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Nekuyo awoke with a start. She glanced around; her surroundings were in ruins aside from her stasis chamber and a panel on the wall that was pulsing with light. Nekuyo got out of the stasis chamber and scanned for any magical life forms.

Upon finding none she went over to the panel and touched it with her fingertips.

The screen came to life with an image of Beryl who was smiling sorrowfully.

"Nekuyo, I shall inform you now that if you are awake and watching this message then that means there is no more energy that you can absorb from your currant position and that the portal to the world of light from the Negaverse has been sealed. It also means that I am no longer alive.

But with all the power you have you will be able to reopen that portal simple enough since I have plotted the coordinates of all the weakest points in the barrier in your mind.

Please be informed that you have a huge, untamed amount of dark energy inside you. You shall be able to kill those hideous Sailor Senshi, the former princesses of the inner planets, in one blow. But you shall need pure light energy to balance your power source out. There is an almost unlimited amount of it on earth, which is where you're heading anyway. You have the power to revive Jadeite from his eternal sleep chamber should you need his help, provided the Sailor Senshi have not destroyed it in the attack as well.

As you can see there is very little left. I wish you the best on your quest for vengeance and add mine silently to yours.

I leave what little is left of my kingdom to you in hopes that you can rebuild it and make it even stronger than before one day." With that the image flickered out and images of the Sailor Senshi destroying the castle and killing Beryl.

Nekuyo got so mad that she overloaded the panel with dark energy and in busted.

"Sailor Senshi, Serenity… You will NOT live to regret this last travesty upon my life! I've been ignored for the very LAST time!" Nekuyo's power skyrocketed.


At the same time in the World of Light Ami Mizuno jolted out of bed and stumbled quickly over to her Mercury Computer.

She gasped as she read the screen. There had been a huge power spike just now. She clicked a few buttons and bit her lips in worry.

It had come from Beryl's old headquarters in the Negaverse.

Rei shot up in bed after the oddest dream/flashback she'd ever had.

Dream Sequence…

Princess Rei smiled happily, trying not to laugh at Princess Serenity's antics. They had these gathering weekly to discuss 'political issues' A.K.A Gossip. Infact, this is where it was drawn to Princess Serenity's attentions that there was a very handsome Prince on Earth.

Princess Rei glanced over into the shadows where she had sensed a presence. There in the corner was a tan-haired girl in a common looking princess dress. Princess Rei turned away quickly.

''Probably just a servant trying to look important. After all, there aren't any other princess's here. And that certainly doesn't LOOK like one of the outers.' Was the last she considered the subject.

End Dream Sequence

Rei got up and went to consult the sacred flame on the dream.

The next day…

"What's all this about a power spike?" Makoto asked curiously. Ami brought the readings from last night up on her computer and showed then. After a few moments of blank stares she started explaining.

"About 2:45 AM last night a huge dark energy spike occurred. After a few moments I was able to trace it to Beryl's old command center in the Antarctic." Ami explained. All the others looked at each other worried.

"So? We've gotten RID of Beryl haven't we? That was such a long time ago, we would've know if she'd survived or not… Right?" Usagi asked, her voice getting increasingly worried.

"I woke up from an odd flashback dream about that time…" Rei said interrupting everyone's train of thought. "We were at a gossip session as princesses. We were all laughing at something Princess Serenity had done, but then something- or rather someone- caught my eye. There was a girl in the corner in a Princess dress that looked similar to Queen Serenity's dress. She had hair styled oddly, almost like the royal hairstyle but her hair was the wrong color and there was only one bun. Her bangs covered her forehead so I wasn't able to see if she had a royal marking. So I discarded her." Rei said. "I consulted the sacred flame and it gave me pictures of the Moon Kingdom."

"You can't be talking about Princess Nekuyo!" Artemis jumped up suddenly from Minako's lap.

"Who?" Was the all around question.

"I thought it was just a simple myth since I had never really seen her nor had I the nerve to ask the Queen. But it was rumored that Queen Serenity had a second daughter. Princess Nekuyo, the Rose Princess of the Moon. She was a disgrace, since it was horrible luck for the Queen to have more than one daughter. They styled her hair in one bun with two tails and left her bangs to cover up her royal mark, which was said to be a crescent moon covered with rose vines and a bloomed rose sitting on top of it. There was no real account of her, but she was said to have ran away just before the attack on the Moon Kingdom." Artemis said, giving his information on the fable to them.

