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Summery and warnings: In an attempt to stop the mistakes made during the second war that cost good people to their lives and death eaters to walk free, certain characters from different times are brought together to read the Harry Potter books starting with The Prisoner of Azkaban. Takes place in Harry's fifth year after the weasley twins have left. AU, OOC, Dumbledore bashing, Dursley bashing and some swearing.

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Last time:

"That's the end of the chapter" Snape said, glad that he had finished. Just then there was a 'POOF' and a 'BANG', and in a purple mist, a new person to read with appeared holding a piece of parchment. This person was...

This time:

Cornelius Fudge current Minister of Magic. Wearing a lime green bowler on his head and a look of disbelieve on his face. "What is going on here Dumbledore?" Demanded Fudge, completely ignoring everyone else. "I just received a letter from that blasted Potter boy saying he is a future one and that things were so bad there that he and two of his friends had found a way to change it. Next thing I know I'm standing here." his voice was strained as he looked around and saw that a lot more people than he expected were there than he first thought. "And is that Lily and James Potter? And a younger Sirius Black? How is this possible Dumbledore?" he spluttered by the sound of it he was trying not to panic.

"Minister, we had the same thing happen to us but in reverse. Here read this." McGonagall said before Dumbledore could and make himself sound blameless in all this.

While Fudge read the letter and screamed at Dumbledore for everything that had happened, Dudley walked up to Harry, ignoring his parents and asked "Can I talk to you please Harry?" .

After a look between the trio that spoke volumes without words he got up and gestured to Dudley to follow him to the kitchen, where they sat at the table awkwardly until Dudley cleared his throat and thought over whatever it was he wanted to say.

"Harry I'm sorry I was such a bully to you when we were younger" he began, shocking Harry and those who were listening thanks to Fred and George's Extendable Ears.

"I never really thought you were a freak, or anything else they had called you. I just did what they did, because I was a spoiled brat, and it got me what I wanted most of the time." he said with a wry grin, remembering when Harry got his second bedroom. "Then those dementor-thingys attacked us and I realised just how bad I really was for going along with it. If I hadn't we probably would be more like brothers instead of enemy's or whatever." Dudley took a deep breath and finally asked "I know I don't deserve it, but is there a chance you could forgive me? And maybe tell me more about magic, it sounds really cool, not the Devils work like dad says." Dudley asked, a hopeful smile on his face.

"Sure Dud. I think I'd like to know what you'd be like as a big brother." Spoke Harry, after a long silence, much to Dudley's relief. Harry stood and went to the fridge, pulled out a crate of cold Butterbeers', and handed one to Dudley. "Here's you first magic-like experience Dud, Butterbeer, a foamy drink kinda like root beer but much much better." Harry explained and took a long drink of his own bottle.

"Wow, that's amazing." Dudley exclaimed as he took a drink himself. "I'm going to get something for mum and dad you go on in OK?" Dudley asked after a comfortable silence just drinking his own Butterbeer. Harry nodded, realising that Vernon and Petunia would refuse to drink or eat anything remotely linked to the magical world, finished his drink, picked up the crate of Butterbeer, and carried it into the table in the living room where everyone was, he then handed everyone a drink, Fudge even paused in his extremely long dressing down of Dumbledore to accept one and thank Harry for it, surprising the teen.

When Dudley returned from the kitchen and set down a tray that held a teapot, cups, sugar and biscuits on the glass coffee table he went to sit on a chair that had appeared between the sofa's of his parents and harry and his friends.

"So what do you think we should do to the old man for the crap he's put you through?" Dudley asked to the shock of everyone who heard. " I mean can I help, your my cousin, just because I was an arse doesn't mean I really felt like that towards you. Your family, and no one messes with my family" he finished fiercely, which shocked his dad into action.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO DUDLEY BOY!" Vernon bellowed at him going purple in the face.

"VERNON!" Petunia yelled at him to get his attention. "sit down and shut up for once in your life" it looked like Petunia had had enough of her husband blaming her nephew for everything "Harry hasn't done anything but save his soul last summer. I've had enough of you placing the blame of your own problems on the boy. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions and let Dudley make his own choices." This shocked her husband and the rest of the room into silence as he sat down meekly, afraid of her anger.

Unnoticed by all, as the had been busy watching Petunia tear Vernon a new one, Dumbledore had been turned into a bright green goat complete with pink spots, a long bright blue beard and a sign around his neck stating; 'Worlds most manipulative old goat'. When he bleated was the first time anyone noticed but when they did no one could stop themselves from laughing so hard that they were bent over, tears were pouring from their eyes, even Snape was laughing like this, glad that Dumbledore was getting his just deserts for destroying lives.

It took a good half hour for everyone to calm down, but when they had Dumbledore was back to normal-ish, and the unmistakable sounds of stomachs begging to be filled was heard.

"Oh dear, its getting late, I think its time for dinner and then an early night for everyone so we can continue reading early." Mrs Weasley said as she hurried to the kitchen to cook for everyone, followed by Petunia and Lily.

Vernon dragged Dudley to a corner far away from the others to have a 'talk' with him.

The marauders and twins, the trio with Ginny and the professors with Fudge. To talk about explain to the minister what they had read.

"Well Potter I'm not sure that I believe You-Know-who is back at least not in a body, but I'm willing to find out the truth. About that and Black." Fudge declared when he had been caught up on the reading as well as the trios first and second years at hogwarts.

"Thank you minister, that's all I'm asking for" Harry told him, glad the man is finally willing to listen.

Soon they were all called to the table to eat, everyone helped themselves to the delicious food, Vernon only taking what Petunia did. In record time the food was finished surprisingly in silence as everyone was lost to their own thoughts. When they had finished the three who had cooked took away the plates and brought out dessert, chocolate cakes and treacle tarts. When they were also gone, quicker the the dinner was, Mrs Weasley and Lily flicked their wands and the plates went to the sink to clean themselves.

"right bed everyone, we can read more tomorrow with clear heads." Lily spoke. Everyone did as they were told, even if she was only a school girl at the time. The chose their rooms, girl and boys separated by the sitting room, apart from the married couples and professors who were in rooms in-between the others.

It took along time for everyone to sleep as they were anxious about what would come, but when they did, they slept deep, dreamlessly and peacefully, for the rest of the night.

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