Kitty Strikes Schwarz

Chapter Ten

Depressing Situation

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The receptionist looked up, adjusting her glasses with two fingers. "May I help you?" she asked politely to the young man. If she had been any younger, she would have looked him over.

"I'm here to see…"

"Go away."

Kitty pushed the door open anyway.

Schuldich sat straight up on his bed. Throwing the girl a nasty look, he snarled, "You know what you're like? You're like a blister. A sore. An annoying little bitch who doesn't know when to stop sticking her fucking nose into another's business. So get the fuck out of my room."

Kitty, undaunted, flat out asked, "What's up?" in a really dry voice.


"I DON'T KNOW," Schuldich wailed and flopped back down on the bed.

Farfie eyed the bottom of the plastic cup carefully. It was transparent so he could see all those little black gel pearls.


Opening the top of the plastic cup up (it was like one of those plastic things that slushies come in…in case you've never had bubble tea before), he poked a wicked knife inside and speared a pearl.

Licking his lips, he leaned over and…

"Stop," Nagi said, irritated.

Farfie zoomed the pearl up and down, left and right, in front of Nagi's face. The telekenetic was trying to cencentrate on a school report. Julius Caesar. WHY Shakespeare, WHY?! Needless to say, he hated the play. And hell, I'm rhymthing.

Nagi narrowed his eyes. The pearl shot off the dagger and into Farfie's forehead.

The pyschopath just simply shrugged. Who cared. Yes, who cared when there were one, two, three—AT LEAST TWENTY more pearls left to play with. And a chibi to annoy to death. Spearing another bubble, Farfie resumed his mission in life.

Nagi gritted his teeth. This was going to be a long day.

Damn. Where was Crawford where you needed him?

"…and I don't even know why I bother. I mean, he's such an asshole, so stubborn, but so damn sexy…"

Kitty sighed and buried her head into her hands. Listening to Schuldich was like trying to listen to Catholic priests who had molested children. He contridicted himself at least twenty times in the past ten minutes. [[*gets mauled by religious people*]]


The telepath just simply cut off what he had been saying and whipped his head around to face Kitty. "Yo, you remember where you came from?"

Kitty blinked. How random… "Yes, why?"

"You have a boyfriend?"


"Is he cute?"


"Can I fuck him?"

"NO!!!!!" the girl screamed.

My Catholic priest analogy wasn't that off.

Where could he go now that he was kicked out? Crawford cursed under his breath, taking his glasses off and rubbing the space between his eyes in anger. Damn Schuldich for being such a stubborn bastard. Did that telepath really expect him to remember the first time they screwed?

Plus, Schuldich had an anniversary for everything.

Crawford knew that he should have taken that vision to be a warning. It was had been so brief and…and… Well, the oracle wasn't quite sure just WHY he went through that whole ordeal.

Did he really love Schuldich?

The black-haired man scowled. Gimme a break. Love was a waste of time.

He looked some what out of place, sitting on a bench across from the police building in his working clothes. It was one of those back-to-back benches, the other bench faced the other side and the ocean.

The oracle was not in the mood to see something glittery, sparkling, and ROMANTIC.

Another vision interrupted his thoughts. Blurred, this time. Golden eyes?

"Nice day, ne?"

Crawford nearly jumped out of his skin, which was shockingly surprising to say for the oracle. What was with people these days…interrupting his visions…there had to be some law against it or something.

Never mind the fact that he was probably the only oracle on this side of the globe.

Turning around and adjusting his glasses, he saw…well…he saw golden eyes at first.

Well, that was quick.

Crawford shrugged an answer back, a generous response, considering who we're dealing with here.

"So, what are you doing here?"

Now Crawford felt irritation rise. Just who did this sonofabitch thing he was? The oracle had this sudden urge the lodge a metal slug into this man's brain.

Then again, this sonofabitch could hardly be called a man. He seemed barely over the age of twenty, though he was dressed like Crawford: a black business suit.

"What do you want?" Mr. Stick-waaayyyy-up-his-ass snapped.

The man…boy…guy…whatever was not at all daunted. He just smiled, rather dryly, up ahead at the police building, not looking at Crawford. "Just wondering why kind of people sit on benches in front of traffic at this time. Shouldn't they be heading home?"

"What's your point?" Nerves began to fray.

"My little sister seems to have been kidnapped," the golden-eyed man drawed out. "Now…what should I worry about?"

It slowly dawned Crawford just what he was being accused of. "You asshole…"

Shaking his head slowly, still wearing that infuriating smile, the man…boy…ARG…never mind…START OVER: The man got up from the seat and walked away, his hands in his pockets.

Crawford buried his face into his hands. THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING.

"DO I MAKE YOU HORNY!?" Farfie screamed with glee.

The TV promptly blew up.

An eyebrow-twitching chibi stood there.

"Do I?" Farfie asked Nagi, a trace of hope in his voice.

"You wish," Nagi grumbled. "Eszett gave us a mission."

"To find horny people?"

