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Merlin was a great man, King Arthur knew. He would do anything for his friends, and he never asked anything for himself, just kept giving, giving, giving. He always did what he thought was right, even if he didn't always see fit to tell his king what that was.

Arthur was lucky to be his friend.


Merlin had one major flaw. It was something that his friends had to accept if they loved him. Day, night, noon, half the words out of his mouth were lies; it was a habit.

Merlin was a liar. And that was the truth.


Merlin wondered when Mordred died, and he wondered again when Morgana asked to come home, saying she had changed. Sure, Arthur had become a great king, and Merlin and he were the best of friends. Everyone was happy, Merlin most of all. He was recognized for what he was and he had friends that accepted his magic.

But what if all that was blind chance? He couldn't help but ponder occasionally if maybe the Dragon, seeing a gullible warlock with big ears, hadn't just made up all that destiny malarkey on the spot.

…But the Dragon wouldn't do that. Right?