Just a quick note - this story takes place during the summer (in the month of July) between seasons 2 and 3, just a couple of months after Dean sold his soul.


Jo was beginning to feel impatient. She'd been sitting on the hood of her car in the parking lot of Sam and Dean's motel room and waiting with her mom and Bobby for a good ten minutes now and it was beginning to feel like a standoff.

Sitting beside her on the beat-up, faded red hood, Ellen checked her phone. "I called Dean twice now, once when we were five minutes out and again when we got here and didn't get an answer either time."

Bobby finally stepped out of his car, which was undoubtedly getting hot from the summer sun, tipped his trucker's cap, and took several steps forward. "No such luck with Sam, either. Guess they must be busy; we may have to go this one by ourselves."

Ellen nodded and began to descend from the hood, but Jo shot out an arm in front of her, blocking her movement. She hadn't seen Dean in over five months and was determined to do whatever she could to make him and his brother come along on this hunt. In the fantasy that she'd been growing, nurturing, and playing with for the past half hour since Bobby had first suggested giving them a call, the five of them would quickly slash through the nearby vampire nest and then celebrate by going out for a beer. While they were at some nearby dive, she would slink off with Dean somewhere to talk and then finally make something out of all the idle flirting and sexual tension that had gone on between them for so long. Maybe Dean would cup her face in his hand and lean forward uncertainly while she closed the distance between their mouths, or maybe she would be the first to make a move and that scenario would play out the other way around. Maybe she'd just say to hell with coyness, fling her arms around him and let him know right away just how much she wanted him, show him just how far she was willing to go. Maybe she and Dean would even end up renting a motel room for the night. She thought about the kind of ecstasy Dean would bring her; he looked like the kind of man who knew what to do in bed.

But none of that seemed likely at the moment, because Dean wasn't picking up his damn phone! "No, they're here; look, the Impala is parked right outside!"

Bobby shook his head. "Well, they're not answering, so obviously they must be busy with something. Hell, I don't think we even really need them; I just made the suggestion 'cause I knew they were in the area. Maybe it's best we just leave them alone and take care of this one ourselves."

Ellen nodded her head and she and Bobby exchanged a knowing glance that Jo didn't understand. "Think you're right, Bobby. Come on, baby, let's get in the car."

Jo clenched her jaw defiantly. "But…what if they're in trouble? I mean, they always answer their phones, right?" She swiftly dismounted from the hood and marched towards the door of Sam and Dean's motel room. She had gotten her hopes up too much to just give up and leave now. "I'm going to go check it out." From behind her, she heard her mom cry out for her, asking her to wait, before Jo turned to her, put a finger to her lips, and tried the door.

She was surprised to find the door unlocked and for a crazy second she wondered if maybe the motel office manager had given them the wrong room number, but then she saw the salt line right in front of the door. A quick glance around the room verified beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was in the right place; Sam's laptop lay open on the desk to her right while a trashcan full of empty beer bottles lay to her left. Once she quietly closed the door and saw that the salt line was unbroken she was about to start looking for devil's traps when she heard a noise coming from the bathroom. It sounded like the water in the shower was running and she was hearing what sounded like hushed whispers coming from Sam. Ah-ha, she knew something was wrong! It seemed clear to her now that someone or something must have had them trapped somehow in the bathroom and she couldn't believe that her mom and Bobby were ready to leave them while they were so obviously in trouble just to go and hunt some stupid vampire nest. She grabbed her gun from the back of her jeans' waistband, tiptoed to the bathroom, and crept inside.

Out of all the things that Jo thought she might find in that bathroom, she was not prepared for the scene that actually lay before her. A thin fog of steam came towards her the instant she stepped through the door but through it she could make out the gray linoleum, white tiled walls, and white toilet tank in front of her. She turned to her right, towards the origin of the voice, and saw Sam standing in the shower with the water falling over him, naked. He had one hand wrapped around the shower curtain rod and the other pushed against the wall as if he was using it as a brace to hold himself up. Of course, she wouldn't have been able to see how Sam had been positioned in the shower, but the beige shower curtain was pulled back slightly, which was probably also Sam's handiwork with his hand wrapped around the rod right in front of the curtain like it was. His head was tilted back slightly with a look of sheer pleasure on his face while he quietly moaned, "Dean, Dean, Dean," in a tone honeyed with sensuality and sex. Then her eyes moved down a couple of feet and she saw why Sam was moaning his brother's name in that way. Dean was kneeling in front of him, his hair and body also dripping wet despite the fact that he was just out of reach of the shower's spray, with his lips wrapped around Sam's dick as he bobbed his head back and forth on it ever so slightly. He had one hand steadied on Sam's hip and the other was on his ass, his forefinger moving back and forth as it disappeared between Sam's cheeks.

