"You got anymore games upstairs?" Nate asked me. My heart started beating so fast it was almost painful. He leaned in closer; I thought he was going to kiss me. He came within centimetres of my face and stopped, turned around and walked out the door. I followed him, amazed at how confident he was in my home. He climbed carefully up the stairs with me trailing behind. I looked up to see how far up the stairs we were but was faced with Nate's ass. I hadn't quite noticed until this moment how nice his ass is. I shall have to complement him of that later.

As we reached the top of the stairs Nate turned around and asked "which one's your room then?" I pointed him in the direction of my bedroom and he opened the door before casually walking in and sitting on my bed. Oh my gosh. The guy I have a crush on is sat on my bed. I thought to myself. Before I had too long to dwell on the implications of this I was shaken out of my daydream by Nate's caring voice, "well. Are you gonna come sit down or do I have to forcibly drag you here?" I laughed and sat next to him on my bed. We were in my room and yet it felt so foreign. Like it was his room not mine.

"The first time I met you, I hoped you were gay." Nate whispered softly in my ear. I wanted him so badly now.

"Same" was all I managed to reply. But even my lack of words was enough to turn Nate on. Our eyes met and before I knew it our lips met. Softly at first, tenderly, but you could tell both of us wanted more. Nate softly bit my bottom lip and without even thinking I opened my mouth. We were locked in a passionate kiss. His tongue inspected my mouth. We were kissing so passionately now that I started to lean forward. Nate allowed me to do this and leaned back so his head was lying on my pillows. I slowly moved my left leg up and then my right leg. I was straddling him now. He didn't seem to mind. I let out a small moan as our lips lost contact but soon enough his teeth were leaving marks on my neck. I leaned my head back so he could get more of my neck.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I let my mouth attach itself back onto Nate's and again our tongues were battling for dominance. I thought I heard a slight squeak but I was too lost in the taste of Nate to really notice it. Someone coughed. That I heard. This time it was Nate's turn to moan as we lost contact again but he quick to be quiet when he noticed my dad, Tom Clarkson, stood in the doorway.

"I...I'll just leave you boys to it..." was all Tom managed to say before he slowly backed out of my room. Only then did I notice my legs were still firmly wrapped around Nate's thighs.