I just learned what a drabble really is. A hundred words. Exactly. So of course, to celebrate my knowledge, I had to write one. I thought it was something under 500 words… my mistake. (Is this A/N supposed to be included?) Not much there, but you have no idea the tweaking it took. I like drabbles! I think I'll write more!


"You did well, Sire," said Merlin, his voice almost soothing, wincing in sympathy as Arthur hissed in pain. "You protected Camelot."

Sweat came to Arthur's face as he gritted his teeth; when Merlin removed the armor, it pulled cruelly at his bleeding battle wounds.

"Well, Merlin," growled the irritable prince, standing up and preparing to exit, "that's what men do; they protect… You wouldn't understand that."

He left. For a second, Merlin stared blankly after him with an incredulous, amused smile tugging at his lips.

Then he laughed aloud. Arthur, in the hall, shot a confused look over his shoulder.