"Well, she fits the description of the girl that I saw…" Rei noted.

"She was supposed to be the bearer of a great power."

Silence greeted that statement.

"You don't suppose that it's a disgruntled ghost do you? I mean, Beryl might've been the one to kidnap her…" Usagi said, whimpering.

"This is, assuming she actually existed." Artemis reminded.

"It's safe to assume that if Rei saw her than she actually existed Artemis-kun." Luna replied. "And how come I was not aware of this?" Luna grumped to Artemis.

"You're still regaining your memories. Its still Swiss Cheese remember?" Artemis reminded Luna of the instability of her memory caused by the faulty stasis chamber.

Snickers were heard at that comment and Luna growled for Artemis reminding the Senshi of that fact.


Nekuyo stormed through the castle, searching the rooms for anything that could be salvageable. She stopped as she came across the throne room. She entered it with caution. The throne was still standing. Pieces of a shattered green crystal were scattered on the floor before it. She recognized it immediately and picked up the largest piece among the many. She examined it momentarily, feeling pulsate with energy that was being sapped from some place far from the earth. She dropped it immediately. She narrowed her eyes at it.

"I have no wish to be possessed! I don't know who you are but I cannot be fooled into thinking such an object with give me power! This was Beryl's! You possessed her and led her to her own death! You knew she was not strong enough to defeat the Senshi of this time! You tricked her into thinking that the Senshi of this time were weaker than the original! You were using her to get to me, but I refuse to be controlled! My mistress was Beryl, Metallia! And I HAVE the power to rid the world of the Sailor Senshi! I will not let you use it against myself one day! I shall find you and make you regret your use of my Mistress! I shall avenge her not only from the Senshi but from YOU as well!" She shouted at the crystal, whom's light was beginning to fade. She picked the crystal up again after a moments thought. She put some of her own energy into it and waited. It finally pulled her in a direction. She followed it down the corridors and into a room in the basement.

There she found Jadeite's eternal sleep chamber. Inside it, Jadeite's skeleton lay, it's arms folded across its chest.

Nekuyo circled the chamber a few times, trying to determine how to revive him. She looked at the shard in her hand as it started pulling violently. It took over and plummeted into Jadeite's chamber, impaling itself into its crystal surface. The surface started cracking in spider-webbed cracks. Nekuyo ducked as the casing bust apart in a glow of green light.

After the blast cleared away Nekuyo stood up and looked at the fully rejuvenated Jadeite. His clothes were slightly tattered and he was still seemingly asleep.

"Awaken Jadeite." Nekuyo stated simply. Jadeite's eyes snapped open. He sat up at blinked a couple of times before looking at Nekuyo.

"N-N-…Mistress Nekuyo?" Jadeite asked. (A/N:YAY! I can finally describe Nekuyo's new look!!) Jadeite almost refused to believe his eyes.

Nekuyo stood over him. She was wearing a black dress that was skintight in the bodice and came up in a turtleneck. It had tight long sleeves that ended in ruffles. The was a skintight mini skirt that border-lined indecent. It had an odd belt with it that curved downward and had a red gem in the middle of it. (Think Esmaurodo's dress only minus the green jewels and it's got long sleeves and the belt.). She wore simple heeled boots that came all the way up her calves and had silver swirls on them. She had some of Beryl's ornamentation. The band along the forearm and the necklace, both of which matched the belt since the gems inside of them had turned from purple to red. She had dark brown hair now, with streaks of black throughout it. Under her bangs, the rose on her royal mark had turned pitch black. She had an evil glint to her face, which finally showed personality-which is probably what caught Jadeite the most.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Jadeite." Nekuyo stated. "You serve me now." To which Jadeite was more than happy to agree to.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, then you need a change in uniform." Jadeite finally took note of his state of clothing and the fact that his shirt was none existent. He looked at Nekuyo expectantly. Nekuyo looked at him in thought for a moment.

Nekuyo flicked her wrist at him. Jadeite's clothes turned into a skintight black bodysuit (gloves and boots included, like Allen's), adorned with red-jeweled wristbands and choker necklace. His right ear had a back rose earring in it, a chain hung down from the rose and connected to a large, upside down, red, crescent moon.

"Now we can finally begin the unleashing of my vengeance upon Serenity." Nekuyo smirked. This was going to be fun.

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