"NO!" Nagi took in deep breaths to calm himself. Eesh. No wonder Crawford was always so uptight. Everyone could be so fustrating sometimes. Most of the time. Always. Whatever.

"Do I get to come along?"

Glancing back, Nagi raised an eyebrow at Kitty. "Eszett never said anything about you."

"I might be of some help," Kitty answered indifferently, looking everywhere but at Nagi directly. Finally she looked at Farfie because…well, she was looking around and was bound to get to Farfie.


Kitty blinked blankly. "What's he high on?"

"Nothing," Nagi grumbled. "Trust me, this is one of his more lucid moments."

Another knock.

Schuldich groaned. They just could not leave him ALONE.

Then again, he kinda enjoyed all the attention. XD

"Schuldie-chan! Lets play!" bounced in a merry voice.

Oh nonononononono. The telepath was not ready for an Irish psychopath being thrown his way.

Literally. Thrown. His. Way.

"I'M GOING TO BURY YOU ALIVE NAGI!" Schuldich screeched as he found Farfie levitated into his stomach.

Nagi shrugged. He heard worse.

Kitty winced as she watched both Farfie and Schuldich fall backwards. Normally, she would enjoy this yaoi action, but that just looked painful. Though no one would believe her back where she came from, she was not into S&M.

Farfie licked his lips as he climbed on top of Schuldich.

"Oh, so are you going to fuck me in front of all these people?" Schuldich asked flatly. He really wasn't in the mood. Still mourning over Crawford. The telepath wanted to kill himself for admitting to it, but he really did MISS the blasted oracle.

The Irish psychopath straddled the telepath, but instead of giving Schuldich a blow job, Farfie then proceeded to recite mission plans in a tone that sounded like it belonged in a porn movie.

"…" was Schuldich's response.

"Well?" Farfie asked, leaning in close.

"Bite me," Schuldich whispered.

"Yesssssssss," came from Kitty, who watched with eager eyes.

"You're one of those yaoi fans, aren't you?" Nagi asked Kitty in a wry tone.

The girl just simply covered Nagi's eyes.

However, the disappointment. Farfie just simply drew away from Schuldich, got off of the German, and walked towards the door, whistling to himself.

Kitty grumbled something about not being fair.

"Are you coming along?"

"Yeah, I'm coming."

"SCHULDICH!!!!!!!!!!" Nagi screeched as the visions the telepath placed in his mind ran wild.

"Where are you going to stay?"

Once again, Crawford nearly had a heart attack. Looking back, he saw the golden eyed man.


Out of the corner of his eyes, the oracle thought that he saw a shadow move. But he didn't take his eyes off this newcomer.

Crawford was an A class assassin. Yet, he didn't hear his man sneak up. It was as if he moved like a shadow.

"Who are you?" Crawford snarled. The sun was setting. Crawford had decided that he might as well find a hotel or something to check in for the night.


Crawford waited for a last name. He got none.

"Why are you following me?" his tone had lost all the previous anger, but still contained pure venom.

"I'm looking for my sister."

"What makes you think I've seen some gold eyed girl running around?"

"She doesn't look much like me. She's not blood related," Dan explained.

There was silence. Whirling around, Crawford thought that he saw another shadow move.

"She's been missing for several weeks now."

"What makes you think I have her?" Crawford asked with that deadly calm, regaining his posture. He glared at the man.

Dan shrugged. "A feeling. She has…she has eyes of chaos. Now do you know her?"

Blood drained from Crawford's face.

"Ah, so I was right," Dan said. His face now lost that infuriating smile. "Now, one more thing. Have you heard of a man named Beleth?"

"What are those gloves for?" Schuldich asked as he watched Kitty put them on.

The Schwarz members were getting ready. Aka, Nagi was stiffly sitting on the couch, still traumatized from before, Farfie was cursing at God, and Schuldich was lying lazily on his back on another couch.

"Why don't you just read my mind?" Kitty asked coldly.

"I liked you better as a kid."

"Me too."

There was a bit of a pause.

"You use the wire like Balinese?"

Kitty glanced up, an unreadable expression written across her face.

"Oh, my bad," Schuldich said. "You don't know Balinese."

"No…no," Kitty mumbled. "I don't use the wire like…like…Balinese."

Schuldich frowned.

Right? She didn't know Weiss…right?

The clock struck one. Looked like Crawford wasn't coming along.

It was a last minute notification. Omi scrolled down the screen. "Yo, Ken, take a look," he called over his shoulder. Ken was the only one in the flower shop. Youji and Aya were out…Omi had no clue where they were.

The former J-league player peered at the computer screen. "He seems rather young to be running a company."

"He's known as Beleth," Omi answered. "They think that he's been the one behind recent murders."

"Meaning he's the one who's been hole-punching people."

Recently, there had been several cases reported where people had string strung through their veins and bodies like puppets. It was a sickening thought.

Omi nodded.

Ken looked like he was about to hurl. 'I'll try and contact Youji and Aya. These people are twisted."