Jo watched in horror, too shocked and disgusted to even move. After about thirty seconds, Sam unexpectedly glanced over, saw her, and jumped backwards.

"Oh my god!" He hastily threw his hands over his crotch in a failed attempt to hide himself and show some modesty.

At Sam's reaction, Dean suddenly looked over and spotted Jo as well and he stared, looking thoroughly surprised and a little indignant. "What the hell? You're gonna shoot us?"

She had forgotten what she was even still holding the gun. She quickly shoved it back into the waistband of her jeans. Her eyes moved from Sam's embarrassed, guilt-stricken face to Dean's ashamed, angry one. Her mouth was swung open like a broken hinge and it took her several seconds before her mind could even form a sentence. "What the fuck is going on?"

Dean turned his head, where he was eyelevel with the shower knob, and turned off the water. Sam quickly stepped behind the shower curtain and then she saw one long, muscular arm reach out and grab two beige motel towels where they lay on a shelf hanging on the wall beside the shower. The arm disappeared behind the curtain and then reappeared as one of the towels was handed to the still kneeling Dean. The shower curtain then made several fluttering motions, which she could only assume was Sam quickly wrapping the towel around his wet, naked form. Dean wrapped his towel around his waist and then quickly rose to his feet and stepped out of the shower. As he took a step towards Jo, she couldn't help but notice the way the towel slightly bulged in the front, showing the remains of his dying arousal and she slightly cringed.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I – ah…" She really wished right then that she could just crawl under a rock and die. "We were calling you. My mom and Bobby, we're on a hunt –"

Dean looked suddenly alarmed. "Bobby and Ellen are here?"

She pointed towards the front door. "They're right outside."

Dean walked past Jo, who took a big step backwards to give leave as much space between them as possible. He stuck his head out the bathroom door, as if expecting to see Bobby and Ellen standing in the room just outside. Even Sam shyly peeked his head out from behind the curtain, looking curious and mortified. At seeing no one in the main room, Dean moved completely back inside the bathroom, turned to his brother, and slightly shook his head. Sam nodded in response and once again completely disappeared behind the curtain.

Then Dean turned to Jo. "Well, why the hell aren't you out there with them? Don't you know how to knock?"

She stamped her foot, suddenly feeling slighted and outraged. "Neither of you would answer your phones!"

"If you'd given us another five minutes, then we'd have been done and I would have checked my damn phone and called you back!"

She leaned back and suddenly felt like she was going to cry. Another five minutes. Another five minutes of her sitting on the hood of that insufferably hot car and fantasizing about Dean while he finished up sucking off his brother. Another five minutes and he would have wiped Sam's come from his mouth, gotten off of his knees, and then called her back, using that same mouth to send idle, flirtatious comments her way. She closed her eyes and shook her head, using the physical motion to try to dislodge the thoughts from her brain. Behind Dean, she saw Sam pull back the shower curtain so he was standing in full view with his towel wrapped around his waist and shaking his head disapprovingly at his brother's poor word choice. She moved her eyes from Sam to Dean and managed a whispered, "you two are disgusting," before pushing past Dean and heading speedily for the front door. She had already stepped out through the front door and into the bright sunlight when she felt a strong hand grab her gruffly by the elbow and she wheeled around and saw Dean, still clad in nothing but a towel, looking indignant but also ashamed and concerned. They were by then mere feet away from Bobby and Ellen, who were still standing by their cars, but Dean either didn't notice or just didn't acknowledge them as he stared at Jo.

"Hey, Jo, come on! Will you calm down for a second? I mean, do you really think that Sam and I ever wanted this?"

She worked her face into the best glowering expression she could. "It certainly looked like you wanted it from where I was standing."

