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A. The team goes on the bridge builder mission alone.

B. Team goes on the same mission with team 7

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Chapter 4 Training Ground: Shadow Strategist, Zero chances to mess up

Training ground 30 was also known as Hell's Grounds. It had traps placed, that summoned, fire, water, pits of poison and such. It was a full blown mountain range. Naruto, Hinata, and Shikimaru all sat down and read the training plan Jin had given them.

"Ok you three we are going to start." Jin said as he formed handsigns.

"Shadow Forest." He yelled

"Trees of pure darkness formed all around the three.

"Shit." SHikimaru spat

"What?" Naruto said

"He can hit us from anywhere with this jutsu. It's one he designed himself, and it's a pain to try and fight here." Shikimaru said and sat down

"Byakugan." HInata and Naruto said

Their vision widened. After a bit they noticed movement. Naruto threw a kunai. The thing disappeared.


"Jin Nara, was truly the best choice. His ability will keep Naruto and Hinata from relying on the Byakugan. Now my children, show him what the Hyuuga clan can do." Hiashi said as he watched team six from a distance.


From behind Naruto came a small hand that stretched from the tree. It grabbed Naruto's hand and turned him.

"What?" Naruto said

Naruto was caught in the Shadow Possession Jutsu.

"One Down." Came a voice from the tree.

Naruto was then pulled straight into the tree.

"Naruto!" HInata yelled

"Hinata. Relax Jin won't hurt him. This is stage four of the training exercise. We have to find Naruto." Shikimaru said


"Let me go!" Naruto screamed

"Ah, but if I did that you'd get lost in the Shadow Forest. Besides you're my prisoner." Jin said as he tied up Naruto

"Great… Hinata's going to be pissed, and she'll tell Hiashi-sama that I failed. Man I'm going to get such a beating!" Naruto sighed

'Boy Listen to me.' Kyu said

'Yes?' Naruto responded

'The Nara clan require concentration for their skill. Jin is splitting his attention, so his skill is weaker. Break his concentration completely.'

'How? I'm tied up!'

'Rotation should break the ropes give it a try!'


"Rotation!" Naruto said and the ropes on Naruto were completely destroyed.

"Shit." Jin said

As he said that Naruto began his attack. Naruto sealed a couple of the chakra points. As he did that the shadow forest faltered.


Hinata and Shikimaru noticed the fading shadow forest. The forest disappeared, to show Naruto standing beside a panting Jin.

"Naruto!" Hinata said running over to him.

"Hinata! Don't!" Shikimaru yelled

"Too late." A voice from below said

"Shadow Prison."

Then the Jin next to Naruto disappeared and Hinata was caught in a small cage. Then Jin crawled out of the ground.

"You bastard!" Naruto said and threw a kunai.

"Shadow Shield."Jin said and a shield appeared in Jin's hand. He blocked the kunai with the shield

"Shadow Shrink." Jin said and the cage started to shrink.

"Eh?" Hinata squeaked

"Shit. Shadow Shrink. Naruto we need to knock out Jin! If we don't Hinata will die." Shikimaru said

"Rotation!" Hinata said and the cage expanded

"Good work. Hinata that'll give us more time." Naruto said

"Byakugan Blade." Hinata said as she sliced her hand through the cage. Hinata ran out of the cage.

"No one captures me, the wolf of the Hyuuga Clan!" Hinata said

Naruto and Shikimaru were engaged in a fight with Jin, neither of them were gaining head way in the fight.

"Oh Screw This! Complete waste of time playing with you two!" Jin said as he jumped away

"Give up sensei?"

"OH Hardly! Hell's_-_." Jin started but was interrupted by Hinata's first strike

"Eight Trigrams 64 palms." She said as she began unloading hits on him

"Hinata hit Jin towards me." Naruto said

"Yes Naruto." She said and Jin went flying towards Naruto

"Eight Trigrams 64 palms." Naruto said and he to unloaded hits on him.

"Naruto send him my way." Shikimaru said

So Jin flew towards Shikimaru.

"Shadow Crucifix!" Shikimaru said and four nails dug into Jin's hands and legs.

"Give up now sensei?"


"Kami-sama! What are they doing to him?"Hiashi said with a sigh.


Jin melted into darkness

"Shit! I forgot he used shadows as clones." Shikimaru said

"You'll never beat me like this. Entering Stage Six. Hell's Shadow!" Jin said from behind Naruto. Black shadows appeared all around Jin. They looked like small demons.

"Jin! You know that move is only to be used on enemy shinobi! I think you've seen enough of our abilities." Shikimaru said

"Hardly. I want to see what you do when you are cut off from your teammates. Come my demons separate the team." Jin said and the demonic shadows shrunk down and drifted towards the team. They stopped just short of each of them.

"Shadow possession." Shikimaru said.

"Very good, that is the only was the only way to stop them." Jin said

"Jin, it's time you stopped playing with us. Why don't you actually come out of hiding." Shikimaru said

"(Hahaha) well I'm sorry I would love to keep fighting you three, but I won't be able to hold back and I may end up killing you three." Jin said coming out of hiding

"Ok… life good death bad!" Naruto said

"As long as I stay with Naruto, I'm fine with the reason why you stopped." Hinata said


"My children are amazing." Hiashi said with a laugh

"A little Fox, and a Little Wolf. It's how Minato would of wanted it. Isn't it Hiashi?" The White-haired Hokage said

"Yes it is Hokage-sama. Minato always wanted to be a part of my family. I said I'd marry him to a side branch woman, but he said he would leave his first wife. This was the next way we could do this." Hiashi said


"You guys did well." Jin then said as each of them fell to their knees and began to pant.

"Everyone get some rest! Tomorrow we will start our missions. Great work guys." Jin said

'Good work my boy. I look forward to staying with you boy. Someday I'll tell you how I came to be with you.' Kyuubi said