A/N: This chapter is for myscarlettlady, who requested it in a PM.

December 2011

#76 - The average person spends two years on the phone in his/her lifetime.

"I'm so frustrated that I have to bake these cookies by myself," Kurt said, opening the cupboard and pulling out his overstuffed baking box.

"Well, you know that my Dad is borrowing my car since his is getting repaired and that your Dad won't let you come and get me in this storm. Which is probably for the best. It's really coming down out there," Blaine replied, leaning back on his bed and glancing out the window.

Kurt sighed, balancing the phone on his shoulder while he measured out two cups of flour. "I know. But that doesn't mean that I'm not upset about it. It was supposed to be a fun date night! Now I have to make all these by myself. Well unless you count that I'll have to try to keep Finn from eating them all." Blaine laughed.

So for a couple hours, Kurt talked into the speaker phone while preparing several recipes for the New Direction's Holiday party the following day, while Blaine listened intently and dangled little pieces of tinsel in front of Nala, and briefly considering tying a little bell around her neck.

Neither of them were going to let a little snow ruin their date night.