"Okay, well that," he moved one arm and vaguely gestured back towards the motel room. "Yeah, okay, we wanted that. But that's not –"

"For fuck's sake, Dean!" Jo shouted over him. "He's your brother!" She spat the last word with venom and at hearing it Dean recoiled as if something poisonous had actually bitten him.

His face contorted into the look of a shamed child and he looked down at the ground, no longer able to meet her gaze. "I know."

From behind her, Jo felt another pair of hands grab her by the arms and she heard her mother's voice in her ear. "Okay baby, come on; get in the car."

From the little bit of conversation that they had exchanged out in the parking lot, she knew her mother would be able to easily deduce what she had seen inside the motel room. But, somehow, she was sounded pretty calm, a little too calm…

She turned on her mother, feeling angry and betrayed. "You knew about this?"

Ellen's eyes shifted from Jo to Dean and back again. "I didn't know, but I always thought…"

Jo flew into a rage. "Oh my god! I can't believe you!"

Her mother fixed her with a stern stare. "Joanna Beth Harvelle, you get your ass in that car this instant! Dean, get back into your room and get yourself dressed."

Jo stared angrily back at her mother, but knew that right then she couldn't defy her and marched back to the hot car, climbed inside, and slammed the door. Ellen turned to Dean, who reluctantly met her gaze. At that moment Sam appeared in the doorway of the motel room dressed in a ribbed, gray, muscle shirt and blue jeans with a look on his face that could only be compared to that of a man about to face a firing squad. Ellen smiled sadly at him and gave him a friendly nod.

Dean followed her gaze to Sam, then turned his ashamed and humiliated face back at her and then back down at the ground. "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

She grabbed his chin with her thumb and forefinger. "No reason to be sorry, sweetie. Now please, go back inside and get dressed. And tell your brother I want to have a talk with him."

Dean turned around and walked back to the motel room. When he reached the doorway, Jo saw him turn and mumble something Sam, who instantly straightened up, his face turning even more worried, and then the two of them disappeared back into the room, closing the door behind them.

Ellen turned to Bobby, who by now was standing right beside her, and lowered her voice, but the air conditioning in the car was broken so Jo had the windows down and could therefore still hear the hushed whisperings of their conversation. "Did you know about this?"

Bobby nodded. "Suspected for a long time, but I found out for certain a couple of months ago."

"I know it's none of my business, but how long has this been going on?"

Bobby shrugged. "Far as I can figure, since before they were born."

Ellen looked back at Bobby with an expression that said that somehow Bobby's bizarre comment made perfect sense to her and nodded. She glanced quickly back at the car where Jo sat, still silently fuming, and turned back to Bobby. "Think I'm going to take Jo out for a quick drive. When I come back, I just wanna have a quick word with Sam and then we can go."

Bobby nodded and Ellen turned and walked back towards the car. Without looking back over at Jo, she got in the car and started the engine. Jo glared murderously at her.

"You knew?"

Ellen threw the car into drive and pulled out of the lot and onto the road, then looked over apprehensively at her daughter. "No. But I suspected."

Jo was about to open her mouth and shout at her mother, call her a traitor, and say any number of things that she thought might help her alleviate her extreme feelings of embarrassment, anger, and jealousy but her mom spoke before her. "I know you're hurting, baby, I do. And I understand; I know how you feel about Dean. But you listen to me; as difficult as this is for you, it's about a hundred times worse for them."

Joe looked forward at the road in front of them and angrily crossed her arms, not sure of what else to say.


Inside the room, Sam watched as Dean sat down on his bed, the same bed where they had made love to each other only a couple of hours before, and then looked dejectedly down at his hands.

"So, you, ah, you gonna get dressed?"

"Yeah, in a minute."

"Dude, why would you chase after Jo only wearing a towel?"

"I dunno; I guess I just didn't want her to leave like that."

Sam sat down on the bed beside Dean. "She should have knocked."

"Yeah, she should have. But still…Sam, you ever think, I don't know, that maybe what we're doing here…"

Sam clenched his jaw, looking worried. "Dean, I thought we'd already agreed; no more running from this, and no more trying to hide or deny it. We're always much worse off every time we do that."

