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Summery and warnings: In an attempt to stop the mistakes made during the second war that cost good people their lives and death eaters to walk free, certain characters from different times are brought together to read the Harry Potter books starting with The Prisoner of Azkaban. Takes place in Harry's fifth year after the Weasley twins have left. AU, OOC, Dumbledore bashing, Dursley bashing and some swearing.

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Unknown Place, Unknown time

In a very empty, very large room all is quiet until...



"OWWW" rang out the voices of nineteen people as a cloud of purple mist dropped them on the ground in groups of twos or threes.

"Please get off of me guys" A muffled voice came from underneath two others . Those that knew the trio (and liked them) laughed as they untangled and righted themselves. The trio were the only ones to land in a tangled heap and pouted when they realised this, which made the laughter louder. When the laughter finally stopped a blue mist filled the room in an instant and was gone just as quickly, leaving the occupants of the room wondering if they had imagined the mist. The only thing that stopped them asking this to someone was that the room was no longer empty, but instead looked like a large, warm sitting room with six large squashy sofa's in black, gold, silver and blue, an empty medium sized glass coffee table, with a very large soft and thick white rug that covered most of the floor. A large gleaming kitchen/dining room separated from the sitting by a half wall, the tall oak doors were were there too, named 'ladies', 'men's', and the doors labelled 'bedrooms'.

After looking around and realising there looked to be no way out most of the room started to panic and shout until a voice rang out over the noise made by those panicking. "Calm down! We're all OK and we WILL find a way out of here. Just stop panicking so we can figure out what to do!" everyone turned to look at those who had shouted, to half of the rooms surprise it was a black haired teen with glasses, bright emerald green eyes,with a lightning shaped scar on his forehead and that had spoken.

"Wow Prongs he looks just like you!" exclaimed a tall handsome teen with long black hair and grey eyes. To another teen who did look just like the teen who had spoken first, with just one exception; he had hazel eyes.

"Except the eyes Padfoot they look like-" he was cut of by the soft musical voice of a beautiful red-haired with bright emerald green eyes that were identical to the first boys.

"My eyes, he has my eyes"

Those in the room apart from the three who had just spoken and a man with an extremely long beard spluttered in shock as they realised that they were obviously in a room with three people who couldn't possibly be there; two because they had died fourteen years ago and one who was a supposedly mass murderer. The next thing they noticed about the three is that they where all in they're teens. They all turned to look as the old man cleared his throat to get the rooms attention.

"Yes that is Lily, James and Sirius when they were, I believe, in they're final year at Hogwarts. I believe we have been brought to this area for a reason, which we will find out very soon. Now let us all sit down then introduce ourselves with just our names and the year that we are from so that those who are not familiar with us may at least know something about us." As he spoke he looked over at the family of three that had taken refuge on a black sofa as far from the magic uses as possible, glaring at everyone in hatred, disgust and fear. Once every one had sat down the old man spoke again;

"I shall start I think. My Name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am from the year 1995."

"I am Severus Snape, I am also from 1995." spoke a sallowed skin man, with a large hooked nose and oily hair, to the left of the man now named Dumbledore. The next who spoke was a severe looking woman, who wore glasses and had her hair tied up in a tight bun.

"I am Minerva McGonagall, I am also from 1995." after she had spoke a pretty young teen with red hair and hazel eyes spoke next;

"I'm Ginny Weasley, also from 1995" a slightly plump, red haired woman spoke next;

"Molly Weasley, also from 1995" the tall, slightly balding, red haired man seated next to her introduced him self next; "I'm Arthur Weasley I am also from 1995".

"Percy Weasley I too am from 1995" spoke a pompous looking, tall, red hair man, wearing horn rimmed glassed. He spoke with an air of importance, which to nearly everyone in the room was obviously fake. The next two who spoke were identical in every way; from their red hair hair and freckles to the matching mischievous grins they were wearing. The way they spoke was quite confusing to those who had never heard or seen them before;

"We're the"

"Weasley twins"

" Fred and George"

"from the year"

"1995!" the confusing thing was that Fred and George had spoken a different part of the sentence with the only thing in sync being the year they are from. The next one to speak was the teen who had been named 'Padfoot' before;

"I'm Sirius Black, or Padfoot to my friends, I'm from the year 1977"

"I'm James potter or Prong to my friends, I'm from the year 1977"

"I'm Lily Evans, I'm also from the year 1977"

"I'm Remus Lupin I also go by Moony to my friends, I'm from the year 1995" gasps of shock came from the three from the past, they had noticed that he looked older but didn't realise it was because he is from nearly twenty years in their future.

"I'm Ron weasley, I'm from the year 1995"

"I'm Hermione Granger, I am also from the year 1995"

"I'm Harry Potter, also from the year 1995" the three from the past looked shocked at this, sure he looked like two of them but they never expected that he was the son of two of them.

"I am Petunia Dursley, and I am also from the year 1995" spoke a tall woman after the looks she was receiving from those in the room with a sour look on her face. She had too much neck, oversized teeth, and stringy black hair tied into a loose bun. No one heard the whispered questioned posed by Lily "Tuney?" as a very large (read – fat) man with no neck, thin blond hair and a moustache to match had started to introduce himself.

