Hey! So I'm a huge, long-time fan of and in particular the Twilight stories. I'm a huge Bella and Edward fan.

This is my first time writing though, so go easy. :) I was listening to the Twilight soundtrack - as you do - and I thought I would love to write my own story. So please comment, whether it complementary or constructive, I wanna hear what you guys have to say. So enjoy. The title isn't great, maybe you could suggest something? :D

Do you ever feel that you aren't there? You are invisible to everyone, including yourself. That if a strong wind was to pass by, you'd be swept away with the force. That no one would miss you if you ran away, or even if you… died.

This was my life. I had learned long ago, there no reason in being bitter anymore. It just proved to make me more miserable. I pondered this, while looking at my lifeless reflection in the mirror. Ghostly pale, dull brown eyes, and hair that was lank, and again a dull brown. I lifted up my bony hand to rub the circles under the eyes of the girl I saw before me. I was known as a plain Jane, unnoticeable, but not too ugly to be noticed.

I never used to be like this. I had friends, a loving family. I had a life. That all disappeared the day it… happened.

The memories began flashing before my eyes, which I had tried to block out, with everything that I had.

"NO! Charlie, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. I'm sorry!" cried Renee, as Charlie advanced towards her with a murderous look in his eye that I had never seen before.

"Now you're sorry! Now you're fucking sorry! I'll show you sorry!" he raged back at her. His eyes danced with madness, and also mirth.

He enveloped her small body, and I cowered as I listened to his large fists making harsh impact with her frail body. I listened to his enraged roars as he kicked and punched her, and I listened as her screams died away to anguished, whispered pleas.

With one final blow, the house was silent, as well as my never-ending tears. I cried for the loss of mother as I watched her body being taking away from me on a stretcher. I cried for the loss of my father as they took him away in handcuffs. I cried for the loss of my life. I didn't fully understand everything, only that everything was about to change.

I gasped, bringing myself back to the present with a start. My breathing was heavy and harsh, and my damaged heart hammered in my chest.

It turned out, my mum had been caught talking to a store clerk, and was caught by my envious, and murderous father. I had never realised as a child, that my father's drinking had been getting dangerous, until he finally lost it, and unleashed his fury on to my innocent mother.

He was convicted and got life, but he passed away two years after his sentence. I hope he suffered, and yet there was a small part of me that prayed that he was forgiven for his sins.

My father was not a bad person. No, he was the bravest and once kindest man I had ever known. But something in him snapped.

I don't blame him for it though; I know he loved my mother and me dearly. We were one of those families you saw on those commercials for a family vacation. Blissfully happy, with to parents, as in love as the day they met, with a daughter they cherished, and spoiled with unconditional love and affection.

My life now, is another story entirely. Now I live in a dreary town called Forks, with my foster parents. James and Victoria. The bane of my existence, and yet the only reason I do exist.

James and Victoria are in love, and in lust. They are unpredictable, and dangerous.

The both beat me because I'm burden. Why foster me in the first place? I don't feel anything anymore. No pain. No misery. Nothing. I'm numb. I'd welcome the pain, but the numerous beatings got old, when I stopped crying in pain. I want to feel again.

They took me in from the foster home when I was twelve because Victoria can't conceive children. They wanted a daughter. I became an abused slave.

I used to cry at night in anguish and cruel despair, but I quickly learned it was no good. James enjoys seeing me in pain anyway.

I live with them in Forks. They live in a small house on the other side of town. I go to Forks High School, I do well at school. I guess that's because of all my free time. I'm 17 now. And I'm in my senior year. I can't wait to get out of this place.

I sigh, and walk out of the bathroom, after my cold shower, and start to get dressed. I throw on a pair of black jeans, a black hoody that's far too big, and my black worn chucks. I think I look more depressing than usual today. Oh well, I'm invisible. Who's going to notice anyway?

I left my room, and tiptoed down the stairs. No need for an early morning greeting from the two love birds.

Once I was safely out the house, I started my trek through the woods, and went to my other hell. School.

So that's Chapter 1. It's pretty boring right now, but it will get better. Please review!