"Yeah, I know. But…you heard her, right?"

"Yeah, I heard her. I honestly don't know what else you'd expect though, Dean; you know she's always had a little crush on you. Right now she's hurt and she's angry, but she'll get over it. Just give her some time."

Dean got up, dropped his towel, walked over to the tall, wooden dresser resting against the wall about fifteen feet in front of him, opened up the top drawer, and pulled out an old, faded, black, short-sleeved Metallica t-shirt. "I don't know, Sam. You saw her." He threw on the shirt and then dug around in the same drawer and pulled out a pair of boxers. "She really believed it when she said that we're disgusting. Not to mention she walked in on me sucking your cock." He quickly slipped the boxers on and opened another drawer, looking for a pair of pants.

"Yeah, that was just unpleasant for everyone. You're not, I mean, she's not making you re-think us, is she?"

Dean, who was slipping on a pair of dark blue jeans, turned to face Sam. "No, not seriously. We've been through this too many times before, Sam and I'm tired of fighting it. I just hope we don't lose anyone over this," he finished fastening his pants and then vaguely gestured between them, "thing we have between us."

Sam nodded, feeling very relieved, and then stood up. "I guess I'd better find out what Ellen wants to talk to me about." With that he left Dean to finish getting dressed and stepped out the door.

Bobby was standing beside his car, alone in the parking lot when Sam came outside to meet him. "Hey, Bobby. Where's Ellen and Jo?"

Bobby jerked his head towards the road. "They went for a drive. I'm sorry, Sam; I should of made sure you boys weren't busy before we came over here. Ellen and I tried to stop her, but she'd have none of it. Given the situation, we weren't really sure of what we should do, so we weren't real forceful with her."

Sam smiled and nodded. "It's okay, Bobby; it's really just one hell of an embarrassing situation is all. Dean's…well, I don't think Dean's coming outside for a while."

Bobby nodded. "But you boys are alright and all?"

"Yeah, I think so."


"So…Ellen knew about us too before this? Did you tell her?"

Bobby gave Sam a lopsided smile. "I'm pretty sure that for years everyone knew. Well, except you and Dean for a little while there…"

"And Jo," Sam finished.

"Yeah. She probably saw it too, just didn't want to."

Sam nodded and then there was an awkward silence for several seconds until Sam decided it was probably best to change the subject. "So…what brought you guys over here in the first place?"

Bobby shook his head. "It was really the stupidest thing. Got a nest of vamps about fifteen miles from here, big one, about twelve or thirteen of 'em all living together in some abandoned barn, and I thought you and Dean might want to come along and help."

"Yeah?" Sam's brows furrowed together in thought as he considered the strangeness of this information; Jo had said that they were all there working a job, but it was kind of hard to believe. With all the excitement, he hadn't gotten much of a chance to really think about it until just then, but the last he knew, Jo had moved out of the Roadhouse because she and Ellen had had a huge falling out over Jo wanting to be a hunter. Now they were working together? "So, when did Ellen start hunting? I mean, I thought she was pretty against it."

Bobby gave Sam a lopsided grin and shrugged. "I don't think it's gonna become a regular thing. She's coming along this time for back-up just because it's such a big nest and we couldn't find anyone else able to come along on such short notice. I thought it would be safer and a little faster if you two came along, but we're just gonna spring on them in the middle of the day and chop their heads off while they sleep. With just the three of us, we'll probably burn through at least six or seven of them before they even know they're under attack and we'll get through another three or four of them before they orient themselves enough to try and fight back, so we should be able to just handle it ourselves."

Sam nodded but frowned a little. Nests that big were pretty uncommon and he felt like Bobby might be overstating their ability to easily do a job that big on their own. Three really skilled hunters might be able to do the job okay, but Jo hadn't been a hunter for long and all the action he knew Ellen had seen was from two months ago when she came along as back-up to try and stop the devil's gate from opening in Wyoming.

"Well, you're right, Bobby; with a nest that big, it's probably best to have as many hunters as you can get to help. I would say we're in, but after what just happened…"

Bobby kicked a pebble with his boot. "Yeah; after Ellen gets Jo calmed down a little bit, think we're just gonna go and take care of it real quick, then get back on the road and head out."