Mr. Marshall scoffed.

"Can you believe him?" Pence said to Roxas and Olette.

The leaderless trio lied in the middle of the hallway intersection; Seifer had just pushed the three friends to the ground in order to get in front of the nutrition line. Rudding the back of his head, Roxas jumped to his feet. He carefully readjusted his red backpack before helping Pence and Olete to their feet. "He's just an idiot," the blonde stated before turning to Olette.

Olette smiled gently as she bent down to pick up her Algebra 2 book. "You can sure say that again..."

"What's up with you, Olette?" Roxas wondered.

Pence shook his head at Roxas, signaling the other teen not to ask about Olette's feelings.

"It's nothing," Olette giggled lightly as she scratched the back of her neck.

Roxas and Pence exchanged a look. Roxas knew Olette too well; she was obviously lying to him, but he wasn't going to press the matter any further. Leaning slightly closer to Pence as the trio walked to the ASB room, Roxas whispered to the raven-haired boy, "What did Hayner do this time?"

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