I couldn't help but smile down at the young boy curled up beside me, sleeping so peacefully. He was such a contrast from my previous host, the only thing they really had in common was that my new host was growing his hair out, it nearly reached the same length as my former host's own. There are still days when I miss him, a deep pain in my heart when I think of how wrongly I treated him, my poor light. This new light is less resilient, less stubborn. He relies on me almost completely for his protection. He is so much smaller than my last light as well, I must be extra vigilant in caring for him. I won't fail him, not this time. This is my punishment and also my redemption. I am the Thief King, Ba-Kur-Ra, the Spirit of Ra (and didn't the old featherbrain get a laugh out of that one). Nothing will stop me from protecting my little fledgling light, my Redemption, my Aganai. Not even this sad form I'm stuck with.

Harry sat up, stretching and looking around. "Morning, Hedwig. Have a good night?" He asked. The snow-colored owl hooted softly in reply before hopping to her cage and settling down for the day, content that the shadows that hoped to consume her light wouldn't be back until night. It was all she could do for now, but some day, when she drew in enough of the darkness her fledgling attracted and regained her true form, all who harmed her Aganai would pay.