Kitty Strikes Schwarz


[[Sequel to Kitty Hazard?]]

Isabelle: *shakes her head* Nope. Just some random screw up torture anime bishounen fic with Tracy/Kitty squeezed in somewhere. I might squeeze in a little Schuschu and Bradley drama though.


Isabelle: Do I detect scarcasm?

[[Get me an asprin fast!]]

Disclaimer: Don't own Weiss Kreuzdon't even know who does own Weiss

Warnings: Schuldich/Crawford, Nagi/Omi, pointlessness


For those who care: How did Kitty get back? Well, in the Beyond, one of the technicians *mutterAuramutter* was conducting an experiment when it suddenly backfired just as Tracy walked in. Fate's a fickle bitch, eh?


Chapter One

Farfie's Great Adventure


Schuldich's scream from the hallway. Crawford's eyebrow twitched as he tried to consentrate on what he was typing.


"Shut up Schuldich!" He sighed. He hadn't seen Schuldich screaming in his visions. In fact, he hadn't seen anything for a while. Which was strange "AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

The German ignored him. "NAGI! COME FAST!"

"Whaa" came the teenager's lazy reply.



That was Nagi's voice.

Crawford slammed down the lid of his laptop and stalked into the hallway. He saw Schuldich and Nagi, pressed along the wall, their faces staring into the kitchen.

The Amercian just walked in front of them.

And stared.

A question leaped out of his throat, just barely.

"Where's Farfarello?"

The Irish man began to whistle to himself as innocently as he could get. He glanced around at the park, noticing things he had never noticed before.

Perhaps it was because Schuldich was always complaining and Nagi was always whining and Crawford was always yelling that distracted him from these sights.

Well, people.


They were laughing, having fun. So much fun. And fun was God.

He had to hurt God.

Muttering to himself evilly, Farfie seeked out for a child who was alone.

However, he saw none. All the children were with their families or at least, with an adult.

It never occurred to Farfarello that those adults were there to guard against people like him, insane pshycopaths that wanted to hurt God.

Then he saw her.

She was sitting on a bench in silence, licking her ice cream. Her face wore the expression of confusion, yet it seemed pleased.

Maybe it was the food.

There were no adults in sight.

"Revenge is sweet," Farfie muttered, smacking his lips while drawing a knife in his hand. "Revenge is very sweet." He drew back his hand to throw the knife.


"I mean, Farfie tore it open," Schuldich replied calmly.

Crawford took several deep breaths.

Nagi was panicking. "What if he kills some one? What if they trace it back to us? What if they find out who we REALLY are? What if they take me away? NOOO!! I'm too young for this!!"

"Nagi," Schuldich stated flatly. "Shut up."

The youngest member just glared at him.

He blinked. How the

Farfie flung the knife alright.

The kid's hand flew to the side of her face and caught the blade between two fingers. She froze and stopped, licking the ice cream, midway.

The Irish man froze. Then, he smiled. "This kid would hurt God."

The girl turned to face him. Or, at least, where he was hiding.

"Who are you?" she asked, yet her voice betrayed no fear, just curiousity.

Farfarello stepped out of the woods, a huge grin on his face. "I am Farfarello, the man who will one day kill God. And youwill be my apprentice."

The girl blinked at the insane Irish man a few times. She dropped the knife. "Oniisan? Would you like some ice cream too?"

"We can't call the police," Crawford mumbled, pacing around.

"Braaadley" Schuldich drawled out. "Will you quit thinking so hard? It's giving me a headache."

Crawford stopped in midstep and turned around and glared at the German.

Schu gave him his most sexy smile and moved towards the American, swaying his hips gently. "Let me comfort you," he whispered in his ear.

Crawford just glared but made no move to push Schuldich away.

The red-head smirked.

"Would you quit trying to seduce Crawford at a time like this?" Nagi nearly shouted, his telekinesis threatening to throw Schuldich against the wall. "WE NEED TO GET FARFARELLO NOW!!"

The German sighed and walked away from hiskoi. He flopped down on the couch and stared lazily at the ceiling. "Alright, what do we do? Search Japan?"

"For me?"

The three members of Schwartz whirled around.

There stood Farfarello with a sickening look on his face. His hand was placed on a little girl's shoulder.

The other three members blinked.

"Great," Nagi nearly squeaked. "Now he's kidnapping. I am so doomed."

Farfie didn't hear him. He was too busy being pleased with himself. "Meet Kitty. She's going to help me hurt god."

The gazes droppedand dropped and (SHE'S NOT THAT SHORT!!) ermstayed.

Kitty met everyone one of their eyes and blinked innocently. She then turned back to Farfarello. "Farfarello-niisan, what exactly am I doing here?"