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Princess who?

Nekuyo sat in her room brushing her hair. Mom had been very excited about something. Nekuyo stood up and straightened her dress.
She took this opportunity to look in the mirror. She made sure none of her hair was coming out of it's hairstyle, which was very similar to Pluto's everyone told her. One ball in the back with two tails coming from it, her hair was a very light color white with a brownish tint to it. She admired her dress; it was very similar to her mother's dress. It has a large bow on the chest, a tight bodice, and very large bow on the small of her back, with two tails coming from it and a long flowing skirt. She smiled very satisfied with her appearance and turned to leave. (A/N: For those of you who need very extensive descriptions feel free to E-Mail me).
She put on her slippers and walked out the door. She looked to the side; there was that one guard again. Was he always put on duty to guard her door? She just shrugged mentally and walked down the hall in the most regal manor she could, being 15. She knew that her mother would scold her if she didn't stand up straight and put her shoulders back and looked like a princess. She didn't notice the guard staring at her wistfully as she walked down the hall oh so gracefully.
She started thinking about why her mother was so excited about today. She knew that Serenity would start being introduced to suitors...but if that was the reason why did she have to be there? She didn't start meeting suitors for a year...IF she was actually going to be courted at all, seeing as she was the younger daughter she probably wouldn't.
She entered the throne room and took a seat to the right side of the throne.
"Mom," she said in a quiet voice "I know I'm not supposed to ask, but what's this about?" Nekuyo asked. Queen Serenity brought her index finger to her lip to silence her. Nekuyo looked forward and sat up straight with her hands on her lap.
Suitors (she assumed for Serenity) came into the room aging from 13 to 27.
"Welcome to our palace. You will be given proper accommodations and staying here to court my TWO lovely daughters." The Queen said after standing up, giving them a warm welcome. Nekuyo's eyes widened considerably. She hadn't known that they would be courted at the same time. All of the princes and dukes and others, even Kings bowed and left in an orderly fashion, leaving the Throne Room empty other than the queen and her two daughters.
"M-Mother, I wasn't aware that you planned on having Serenity and me courted at the same time. I'm not ready for this. And every man's main goal will be for Serenity I'm sure. I won't stand a chance, I'm not ready yet." Nekuyo said in a very nervous voice.
"Don't act so Nekuyo. You'll do just fine; it doesn't start for another 2 days. That's plenty of time for you to prepare yourself." The Queen said. She just loved pulling surprises on her youngest daughter. It saddened her that her daughters will both be leaving soon.
They all left, saying nothing else.

Nekuyo walked slowly to her room, in a very thoughtful state. How could mother do that to her? That was one of the most awful, sneaky tricks that her mother had ever pulled. She'd just have to deal with it. It's not like she would actually find someone she liked, she wasn't interested in boys anyway. Nekuyo was so deep in thought that she passed up her door, still walking. The guard who was at her door watched her pass with a confused look on his face.
"Um... P-P-Princess Nekuyo...You passed your door." He said, trying not to stutter. Nekuyo snapped out of thought. Not only because that was one of the few times a guard had ever called her 'Princess', but also because she had infact passed her room and needed to turn around which required a thought process.
"Thankyou." Nekuyo said, acknowledging him slightly with a wave of her hand. She muttered something under her breath about suitors, the day being long, and having to get out of this tight dress. She walked past the guard and into her room, closing the door as she went. The guard just looked at her curiously as she went into her room.
"Suitors? She can't mean... but she only 15. But suitors means...oh no!" The guard whined. He looked at his watch; he only had a few minutes left so he decided to leave early. He ran down the hall, and down another hall..., and down one more hall and into his quarters.
"What's this about Nekuyo seeing Suitors?" He asked his roommate.
"Huh? Oh, you mean you didn't know? And here I thought you were on top of everything Erik. The Queen decided to kill two birds with one stone and have both Nekuyo and Serenity courted at the same time. She figured Nekuyo would never get married otherwise since none of the Suitors would be interested in coming a second time unless they were desperate." Erik's roommate said, polishing his prized sword, wearing his regular clothes.
"B-B-But...she was going to be courted next year... I'VE ONLY GOT TWO DAYS TO IMPRESS HER!" Erik said, panicking. He ran into the bathroom, shedding his armor on the way.
"What are you planning Erik?" His roommate Steven asked him, in a not particularly interested voice.
"Steven, I've got two days before she starts being courted, and then, the courting lasts 6 months. She has to pick one at the very END of that. That means I've got 6 months to impress her so much that she either A) doesn't pick one of them, not wanting to move out of the castle and leave her very good friend Erik, or B) Announces that she doesn't like any of them and picks me instead. I'm hoping for the latter but I'm willing for either. Just as long as I can get her to stay!" Erik said dressed in his best clothes and he had a mask with him. He put on the bandana and mask (like a Mardi gras mask). He straightened his cape and ran out the door.
"Idiot." Steven said to himself, making sure the edge of his sword was sharp.
Erik ran back in and got his pre-written letter, then ran back out.
"BIG idiot." Steven corrected himself.

Erik prayed, hoped, and prayed some more that Nekuyo wouldn't leave. He levitated up to Nekuyo's balcony, knowing that she comes out there every night. He hid the best he could and slid a note and a white rose into site so she'd pick it up when she came out. Nekuyo came out onto the balcony, tying her robe around herself. She hugged herself and looked down. She looked curiously at the rose and note. She picked it up and regarded it for a second. She sniffed the rose and smiled. It was fresh picked.
She opened the note and started reading silently:

My Dearest Princess,

Though your attention has never strayed to me,
I'm very close to you.
I've been here since I can remember.
And admired you ever since.
I'm far below your stature,
But stay with I shall always.
Just looks outside your window our lucky star is the same.
I wish upon it every day that you should glance my way.
You pass by me everyday if you ever think to ask.
I look upon you longingly every time you pass.
You're prettier than they let you know,
If I could only prove.
To the whole galaxy you were here
Then they'd know how unfortunate they were,
To pass up the chance of you.
(Forgive the non-rhyme format,
I'm fairly inept at that.)


Nekuyo looked at the note curiously, giggling a bit at the end.
"I wonder who the prankster is. Probably Serenity trying to cheer me up, she's the only person who knows White Roses are my favorite kind." Nekuyo said. "And no one would come up with such a silly poem accept someone as dumb as her." Nekuyo added. She folded the letter up to the way it was and leaned over the balcony trellis.
Erik hung his head down pathetically.
"I tried so hard." He thought sadly. He decided it would be best if he didn't stay there any longer, it'd just get him depressed and his magic wouldn't work as well. He stood up, did a flip over the trellis and fell from the second floor gracefully landing in a crouched position. Nekuyo nearly screamed she was so surprised that someone else was on the balcony with her. Erik was just now standing up when Nekuyo was falling off of the balcony.
"GYAAAAA~AAAAH!" Nekuyo yelled in surprise and fear. Erik looked up just as Nekuyo fell on him. Nekuyo blinked a few times, trying to orient herself. Erik sat up, knocking Nekuyo off of him. "HEY!" Nekuyo said, in surprise. "Huh? WHO ARE YOU?" Nekuyo asked the man who was on her balcony. Erik shot up and tried to get away but Nekuyo grabbed him, they wrestled a bit, this knocked Erik's mask off. He pushed Nekuyo off of him and ran for dear life, his cape trailing behind him.
"Who was that creep anyway?" Nekuyo exclaimed, exceedingly ticked off. She sighed, dusted off her robe, and looked down picking up the letter that she had dropped. She went inside sighing again, now she'd have to wash her hair again tomorrow morning.

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