" Vernon Dursley, 1995" he had grunted out not wanted to be glared at by people he obviously didn't like or know.

"I'm Dudley Dursley, from the year 1995" said a very, very large boy who looked like his father.

"Now that we have introduced ourselves there appears to be a letter on the table addressed to me, it could tell us where we are and why we are here, I'll read it out shall I?" before anyone could say anything he picked up the letter that had appeared during the introductions and started to read;

"Dear headmaster Dumb-as-a-door, (here the writing changed) Harry I know your annoyed with the old goat but there's no need to start a letter like that! (then back again) sorry Hermione but you know we wouldn't have had to resort to this if he hadn't mucked things up so bad in the beginning. (the two mention teens of the trio looked startled and ashamed that they had apparently said this, while the others in the room started between them and the old man in shock, no-one heard the last member of the trio mutter to himself; "where am I?")

Anyway the reason we are writing to you is simple: we are from the future, we won the war, voldemort is dead for good this time (the writing had changed again, this time differently then the first two) Thanks Ron. Your welcome harry. Both of you stop it we need to get this written before the toad of a minister and her lackeys find us and get the dementors to give us the kiss! (silence total silence until, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAPPENED AFTER YOU KICKED THE SNAKE-FACED BASTARDS ARSE HARRY!" screamed the female of the trio shocking those of the room who thinks she is nothing but a bookworm.

"How should I know Mia? But with my luck the bloody idiots at the ministry decided to put that toad Umbitch – sorry I mean Umbridge in charge." Answered the boy named Harry. The smirk on his face when he said that combined with is words caused half of the room to stare at him in shock. No one but his closest friends had heard him talk like this about anyone before. Even if they weren't too shocked by this what had just been revealed stopped anyone from reprimanding him of his language never mind that it was a teacher he had spoken about like that.

"I hate your luck mate." Ron told him trying not to laugh at the rest in the room.

"Me too Ron, me too. Can you carry on now please professor?" Harry asked wanting to find out what was going on.

"Certainly my boy" was Dumbledore's reply before he continued reading out the letter)

Sorry Mia, anyway, old man basically you screwed up. You didn't give us the information we needed to win when it was truly needed, and when you did it was less than half of it! when you FINALLY decided to get off your wrinkly old arse and tall me what I needed to know you didn't finish as you were killed by someone you had stuck under an ILLIGAL FULLY BINDING LOYALTY CHARM! god-dammit old man you messed up things so bad that when we had beaten the snake-faced bastard the interim minister (now actual minister) tried to have us arrested and kissed because of new laws that were put in place. Laws that made it illegal to fight against those who don't like muggleborns. Your lackeys -yes I said lackeys- in the ministry didn't even oppose it as you had instructed them before your death to not do anything that could help me after or even during the war!

We managed to get away thanks to the Weasleys who held off the aurors so we could go underground. We went to Order HQ where I claimed the Head of the Black house (which I was supposed to do the summer after my fifth year) as instructed by Kreacher and locked down the wards so that no one not invited in will get thrown about two miles away if they try to enter by force. Yes he's nice now. Anyway things went from bad to worse, I wont say because you'll be sick if I did, but its enough to say we are lucky to be alive right now. All I will say is that the memory charms and power suppressors you placed on the three of us are now gone, we are now full grey mages as we should have been from the start. The ministry has found where we are, and is managing to pull down the wards, they've been trying for three days so its no real surprise, we won't make it out as they've placed they're own around us.

So what's going on is this; Mia created a spell that will send up to thirty people (three from a different time) to a place outside of time and change it to fit your needs (a bit like the room of requirement) along with a detailed history from my third year through to my six year (in my point of view unfortunately), in the form of books ,as that is when it really starts and things are revealed that should have been set right at the time but you ignored for your own ends.

They will appear when you have read the full contents to this letter to those there now. Those who should be in the room with you are:

Minerva McGonagall

Severus Snape

Molly, Arthur, Ron, Ginny, Percy, George and Fred Weasley



Petunia, Vernon and Dudley Dursley

Remus Lupin

Lily Evans

James Potter

and Sirius Black

you are all here for a reason my parents and godfather because they deserve to know what happened and have the ability to change things from early in time then you do, the Dursleys are there because they deserve to know the kind of dangers I am in at school and why I had to live with them (even if your excuse was a pile of dragon dung), everyone else plays an important part in the future so they are there to see it.

Others will be coming in at different timed to read with you, Mia's spell allows for that, they need to read this letter to understand what is going on and why. (be prepared Dumbles, Hagrid's going to be here at some point.) When you have finished you will have three hours to get to know each other better and to decide what you need to change.(just to let you know that in my point in time only me, Ron, and Mia are alive) Learn from your mistakes and and make sure What Went Wrong doesn't happen again.

From Harry Potter 19 years old,

Hermione Granger 20 years old,

Ronald Weasley 20 years old.

Albus Dumbledore lowered the letter and lifted his head to face the others in the room.