We are aware of each other, only. His hands racing over my beating hot body. His tender lips link into mine, and we kiss. Suddenly, we cannot stop, the connection so unbreakable. His lips interlock mine, the collision so perfect, so timed. His body, my body act as one. He kisses me harder, desperately, knowing the link must end. His lips so perfect, his tongue so soft. His hands grip my neck now, pulling me closer. There's no room, no air, but nothing matters. His brown eyes flicker, with little other than passion. My body tingles with hunger, for his. A flame unnourished, I need more. He knows, I know.

The door rings, and we pull back. The link is broken, a snapped chain. His hands slither down my back. Aware of the silence, aware of the world, back to reality. His eyes glitter into mine, disappointment emerging. He leaves my side and turns to the door. His dark hair flops and his silhouette fades. He returns with a grey parcel, wrapped with old string in a messy bow. I take it, not knowing, not caring. He shakes his head. I unwrap it, there sits only a doll. A doll. She's old fashioned, tatty blonde hair with a small holey pinafore on. Her head squint and loose, her eyes missing, only eye sockets.

I stare into my boyfriend's eyes. We say nothing, the unbearable silence, but I dare break it. He pulls forward for a kiss, and a kiss him back. His lips on mine, worried and uncertain. His eyes, once soft, brown and sparkling start to immerge into his head. Sinking into his flesh, the doll in his hand...