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"If I could be reborn again, I hope you'd play with me then."
~ Len Kagamine, "Servant of Evil"

I opened my eyes.

Light instantly blinded my short sight. My eyes snapped shut. Behind closed lids, I could feel the blaring heat onto my eyelids, but they remained shut. Shut until the heat began to clearly dull, began to clearly cool. Until all trace of heat was gone.

I opened my eyes again.

I found myself to be standing before an everlasting emerald meadow with glassy cerulean skies smiling down at the similar moody, stalks of green grass. The jaded blades waved at me, the feisty wind as their puppeteer. There were rainbow wildflowers dotting the blanket of green, but above wispy threads of clouds sailed smoothly on their space of sky blue heavens.

That was where I am, wasn't it?

I looked around again, finding I had my normal knight clothing on. The normal green tunic with worn black boots, and the long cone-shaped hat she had called ridiculous. Then I took a step, not hesitantly for this land was safe, and then took another. All around were plain grass and cool skies. It took me a few more steps before my foot nudged something. Something soft.

I looked down.

It was a crown of dulled thorns. A single crimson rose was braided into the crown, a splash of color against the ever dull expanse of green.

I nostalgically picked it up, immediately pressing the item to my heart.

Just then, a unearthly sound rang up ahead.

I looked up.

Three different colored lights circled around something, the lights hued a flaming red, a soothing blue, and a jaded green. Bursting from curiosity, I hurriedly ran towards the lights with the crown still in my light grasp, finding the lights were not just lights, but they silhouetted humans. Female humans.

The moment I tried to recognize their faces, they shot me a quick look and vanished.

A tad saddened, I stopped.

Until I saw her.

She was what the three beings surrounded. She sat comfortably on the grassy blanket, her bent back to me, her outfit adorned as one of her favorite lavender gowns; swirls of light gossamer securely circling herself. A hum guided her hand to plunk rhythmically along the blades of grass. She looked to be safe.

I sighed, out of relief.

She turned around, curious cerulean eyes meeting alleviated azure eyes.

I held up the crown of thorns, a small smile fabricating onto my normally rigid face.

She still stared at me with the same curious expression blinking back at me.

Beaming, I then spoke with joy mingling into my words, "Play with me?"

She still stared.

Before her face broke out in a massive toothy grin, and breaking into musical laughter.

I laughed along, taking the time to sit in front of her, with the crown settled back into the downy grass. My hand searched for hers mixed within the green blades, until I felt soft fingers lacing with mine. Our other hand did the same, twining together as we faced each other, with bright, silly smiles.

I gradually touched my forehead to hers, gazing at our entwined hands within the grass. She pressed back, staring at the same touching scene. We stayed a slow moment like this, perfectly back into the soothing solace we knew and loved. It was everything I had wished to live in forever.

"My Princess of Evil," I greeted softly, beaming a slow, knowing grin.

"My Knight of Evil," she murmured softly, beaming a slow, demonic grin.

This was a tragedy after all.


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